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What I bought: The End of Autumn 2020 Edition

You can watch my Shopping Haul video here:

Coola Mineral Tinted Unscented SPF 30 Sunscreen – $48

This Coola sunscreen is bottle #3 for me which is AH-MAZING because I never find Holy Grail products, but this is it. I slather it on. It acts like a BB cream that doesn’t cake up my skin and gives me SPF 30.

Acrylic Paints and Brass findings, as well as drusy stones for upcycling projects – $123.19

I bought so many acrylic paint colours in blues, greens, purples and a few reds and 1 pink. Plus some gold. And larger brushes. And some jewellery findings.

I plan on upcycling my old items in my closet, adding gold splashes over the ruined parts of a silk shirt, and painting recycled necklaces/making them. I am even dabbling with the idea of maybe listing some pieces to sell on my Etsy shop SAVERSPENDER either now or in the future.

TBD. I am not sure if I would be able to part with them. LOL!

Vintage Chanel Perfume bottles – $106

I won’t use them – they’re just decor in a closet or used as props. I’ve always liked the clean look of these classic perfume bottles. The next one on my list is a glass cut bottle.

They’re actually really large, and is an oversized bottle. The one on the left goes normally for $75 on Etsy but I got it for $40, and I suspect they were both underpriced.

Joseph Long Mid-Length Lisa Cashmere/Wool Grey Charcoal Wrap Coat – $345

It normally retails for $1677 CAD or so, and this classic version sells every season in different colours and styles. I got it for $300 plus taxes at a local consignment shop:

I had been wanting a coat like this for a long time because I wanted something that didn’t look like a bathrobe, was soft and comfortable, and luxurious. It feels as good as the Sentaler ones that retail for about the same price (and have ribbed sleeves as their trademark):


THE ROW Amherst Oversized Cashmere And Silk-blend Sweater – $105

I love The Row. And this sweater, still selling in stores for $1350 USD in black but it’s on right now for 55% off for $800 in this exact colour. I got it secondhand for $105.  It is LUXURIOUS, it’s truly a beautiful piece.

You can see this outfit post here: The Row Head to Toe




I received all of the following for $0, using my Poshmark credits. When you see “Paid” it means I paid $0 out of my pocket, and there’s only a little bit that came out of my pocket which I have noted for one purchase at the end:



“Paid”: $265

These Grear sandals are GORGEOUS. I really hesitate spending over $200 on anything in Poshmark, and it has to be something I truly truly want and think I would love. Based on the photos of real people wearing it, and how the quality seems to be in these sandals, I am sold:

And look!

They look great. I bought these exact ones. I actually want them in gold now too. Here’s one outfit shot but I have many more coming up because I post all my outfits daily at noon on the blog under these tags:



“Paid”: $25


It’s been used, but nothing a single wash after wearing it would do anything. No holes, clean, no stains… I like how simple it is, I can wear it with those sandals I got, and even that fancy necklace LOL. I bought an entire outfit!!!

I love it is 100% cotton as well, and in a nice neutral navy + white print.


Catherine Maladrino Navy Tie Cuff Sweater

“Paid”: $22.50

I have wanted a tie-cuff sweater for a long time. Might as well get a navy blue one right? If I love the look, I can always buy other ones with a tie cuff look, if I don’t find it too annoying.

I like that it looks feminine / girly without being too over the top with florals or ruffles.

Yellow open-cross back tank top

“Paid”: $22.50

I LOVE cross back tops. This is my new obsession. Cross back tops, open back tops… I love the look of all of this because I like showing my back as it feels like a safe option to show a bit of skin without being too obvious about it. And comfortable for summer as well.

This particular shade of yellow is my jam. I love a deep golden dandelion yellow, and I am coming up with lots of ways to wear this, including with jeans, maybe with a high-waisted vegan leather skirt.

I may need to crop the hem of this top however, as it seems a little long in front.


“Paid”: $60

I have been stalking this cuff secondhand for almost 3 years now. I saw it on Poshmark U.S. a while back but she wanted $100 USD. NO. WAY. I saw it finally on Poshmark Canada, and I knew I had to have it. I love lace cuffs. Collecting them is kind of my hobby because I love the look of lace in metal.

I own all of them now, and want multiples in the same style because then I could wear one on either wrist like Wonder Woman. Crazy? Maybe. I’m not ruling out buying a second gold lace cuff.


“Paid”: $65

You know I can’t resist a good statement necklace. And one that is bug/bee/beetle related? OMG YES.

I bought this for $50 when it was normally $185 (the tag is STILL ON IT), and it is giving me all the feels. I normally would never pay more than $20 – $30 for a BR necklace, but this one is exceptional.

(I wouldn’t pay more than $30 just because I know they always do 50% off sales, so $185 is $92.50, and then let’s say another discount, maybe it drops to $60 at best, even a $185 item), so getting it for $30 would be the ICING ON THE CAKE at a deep deeeeeeeep discount.

But when it is a fantastic piece, I am willing to pay more just like I did with my J. Crew necklace that was also a statement piece.

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