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What I bought: The End of Spring 2019 Edition (Accessories and Footwear)

Instead of listing everything like I normally do, I decided to try a new format to bring you into the shopping mindset I had.

Let me know what you think! It is taking me longer but it makes me think about each purchase with purpose.

Aside from these 3 replacement pieces (navy work pants, thick white shirt, navy culottes) I wrote about in this post about replacing items instead of buying new, I also did a little extra shopping.


Christina Rose Jewelry – $200-ish total

I went on a spree on Etsy, and I picked up a cuff dotted in gorgeous stones, and three rings. She threw in a fourth for free!

Off eBay, I had these eBay bucks to spend about, $25.

I decided on this ring, and then a necklace.

(This is what happens when you’re a shopper, you get free $$$ to spend)

Citrine rose gold ring – $0 (Free with eBay Bucks)

Retail: $10 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $0 CAD (before taxes)

Size taken: 6


How I spotted it

Browsing eBay, I had a hankering for beautiful stone rings and necklaces. Dainty, stacking things. Anything shiny, pretty, delicate…


Why I bought it

I love rose gold, and citrine is a pretty stone. Why not?

I also really love rutilated quartz with little hairline, hairstrokes of ‘broken’ shards inside. I love the rough, interesting look.

Plus, t’was free. If I did not love it, I would just give it away to someone who would love it.


Tibetan stone necklace – $0.79

Retail: $15 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $0.79 CAD (before taxes)


How I spotted it

I have been on the lookout for more turquoise and more Tibetan or silver jewellery as of late.

I do not know why, and what is in the water, but I want more bohemian pieces, perhaps to play off how plain and sleek my outfits are.

It is interesting and not at all what I am used to, but statement necklaces are my thing and I have plenty of those.


Why I bought it

The necklace cost just a little bit more because of the shipping, but I only paid $0.79 to cover the difference.

It is truly beautiful! I have it in person and the stones glitter without being shiny and therefore too glitzy or cheap.

Massimo Dutti Tasseled Necklace – $30 CAD

Retail: $40 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $30 CAD (before taxes)


How I spotted it

Online. I saw it, and knew, that was the perfect, minimalist statement piece yet fun necklace that would be interesting.


Why I bought it

I just knew I’d love it. And I do.

I wear it often, and pair it with other shorter necklaces to play off the tassel. Little Bun loves it too and loves to comb the tassel before I go to work.

It is simple yet chic.



COS Necklace Cluster Shape Short Necklace – $30

Retail: $30 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $30 CAD (before taxes)


How I spotted it

COS is a store I walk in, try on things and never end up buying anything (if I do, I regret it).

The clothes are too …. basic. They are too oversized, too boxy, too Instagram-blogger-ish, and not my actual style which is more fitted, and tailored.

I do however love their sweaters, and resist the urge to splash $200 on a basic knitted sweater, but I avoid those. I can find them thrifted.


Why I bought it

It reminds me of bubbles. Little gold, delicate bubbles. Something simple, not too boring, interesting, able to be paired with other necklaces… this is my kind of thing.


Rag and Bone Margot Asphalt Tasseled Booties – $77.50 CAD

Retail: $652 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $77.50 CAD (before taxes) (Used)

Size taken: 8 — I already own a pair in 7.5 and it fits well, the 8 would fit as well as the foot is narrower. I could wear slightly thicker socks.


How I spotted it

Poshmark hits again. I love my Rag and Bone booties so much that I would always dress, and then think — grr.. I need some dark grey booties. Black is too harsh.

I kept saying it and saying until  thought – I need to buy a pair like this. So I made a note and started scouring eBay and Poshmark for a pair.


Why I bought it

Dark grey prettiness, the heel is completely done in suede as well, the tassel, all interesting details that are unlike my other booties.

I can definitely wear these with skirts and dresses, not that I couldn’t with my other pairs, but these would be my darker versions.


Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots in Asphalt – $361 CAD

Retail: $800 USD or $1051 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $361 CAD (before taxes)

Size taken: 7 — fits perfectly, I can even go up to a 7.5 in this boot size and wear slightly thicker socks (review of Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots)


How I spotted it

I have been hunting them, really. On eBay I had email alerts set up and on Poshmark as well. I was looking specifically for this colour — Asphalt because it is a darker, not a violet or purple-hued boots.

The Asphalt is more like a blue-toned grey, deeper, darker and shadow-y. Exactly what I wanted. A more GREY boot, as I already had thick shearling wintry violet taupe-y boots from Aquatalia.


Why I bought it

I love boots. I love over-the-knee (OTK) boots because they’re sleek and pretty. I also really like Stuart Weitzman’s because I have tried on the cheaper versions from Steve Madden and they feel NOTHING LIKE THESE.

I am willing to pay about the same price or even double for used pairs of boots of a higher quality than to buy new, crappy, cheap OTK boots that won’t last.

Plus, the resale on this are phenomenal. Even after people wearing them for under 5 years, they look almost as good as the day they were purchased.

VERY few knicks, scratches, it wears so well and I am amazed. You can resell these for at least $150 to $400 USD on eBay years after wearing them, as long as you do not (obviously) tear the suede, or ruin it completely.

Take good care of them, and they resell well.

Also, these grey pairs, sell out and sell better than the black pairs which are all over eBay. You can find a ton of black pairs of these boots; grey.. not so much.

That said, I did as you eagle-eyed and keen memoried-readers may recall, buy a pair of Londra (violet-shaded) coloured boots (whole review was here — one whole boot was discoloured from the other).

WHAT THE…#%(#%#…..

So how my friend who shipped this to me completely missed that BOTH BOOTS WERE DISCOLOURED FROM EACH OTHER I will never know.

Anyway, these are a loss. I cannot wear them.

I mean I can, but then I’d look down and feel completely self-conscious and angry that my two boots are different colours.

I ended up returning them. 🙁

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