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What I bought: End of Winter Edition

All of it on deep discount, or I have been stalking them for a while!

Others, on the fence about (see dress at the bottom), but will see if I keep it.

Banana Republic Elephant Signet Ring

(still on sale, buy it here!)

Purchase Price: $27 CAD

Original Retail Price: $50 CAD before taxes

Why I bought it


If you aren’t into elephants, this love signet ring is SO CUTE and also on sale. I decided against it only because I don’t need two signet rings (SEE? RESTRAINT. Res-traint.)

Anyway, I have been eying signet rings and roman necklaces as of late, and I didn’t want a signet ring with a letter on it (e.g. my initial “S”), but something interesting, and yet cool.. but ancient.. and modern at the same time.

Enter: The elephant signet ring.

Elephants are a sign of strength, beauty, dignity, intelligence and power (perfect), and are wonderful creatures who are kind and very perceptive.

Banana Republic Love Faux Pearl Ring

(Still on sale, pick it up here, it’s so cute)

Retail: $62 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $16.50 CAD (before taxes)

Why I bought it

In person. I am a real fan of words in necklaces, letters, etc.

I like the word ‘love’ because it reminds me of Little Bun. I know it sounds corny, but ‘love’ reminds me of him because when he was 2, at daycare, he created this little canvas painting that said ‘love’ on it, spelled out with his hands and feet as the “O” and the “V”.

Ever since that day, that word has been his, in my head.

I knew Little Bun would love it, but I also just like having it on my finger. I would see it and it would remind me of him. I’m such a sap.

Banana Republic Love Faux Pearl Necklace – $15 CAD

(still on sale! pick it up here)

Retail: $50 CAD (before taxes)

Paid: $15 CAD (before taxes)

Why I bought it

I wanted it to match the ring I also bought online for cheaper. It is faux pearls, so I am not a fan (I mean pearls are so cheap, why are we using FAUX pearls?), but nevertheless, I knew I’d love it and could layer it with other delicate necklaces.

I also love that tiny little detail of a gemstone (you can see it on the right) like a knot of crystal. It is really delicate and pretty in person if you are not into rings.

Banana Republic Amazing Graphic Sweater

(sold out, womp womp)

Purchase Price: $15 CAD

Scored it at $15 as the lowest price possible instead of the original $30 because it discounted again within 2 weeks.

Original Retail Price: $74 CAD before taxes

Why I bought it

Cheap, love how comfy it is, soft, and the fuzzy text on the sweatshirt says “Amazing” which is not too sexually suggestive, or too whatever. I hate wearing graphic shirts that say or suggest things to others reading it.

Invites unwanted attention and stupid jokes.

So, amazing? Yep. I am. And so is what I am wearing. Or my DAY is amazing. Whatever and however you want to choose to interpret it.

Banana Republic Red Belted Skirt

(still on sale here, try the petites section, they fit just like regular but are slightly shorter)

Purchase Price: $41.49 CAD before taxes

Original Retail Price: $110 CAD before taxes

Why I bought it

WHY DIDN’T I!? I love the colour. Ultra red, a cute side slit, POCKETS… I got it in a Size 2 Petite, on major sale (50% off) and it is really quite pretty.

It is very comfortable, sleek, and I could dress it down or up. Love red.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it matches the Amazing sweater above, which maybe subconsciously had something to do with it.

Casual ‘Amazing’ sweater + Sleek in a pencil skirt = Sweet!

Banana Republic Striped Trench Dress – RETURNED

(still on sale, buy it here)

Purchase Price: $111 CAD

Original Retail Price: $185 CAD before taxes

Why I bought it


Trench dress?

Wrap-ish style?

OMG. You might as well map it out as the perfect kryptonite for me.

It of course, fits perfectly, looks great (not at all like a prison-style sort of stripe), and has pockets.

I think it is fantastic but I am holding out for if it goes on discount and on a sale because.. $111!?!? Cute but c’mon now.

I have about a week before it has to go back or else it is considered mine. In the meantime, scouring sales.

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