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What I bought: The End of Spring 2019 Edition (Clothing)

Instead of listing everything like I normally do, I decided to try a new format to bring you into the shopping mindset I had.

Let me know what you think! It is taking me longer but it makes me think about each purchase with purpose.

Aside from these 3 replacement pieces (navy work pants, thick white shirt, navy culottes) I wrote about in this post about replacing items instead of buying new, I also did a little extra shopping.


Massimo Dutti Knit Lapel Shirt in Black with White Spots – $60 CAD

Retail: $60 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $60 CAD (before taxes)


How I spotted it

I was returning something at the store, and obviously, had to see what else was there. Ugh. Window shopping is the gateway to the devil…


Why I bought it


I went home empty-handed that day, and spent the whole week thinking about it.

It felt so soft on, was buttoned up like a dream, had a wonderful stretch and look to it, and the white spots on there were not polka dots (they are kind of not my thing, too symmetrical and perfectly spaced), and I like how they looked a bit random and were small enough to be spots rather than blotches or dots.

When I wore it, I thought of the midnight sky studded with stars. I knew I would wear this often, and not feel like a Dalmatian puppy, nor a retro Kentucky Derby or 50s housewife, and had to have it.

I bought it online with another necklace that fooled me (it was hideous, was a white blotchy marble rather than a shiny faceted stone), and while I returned the necklace, I had to keep the shirt.



Rag and Bone Essex Striped Shirtdress – $40 CAD

Retail: $519 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $40 CAD (before taxes) (Used)

Size taken: S and it fits perfectly (my normal size)


How I spotted it

Browsing online. OF COURSE. I searched “Shirtdress” and “Striped” in Poshmark and then filtered by price range (under $50 USD).

This popped out immediately. Someone else was selling it for $100 USD. All the lolz.


Why I bought it

I got this one for $30 USD, and it looks brand new.

Rag and Bone resells well as well, in consignment and online, but really, I just wanted a shirtdress that was a banker-shirt style.

I am still looking for a perfect banker-shirt. I love thick white cuffs and a white collar.

I was even thinking that I could chop off the bottom and make it a shirt if I no longer wanted to wear it as a shirtdress.

Or if it is short enough, leave it as-is and make it a tunic.


MM Lafleur Waverly Boysenberry Skirt – $92 CAD

Retail: $250 CAD (before taxes) — it is STILL selling on the MM Lafleur site

Paid: $92 CAD (before taxes) (Used)

Size taken: S


How I spotted it

I have been stalking this skirt for two years, waiting, WAITING for it to come up on eBay or something. The minute it did, BAM, I got it. I knew I wanted it for half price or cheaper, dirt cheap.


Why I bought it

I needed it to match with my Fey top in Boysenberry.

I kept trying to wear my Fey top but felt like I needed the matching skirt (matchy-matchy is my thing), and the entire look.

To have it look just like this. I knew I would love it, a ballet-style outfit:

I am really into full outfits, look at the other MM Lafleur set I got of the Blixen Top and the Soho skirt in Rainforest Green (full MM Lafleur Blixen Top and Soho Skirt review):

This set looks like the one above, except the skirt is not A-line and a ballet wrap, instead of a pencil skirt like above.


Great Plains ‘Everyday Luxe Belted Jumpsuit’ – $71 CAD

Retail: $180 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $71 CAD (before taxes)

Size taken: S and it fits perfectly (my normal size)


How I spotted it

I was browsing a retailer, wandering around the sale rack, when I came across this jumpsuit as I was running my fingers through the racks (I like to feel up everything for softness and quality before I pull it out to inspect it), and touched something super soft and wonderful.

I tugged it out of the rack, and saw it was not a maxi dress but a jumpsuit and thought — “Okay FINE UNIVERSE. I will try on a dang jumpsuit and see what it looks like. Stop putting them all up in my grill. — they were seriously all on display everywhere, jumpsuit and romper city in every single retailer.

So. I picked out the size Small, checked the fabric tag and was happy to see it was LYOCELL! I love Tencel, Lyocell, Viscose because those fabrics are (A) not Polyester but (B) breathable and very drape-y.


Why I bought it

I have three things to look at as a general rule before really deciding: Price, Fit, Wearability


I check the price first to see if it is worth it for the garment I am holding (at full retail, perhaps not) but for $71 yes, it was about the price of those half-off Banana Republic jumpsuits in polyester and without as much nipping and tucking in the front to make it fit like a dream.

I immediately Googled it first because I did not know this brand. I wanted to see if I could find it cheaper online. I saw on the main site it was originally £90.00 marked down to £45.00 (sold out in my size), and that translated to about $77 CAD before taxes and import charges.

I saw the price I’d pay today would be $71, so already that was $6 saved.

Next, Fit..

The nips, the pleats in front, the deep pockets, the SEWN ON belt that I can wrap around at the back or in front (I can even lay it flat and then wrap another belt over that)… it is amazing.

Just look at how it drapes in front and gives depth and interest without being some flat onesie sewed flat against each other.

It feels great on my body, and very comfortable.

I love that it wasn’t black but a deep midnight ink blue, and I have never felt a garment fit so well with all the pleats and tucks.

Plus, it didn’t look like a romper. It didn’t look like an adult-sized onesie, and looked like two separate pieces that go together as a suit.

Lastly, Wearability!

Okay so .. I have avoided jumpsuits for a long-ass time. I hate the idea of having to unzip my entire top half to go to the bathroom but then again, how often am I in the bathroom?

I also thought about footwear — can I wear it with flats? heels? sandals? CHECK CHECK CHECK!

And WHERE could I wear it? Turns out, everywhere. I’d wear this to the park! I am one of those women who feels that wearing jeans and a tee is being casual and dressed down (leggings are a hard sell for me to wear out of the house but I am working on this).

I also like that it had a zipper at the back I could zip up and down easily.

All those points taken into account, I bit the bullet and bought it.

Final sale, no returns. Eep! But it’s cute.

BlankNYC Vegan Black Leather ‘Meant to be’ Moto and Rose Gold Hardware – $138 CAD

Retail: $138 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $138 CAD (before taxes)

Size taken: M – I was told to size up, and I am normally an “S” but apparently it is tight in the shoulders and arms, so a Medium should fit.


How I spotted it

Via EveryGirl’s newsletter. Dangit… it was so cute, this black leather jacket, with ROSE GOLD hardware. ROSE GOLD. You have no idea how obsessed I am with rose gold.

Also, the return policy at Nordstrom is amazing. No time limits. This means I could keep the item and then return it later if it doesn’t fit, tags still on — which I will do if I don’t like it.


Why I bought it

Rose Gold. Need I say any more?

It has a removable hood as well (super handy), and as it is vegan leather, I can wear it in the rain and not feel sick.

I am also very curious about BlankNYC and vegan leather. I know that it can be done and done well, but I have to wear this jacket to vouch for it. Plus, their prices are very reasonable for ‘leather’-like. I mean, a real leather jacket is $500 to $1000….

Also, my current Muubaa black leather jacket has seen better days and I am going to do something to upcycle it, but I haven’t figured out what. I have to redo the back with woven leather or something. I don’t know.

I have another black leather jacket from Parker, that has a knitted back in a black knit sweater, with the front as a real hardcore biker moto front.


John Patrick Organic Khaki Shrug Sweater

Retail: $???? CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $91 CAD (before taxes) (Used)

Size taken: S and it fits perfectly (my normal size)


How I spotted it

Online, browsing. I really just wanted to make the most of my U.S. shipped parcels (ugh)…


Why I bought it

I am really into long duster sweaters and shrugs now. This dark khaki green looked interesting and the styling of this really sold me. I am a sucker for marketing.

I think it looks comfortable, and I can wear it with long-sleeved items and turtlenecks, to add an interesting layer to my outfit.

Christopher Fischer Grey Cashmere Turtleneck

Retail: $361 CAD (before taxes) (I think!)

Paid: $60 CAD (before taxes) (Used)

Size taken: S and it fits perfectly (my normal size)


How I spotted it

Browsing online, loving the idea of a grey turtleneck because I wear them often. I like them in different weights.


Why I bought it

I like the look of turtlenecks with layered pieces, and I like turtlenecks in different weights — super thin, thicker cashmere, and then a ribbed knit because then I can do different looks with each.

This one in cashmere, is clearly an expensive cashmere that is soft and wonderful and I’m a sucker for fabric feel.

J. Crew Thick Ribbed Knit Alpaca Grey Turtleneck

Retail: $208 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $60 CAD (before taxes) (Used)

Size taken: S and it fits perfectly (my normal size)


How I spotted it

Online, browsing. As usual.


Why I bought it

I love a good chunky knit. I had a grey turtleneck in a chunky knit but then returned it. It was $250 CAD and I could not stomach the price for thick ribbed cashmere, because it was slightly itchy as well.

At $60, I can take a chance on an alpaca turtleneck from J. Crew. I wish it was $30 because J. Crew is not a fancy brand but I like it all the same.

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