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What I Bought: Spring 2020 Edition

If you ever want to see me wear any of these items, you can follow my Instagram #savespendsplurgestyle… I post ALL of my outfits of the day (OOTD) there.

Again, following my two tenets of shopping: 99% secondhand, and only with shopping credits (no actual cash of my own), all of these items except for the first two were free for me from Poshmark (I used and saved up all my credits), but I will put what I ‘paid’ for them.

Sign up on Poshmark / Poshmark Canada with code SHERRYISH for a free $15 credit to shop with – and I only get $15 if you buy something. I also sell a lot on there if you are interested.

I have been trying to save up my credits but when beautiful things come your way, you have to snap them up!

[Secondhand] YSL Limited Edition Love Arty Ring

Retail: $265

[Actually] Paid: $210 CAD out of my pocket

I have wanted one of these for such a long time, and this one in particular I paid a bit more (almost at retail!) because it was a limited edition one that has a magenta glass stone (I know, my signature colour) that I haven’t seen, plus an inscribed “love” on the back.

These rings in particular are hard to find (the love ones) because no one sells them. I think they mislabelled it on the site as a Size 9 when in fact it is a Size 6, seeing as I own another YSL arty ring (scroll to the bottom of this page) that shows the correct way you should read the sizing.

[Secondhand] Elizabeth Cole Victoria Vintage Necklace

Retail: $768 USD or $1000 CAD

[Actually] Paid: $143 CAD out of my pocket

My newly discovered favourite jewellery designer! Based on her current prices, for a similar necklace, it looks like it originally retailed for almost $900 CAD.

Her big statement necklaces are my style for sure, and these colours are perfect, including the added herringbone chain detail and the chain link..

I scored it for $120 because I got it secondhand. Can’t beat that.

The work on this necklace is stunning. I mean, just look at the closeup of the stone, the intricate work… Stella and Dot necklaces are nice but they aren’t on this kind of craftsmanship.

I love that the green stones aren’t plain, with a little hint of gold…. it is really a beautiful piece.


The following all has been free for $0 because I had a Poshmark credit balance but I will put prices of what I bid.


[Secondhand] YSL Gold Arty Ring

Retail: $265 CAD

Paid: $200 CAD

This is the ring that started my obsession. They no longer make these Arty rings, and as they are discontinued, they are becoming a little coveted / rarer, depending on which stone you want.

Right now I only have 2 with no plans of getting any more unless they can be found and paid for with Poshmark credits.

This is a size 5 which is actually very difficult to wear as my pinky is too small, so I put it on my ring finger, but don’t slide it all the way down, it kind of stops right at the knuckle.

Very comfortable to wear, still, and a beautiful, molten gold glass stone to stare at.

(I sure hope Little Bun will appreciate this collection as he gets older.. LOL… or finds someone who will. If not, I will leave extensive notes about what is special and what isn’t for resale.)

[Secondhand] Jenny Bird x Indigo Cuff

Retail: $90 CAD

Paid: $15 CAD

Me and the cuffs. Lots of cuffs, I like the vertebrae look of this one.

[Secondhand] Helmut Lang Wool Sweater

Retail: $290 CAD

Paid: $100 CAD

I like strange sweaters. At least, asymmetrical ones. I like the sleeve on the left, with the cape/poncho look of the right (win win!) … which adds some interest without being finicky or fiddly.

[Secondhand] Sea New York Laser Cut Black Pencil Skirt

Retail: $390 USD or $513 CAD

Paid: $45 CAD


I did not plan on this. I DID NOT PLAN ON THIS.

I have so many black skirts, but I love beautiful laser and lace cuts. This one just gripped me – it shows a bit of skin without being a miniskirt.

[Secondhand] Nili Lotan Jolene Navy Blue Cashmere

Retail: $624.85 CAD

Paid: $95 CAD

I hemmed and hawed on this one, but I love Nili Lotan pieces – they are so well made and wonderfully chic and cool.

I wanted an oversized navy blue cashmere sweater (the one I am selling from Grana is too fitted for my style these days), and this one looked perfect.

[Secondhand] Rag and Bone Midnight Blue Peacoat – $300

Retail: $795 CAD

Paid: $300 CAD

I hemmed and hawed over this one because I used $300 of my shopping credits for this. But ultimately, I love the midnight blue colour, the leather accents, the black hardware.. it looks fantastic. And it is like new, you can see absolutely zero pilling and flaws.

One can never have too many coats 😉

[Secondhand] Marciano Grey Sweater – $7

Retail: $138 CAD

Paid: $7 CAD

I saw this in a thrift store and knew it looked terrible on the hanger but would look great on; it looks shapeless but it is very artful in its placement of volume and the long ribbed cuffs:

This is what it looked like on – MAGNIFICENT, and only $7. In very good condition, very little pilling.

[Secondhand] Baublebar Statement Necklace 1

Retail: $45 CAD

Paid: $18 CAD

I can’t resist a statement necklace, especially one with CHAINS and METAL and STONES… oh yes. I would wear this with an open button-up shirt, which covers up all of that bare skin.

[Secondhand] Vince Magenta Silk Blouse – $25

Retail: $490 CAD

Paid: $25 CAD

I love the colour. And the deep v is VERY flattering on my body type.. plus silk.

How can I say no to SILK… <3


[Secondhand] Vince White Cotton Button up Shirt – $25

Retail: $390 CAD

Paid: $25 CAD

I have been searching in VAIN in thrift stores for an oversized, white, boxy shirt. I tried on so many shirts in cheap fast fashion places to get an idea of sizing, and I can fit into a Large or X-Large to get that blousy, menswear inspired look I am going for.

The problem with finding white shirts in a thrift store is that they are all yellowed or stained. WHITE! I can find patterns and stripes, but white has eluded me, so I decided to go via Poshmark instead.

I found this one, and it looks good, full collar (can’t see it), and hopefully it works out.

[Secondhand] Porridge (Anthropologie) Polkadot Skirt

Retail: $155 CAD

Paid: $35 CAD

I cannot resist polkadots. IN A SKIRT. I have it in a dress but a skirt would also be versatile for summer with a fresh white top. I cannot wait.

[Secondhand] Red Shawl Blazer

Retail: $298 CAD

Paid: $25 CAD

I have wanted a red shawl blazer for a long time. I finally have one! $25, and it looks like a true red, which will be nice against white outfits, and jeans.

Or, with prints!

[Secondhand] Gold Wire Cuff

Retail: $90 CAD

Paid: $20 CAD

Love cuffs. Especially wire ones that look cool and are statements:

I actually have one similar to this one, but I painted it:

I may paint the first one too, or wear it as-is. We shall see.

Did you make it this far!? LOL… This is the biggest purchase this season:

[Secondhand] YSL Sac de Jour – Black Large (Leather) Tote Satchel

Retail: $5324 CAD

Paid: $1604 CAD

*hearts in eyes* A black satchel tote! And a large one to boot.

I cannot wait. It will hold everything, but not my laptop — it would ruin it. I just want it to use as an errands bag.

It is MASSIVE. Like a huge duffel bag that easily fits a 13″ laptop, and no shoulder strap (I would collapse). It is a gorgeous smooth leather, and well worth the price.

To show it against my body, it is HUGE:

[Secondhand] Leith Tuxedo Black Vest

Retail: $109 CAD

Paid: $40 CAD

I am starting to get into sleeveless vests as of late. I like the look of them… we will see how often I wear this one, but I love me a good tuxedo moment (obviously), so this may get more wear than I think. Trying to push my own fashion boundaries – I really don’t own many vests…. or sleeveless blazers.

[Secondhand] J. Crew Sleeveless Tuxedo Top

Retail: $68 CAD

Paid: $19 CAD

I used to own a Banana Republic tuxedo-style top and I wore it to DEATH. It eventually yellowed beyond any kind of fixing (alas.. white tops), and I am pleased to find a similar substitute. There is something very pretty about a tuxedo top done so casually.

[Secondhand] Stella and Dot Amala Earrings

Retail: $64 CAD

Paid: $20 CAD

I plan on making them into a ring and a pendant for a necklace. I love the bold look of the stone, and if I could wear them as real earrings I would but alas… I do not have pierced ears and cannot (I have eczema).

[Secondhand] Stella and Dot Aida Necklace

Retail: $100 CAD

Paid: $25 CAD

You can remove one some or all of the tassels, etc. I like it just like this, bold and interesting.

I hemmed and hawed over it – how much would I wear something like this? But it is cool and different from what I own, so I am down.

Pretty, right????

[Secondhand] Stella and Dot Rebel Stone Necklace

Retail: $208 CAD

Paid: $50 CAD

I cannot resist it when you throw gold in with an industrial looking necklace, and some quartz stone. I just cannot. It is a nice statement piece.

[Secondhand] Heather Gardner Fuchsia Magenta Agate Slice Necklace

Retail: $348 CAD

Paid: $40 CAD

You can see the other agate slice necklaces here… but this colour spoke to me. It is my favourite colour and I had to use my dwindling credits to buy it.


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    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you! J. Crew, easily found secondhand on Poshmark if you’re so inclined <3


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