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What I Bought: The Boxing Day 2019 Edition

In honour of Boxing Day. 🙂

Our Canadian holiday lets us go shopping after Christmas, kind of like an American Black Friday.

I am posting it today because I need a mini break from these Week of Money Posts so I can catch up on all the writing and not feel stressed for the holidays. <3

If you ever want to see me wear any of these items, you can follow my Instagram #savespendsplurgestyle… I post ALL of my outfits of the day (OOTD) there.

All of these items were free from Poshmark (I used and saved up all my credits), but I will put what I ‘paid’ for them. I have been very good at not buying anything UNLESS I have credits for them, and I can only spend this money on Poshmark, so I can’t actually withdraw it as money (I would if I could).

Sign up on Poshmark / Poshmark Canada with code SHERRYISH for a free $15 credit to shop with – and I only get $15 if you buy something. I also sell a lot on there if you are interested.

I did actually get more than what I listed here, but some of it didn’t fit (too big, etc) so I listed them on Poshmark to resell them again. <3

[Vintage] Sarah Coventry Gold Filigree Lace Necklace

Retail: ??? – This is vintage I am sure, as the company has gone out of business as of the 1980s.

Paid: $15  CAD


I only just discovered Sarah Coventry, and I really loved this necklace. Antique, lacey, pretty, cool….

I know I have a ton of necklaces, don’t gotta remind me! But .. this one “spoke” to me.

[Secondhand] Mulberry Kensington Satchel Bucket Bag

Retail: $1690 USD or $2225.09 CAD

(don’t forget this is not including taxes, import duties etc)

Paid: $650 CAD

This beautiful black satchel bag has separate compartments, and lots of pockets. It is also a pretty good size – not too big or too small.

I have been using it on and off, and loving how I can find everything easily, it isn’t too cavernous (that’s my issue with huge bags even though I love them).

Full review with pictures coming.

[Secondhand] All Saints Sweater

Retail: $250 CAD – I used to buy AllSaints sweaters like this on sale and I know they’re around this price at retail.

Paid: $50 CAD

I love a good dolman sleeve sweater that is casual, cool, very Olsen-y, and interesting.

This sweater hits all of those points for me, and looks very cool zipped or unzipped, I imagine.

[Brand new with Tags] Wolford Zoi Lace Printed Black Tights

Retail: $61 USD or $80 CAD

Paid: $20 CAD

Lace printed, cool, I am hoping this will be the kind of tights I can wear with any kind of coloured boots because it is a pattern rather than a solid colour.

I also really like Wolford, but the prices these days are making me very hesitant. I hear you can get them much cheaper at Nordstrom Rack and so on, so they are on my list when I go back to NYC to look out for.

[Brand New With Tags] UGG Viki Snow Boots

Retail: $220 USD or $289 CAD

Paid: $150

I have winter boots of all kind but I do not have short shearling boots with a rubber bottom to wear and use for errands running around town.

It’s a different kind of look, and I kind of like that they are waterproof, etc. Not loving the fur underneath the laces because I feel like it will get dirty and muddy, but…. I will see how it goes.

At an rate, they will keep my feet warm on those days when it is subzero temps and I don’t want to wear UGG boots (slippery), or over the knee shearling boots (it’s a look!)

AND THEY WERE BRAND NEW. Stickers and everything.

[Secondhand] Stella and Dot Pegasus Necklace

Retail: $200 USD or $263 CAD

Paid: $80 CAD

I have coveted this necklace ever since I saw it on Ruth Bader Ginsburg but I have been LOATHE to pay $300+ for it, which is very good because I am so spendy.

I love the way the beads look like feathers/rings, like Pegasus (EXACTLY!) and it is the style of necklace I like – a collar statement. I suppose I rather like the idea of them being dissent collars!

Then I realized a bunch of other celebs have it too, but I am most interested in RBG having it, and she wore it in a portrait as well. It looks VERY good.

[Brand new with tags] Elizabeth Stone Orion Ring

Retail: $78 USD or $102 CAD

Paid: $37 CAD

This beauty is just a delicate, interesting ring that reminds me of a torch. You know those Olympic torches? This ring looks like one to me.

I love the faceted front, and it is just stunning.

[Brand new with tags] Vibeke Scott Velvet Charcoal Robe

Retail: $2499 DKK or $489 CAD

Paid: $300 CAD


The lining is silk, so it feels much cooler, and less cosy/snuggly like velvet, but it looks great. I love the way the light catches it, the shimmer, the highlights and dark, deep velvet parts.

I plan on wearing this outside, as a duster (not to work though), and just over a tee, and some jeans. Very Chrissy Teigen. She seems to own multiples of this robe and it looks great.


[Vintage] Salvatore Ferragamo Vintage Woven Leather Tote

Retail: $2300 USD or $3028 CAD

(Guessing for a similar sized leather bag)

Paid: $203 CAD

You know how I have wanted a straw tote for a while? Like these ones?

Well I decided that I was being silly. Straw, even raffia woven like this is not likely to last a long time, the fibers will eventually fray and it won’t look cute any more.

So I decided to go for something that is straw-esque with the vibe but a little chicer.

I found this Salvatore Ferrgamo Vintage Leather Woven Tote and KNEW I had to have it:

It has a straw-like feel with the woven leather strips, has a crossbody bag, is not too small or too oversized, and a perfect sort of summer tote. It even came with an inside plastic thing that had very few pen stains, but mostly, I just love the look of this tote.

It is truly beautiful, and being vintage, rarer than something you can buy off the racks.


Retail: $40 CAD

Paid: $18 CAD

Glitz, glamour and a rebel gold sort of statement necklace.

I can’t stay away from these!

Reminds me of a cross between J. Crew and Stella and Dot.


Retail: $198 USD or $260 CAD

Paid: $30 CAD

I have been looking for grey jeans for a while, and finding high-rise jeans in a dark grey that I wanted has been a LONG search.

The grey is actually very unusual, it is really like armour grey – a little sort of yellow/brown tone to it, not quite so bluish.


Retail: $78 USD or $103 CAD

Paid: $30

Bow and Drape does custom sweatshirt sayings, and this one was quite a popular one.

Anyway, it’s fun and I like the play on words. I got the Medium/Large so that it would be looser and not fitted, and I think it would be great, paired with almost any bottom to add some whimsy.


Retail: $45 CAD maybe…?

Paid: $18 CAD

It certainly does. I got this as a tank top, a yoga thing maybe, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll wear it as a night shirt.

I just really like the saying (obviously). It sums me up so well.

I was so dumb when I opened the package, I used scissors and snipped right through the shirt. Luckily I sewed it up and it looks fine, but imagine if it was LEATHER? Or SILK!? Ugh. I’m so dumb.

Alo Yoga High-waisted Moto Leggings

Retail: $115 USD or $150 CAD

Paid: $30 CAD

I am a CONVERT now. I used to think Lululemon was the be all and end all, but Alo yoga is right up there with them now. I love how soft the flocked cotton jersey leggings are, the moto patches.. they are super cool and wearable even outside of yoga (not that I have done it yet), with a longer tunic top.

They are high-waisted, and very comfortable normally retailing for $115 USD.

Helmut Lang Grey Twisted Dress

Retail: $480 CAD for a similar dress

Paid: $60 CAD

I love the look of Helmut Lang items. That kind of soft, twisted, drape-y look makes me so incredibly happy because it is a simple top but done with architectural style.

So when I came across this dress, I loved it immediately, and for $60 why not? Plus, I could wear it as a tunic (which I do) over leather leggings, and it looked and felt like a dream.

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