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What I bought: End of Summer 2020 Edition

YouTube video of what I received (the other two items I bought but didn’t get yet)

Kagoshima Ceremonial Matcha – $28

This is the one I chose to try – Kagoshima Organic Imperial Matcha, and I will report back. I am still working through old stock from David’s Tea, and am excited to try other brands.

Zoya – Paloma nail polish – $13

This berry nail polish is just so DELICIOUS looking. Like jelly. It’s what I am hoping will be the perfect berry colour.

Sally Hansen Pure – Fruity Papaya – $8

I also picked up this fun, coral pink colour from Sally Hansen called Fruity Papaya (I have a few others of theirs, like this nice red called Cherry Amore and Pomegranate Punch).

Hugo Boss White Men’s Shirt – $28.74

Like new. I washed it obviously, but it wasn’t stained at all which is VERY difficult to find in a secondhand white shirt of any kind, and it’s the perfect shirt for an oversized, cool look. It’s from Hugo Boss in the men’s section, and I found it in a nice vintage shop.


I received all of the following for $0, using my Poshmark credits. When you see “Paid” it means I paid $0 out of my pocket.

3 Style Books

“Paid”: $55

BOOKS? On POSHMARK!?!? Yes indeed. These are all brand new, and I am SUPER EXCITED. I only really buy books on style and photography in a physical format, otherwise I prefer the ebook format as it is easier to hold & read (though not as fun)

Fictionally Fabulous

This book takes fictional characters like Carrie Bradshaw, and makes up a wardrobe/style bio on them.

Living in Style (Rachel Zoe)

I am obsessed with the show obviously because I am a secret closeted stylist-wannabe, and I had to buy her two books which I have had on my list for a while.

A to Zoe (Rachel Zoe)

YEP! Love her. I’ve watched and re-watched all of her episodes, as she is incredibly fun to watch.

EyEnvy Eyelash Growing Serum

“Paid”: $104

This serum works GREAT on my eyelashes. I already had short stubby ones to begin with, and putting this serum on, has given me long lashes that would otherwise only be if I got eyelash extensions or wore false ones.

A 2mL bottle will last about 4-6 months, and longer if you are in maintenance mode like I am, because I don’t need to apply it nightly any more (you have to for the first 6 weeks), and the lashes are SO WORTH IT.

You can also try castor oil for a cheaper version of it, but it doesn’t work as well to make them AS long, but your eyelashes do become much much longer.


“Paid”: $69

I have wanted a similar Reiss top (this one called Lorna) which is a thicker knit for a long time, but can’t stomach paying $240 USD for it, and it hasn’t gone on sale… and when I found this wool + linen blend, I thought it was the perfect shape, and exactly what I wanted!

The top is much whiter/creamier than as pictured above, which was a pleasant surprise. I bought it because of the style but wasn’t sold on the kind of muddy linen colour, so I am very pleased.


“Paid”: $55

YEP! Found another one. This time in a dark grey charcoal. I am LOVING these tops and especially since they go for over a hundred USD which I cannot justify right now.

Aritzia Babaton Red Textured Side Tie Top

“Paid”: $50

I am obsessed with red (as I am with gold as of late), and this top with a side tie is SUPER CUTE, plus it isn’t boring because there’s a textured feel all over it. It’s really cool.

YSL Arty Oval Ring – Blue with Copper Inside

“Paid”: $155

Another beautiful blue YSL ring (I have another but it has gold dots all over it), but this one is a melted coppery sort of prettiness.

YSL Arty Oval Ring – Pink

“Paid”: $150

Just a plain coral pink

YSL Arty Oval Pink Ring

“Paid”: $150


Light pink with gold swirls.

YSL Oval Arty Pink/Red Ring

“Paid”: $250

This is an incredible YSL ring. They released other Arty rings, and I am always on the hunt for the other ones, even though the Oval rings I own are the most popular.

Current YSL Collection in case you’re interested:

7 Oval rings, 1 Arty Ring in another style….. <3

Missing green, black… 😉 Got lots to add to my collection!


“Paid”: $90

Love a deep red, wide legged pant. This is just what I was looking for and Adam Lippes is a <3 designer!


“Paid”: $25

A pretty ring that would be a nice addition in a mix of rings on a hand.


“Paid”: $25

I’m a sucker for gold and cobalt blue. That is all.


“Paid”: $25

Suede is one of the most comfortable shoes to wear. I also love the look of a simple shoe like this. The heel is a tiny bit too high for my normal wear, but these would be for exceptional occasions, not daily work heels.

They look great:


“Paid”: $45

These never went into production. They’re sample shoes that were created for a concept at Loeffler Randall and I am surprised!! They’re so comfortable, soft, gold, cute, retro and modern. VERY cute. At any rate, I bought them and love them.


“Paid”: $55

I already have a black lace skirt, a vintage one… but it doesn’t fit. The waist fits just fine, but it is meant for a woman with wider hips, as the whole bum/back section would have to be taken in 2-3 inches, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the time and the expense in alterating a rather cheap looking vintage black skirt.

So I hunted for a nice alternative and found an even prettier version – Rebecca Taylor’s Vien skirt that has a mini skirt quality to it, and lace where my legs can peek through. PERFECT. It’s interesting, and has ribbed pants for comfort, and a full lace back, so this is ideal.

Now for stuff I paid out of pocket, and spent my money on:

Maruka Hair Oil

Paid: $8.98

I seriously bought this only because I had a credit to use up at a store, and I wasn’t planning on coming back. I literally had $2 left on the card, and decided to buy a sample of this stuff (I never buy hair anything).

So far it smells like creamy, citrusy vanilla and I am in love. As it is an oil, it does make my hair..well.. oily… but maybe I also put too much on the ends. I did 3 pumps when I suspect a half pump is enough.


Paid: $30

I paid for these out of pocket, and spent $30


Okay, so this outfit.. is actually Givenchy on Meghan, but I am refusing to pay $5000 for it even if I could find it.

So, I did what any obsessed fashionista would do, I went on Etsy to find a similar look.

I can tell already that by the drape of the original outfit versus the one I bought, it will not be as thick or as lucious, but for a fraction of the price, it is good enough for me to enjoy the look.

I tried to re-create it with items I already owned, but my skirts in this shade are all drapey and a completely different vibe. As a treat to myself, I allowed the outfit purchase as I have been coveting it for such a long time now.


I have been eying a white Victorian night shirt to repurpose as a dress for a long time, because I like the idea of something old and vintage, looking so fresh and new, yet worn in.

Other similar shirts were gong for $200 (!) – $300 (!!!) on Etsy, and when I found this shop that sells them for a more reasonable $100 price, I snapped one up. She had a few others I liked, but I only wanted one, so I bought one.

Aritzia Mariane Garden Rose Dress

“Paid”: $80

I am a sucker for draped dresses, and ones with a tie around the middle. I will be playing with the belt a lot (it’s attached to the dress) and the colour is Garden Rose which looks lovely and a nice saturated, deep rose pink. Not too muddy or Barbie pink.

It is a nice fabric as well, and just a beautiful piece, very designer-ish.

J. Crew Collection x Marissa Webb Green Silk Trench Dress

“Paid”: $55

I don’t even know how I got this for $55 (it was free for me, but .. I “paid” $55) for when Marissa Webb was with J. Crew. It’s a forest green silk trench dress that can be an actual dress or a topper. It must have retailed for at least $400 CAD… I can’t find any photos of it online, and looks like it is from 2011 or so, or earlier. The early J. Crew stuff is fantastic, which is why I am so pleased to find it even from a decade ago.

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