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What I bought: The November 2020 Edition

Stackers White Glass Beveled Jewellery Box – $272

My full video review is here of the jewellery box but you can also read about it with all the dimensions in detail here and other notes including the other tray options.

..and in case you missed it, my final closet reveal is here:

The Lust List 3 Travel Notebooks – $55 CAD

I love these prints so much. The original prints sold out already, a long time ago as prints, at $150 each, so these are the next best thing to have as a display in my closet, or maybe I’ll cut the covers and frame them as prints for the wall. I haven’t decided yet, but I couldn’t find anything close to these and didn’t want to lose my chance.

The shipping was INSANE. The notebooks were half that price, and shipping was the other half. I desperately tried to find other things to buy but nothing else caught my eye, quite frankly.

I chose them because I plan on cutting out the front covers and framing them, thereby, obtaining some prints I wanted, as I could not get them the conventional way.

Mineral Fusion – Sunset Peak

Paid: $13

My full review of the Mineral Fusion Sunset Peak is here.

Zoya – Bela

Paid: $13

Zoya Bela is the closest to my favourite Essie Ballet Slippers. I just needed it to get free shipping, I needed an extra $3 to reach the benchmark.

I like the light pink colour (missing in my final category of colours) and this final purchase means I AM DONE! No more other colours required. I have them all. Red, Burgundy, Pink, Dark pink, Berry…..

Ethique Shampoo/Conditioner Bars – $35

I stocked up on more shampoo bars, conditioner bars and I tried a body lotion bar. I really like this brand so far. I am also trying new bars / smells, and will see what I like the best.

Legendary Ladies: 50 Goddesses – $27

I bought this book that is beautifully illustrated called Legendary Ladies ostensibly for Little Bun, but really, it’s for me. Shhh….. It reads so well, talking about different goddesses in various cultures. I very much like it. I also picked up a few others in the series so expect to see more in the future.

Visual Hug 2 – $19

I loved Visual Hug SO MUCH that when Visual Hug 2 finally dropped, I bought it immediately. Little Bun loves these books as each comic is standalone, and he loves how funny and cute /sweet they are.


I normally don’t just buy necklaces on a whim and have the money come out of my pocket unless they’re exceptional and I have been looking for a long time for them.

I have been looking for something more green / teal in his pieces and this one was a must-have.

This one fit the bill – a dark gorgeous green-y teal Rafael Alfandary vintage necklace. I already own a longer blue one shown here which is a stunning piece.


Except.. the necklace was much smaller than what you see above. It’s small, like the size of a quarter, and I would not have paid as much as I did, had I known its size…. I am not disappointed, but sort of.. “Ugh.. why didn’t I check the listing properly instead of assuming and going on photos!”


Paid: $132.21

I have been RIGHT OBSESSED with this outfit Olivia Palermo wore, and I had to try and recreate it. I sort of did it, but missing the belt, cuffs.. I may have to do it again.

I know she’s wearing Mango in this (very likely, it’s for a Mango thing)… but I bought the higher end designer version of it, in camelhair because… well, it’s a classic trouser and I can likely resell it better than a pair from Mango.


Reiss Green Lara Dress

Paid: $323.44

I FINALLY FINALLY bit the bullet and bought this AMAZING dress. I picked it up in XS and M because S was sold out, and I am glad I got both because man the XS is tight AF. I can wear it, but the elastic is just gripping my middle like a boa constricter.

I kept the M, and will return the other. It’s loose, comfortable, sexy, able to be worn with a shoulder shown (or without, and as a cowl neck), and I think dear Vee for enabling me.

Baublebar silver statement bib necklace

“Paid”: $33 with credits

I finally got this necklace after months (?) from accidentally sending it to my friend. She finally reshipped it to me with some gifts for Little Bun and myself (<3 .. friends!!).. and it looks great, save for the missing stone at the bottom of the necklace which is not visible in the photo above. Oh well. You’d have to really stare at my chest to see the missing stone… but I will try and fix it.

Yet another Statement Piece in my closet. I can’t get enough of these massive bib necklaces.

Vince magenta silk shirt

“Paid”: $32 with credits

I also got this from her (haha.. I really screwed up sending packages to her), and LOVE IT. This is now my favourite shirt of all time. Soft, comfortable, bright and zesty, it’s a staple neutral (for me)…

Vince oversized white shirt

“Paid”: $32 with credits

Someone stop me. I absolutely should stop buying oversized white shirts. I have so many now. *slaps own hand*… but this one has a slight pleat / open back section at the back, and it looks GREAT tucked in, and cuffed.


“Paid”: $105 with credits

I really wanted this necklace because I already own the gold one, might as well own the silver one. It looks great. I love the beading at the collar (it isn’t like that in the bronze/gold one), and now it will go well with my cooler-toned outfits because.. who doesn’t love a necklace that looks like metal feathers.


“Paid”: $60 with credits

I know I already bought this cuff but I got a second one because I said I really wanted it, AND I can now wear the cuffs on both wrists like Wonder Woman! IN SILVER! (I already own the two other cuffs in gold).

They look really cute together, like Wonder Woman Meets Lace Doily.

J. Crew Brass Floral 3D Necklace

“Paid”: $90 with credits

I really hesitated paying this much for a J. Crew necklace, but I love it so much. It’s so unusual and it reminds me a lot of the Isabel Marant Hawaiian flower necklace I also kind of liked but thought looked cheap as it was all in white and doesn’t look as nice as in this photo:

So.. a 3D flower statement necklace that is both feminine, bold and sexy? It might as well spell my name out in flowers.

YSL Blue and Gold Arty Ring

“Paid”: $135 with credits

OKAY. I promise I am not buying every ring in sight. I am now going to wait / limit myself to colours I do not have like emerald green, black, etc. I have SO MANY BLUE ONES NOW. Enough.

(This one is cute though.)

The seller wanted way more for this, but at resale, sorry, no. This is worth around $100 – $150 maximum depending on quality.

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  1. Rachel

    There is a Reiss top similar to your Reiss Lara dress called the LORNA
    asymmetric knitted top. On the Reiss U.S. website it retails for $240 USD.

    You may know about her already, but just in case you don’t there’s a Canadian Youtuber I think you’d like – Alyssa Beltempo. She’s very into sustainable fashion and shopping your own closet.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Oh my dear sweet Rachel, I already bought two of them in the most recent sale.. 🙂 Thank you.

      OOoo I DID NOT know about her. Truth be told, podcasts, and youtubers I am not up on because I already have so much to read and see, I do not have time to search out these things, and I appreciate you letting me know about her as I am excited to find like-minded souls.


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