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What I bought: April 2018


Nothing much this month, mostly tried NOT to buy anything, but I couldn’t resist secondhand boots especially since I love my booties SO MUCH that they’re really getting worn down to the nubs.

……and then once the spending floodgates opened. WHOOSH!!!!!! I spent about $500-ish bucks this month on secondhand stuff.

First, foundational items — some nude tights from Calvin Klein Ultra Bare:

I normally would not bother with tights AT ALL — I don’t mind bare legs — but during autumn and winter, it looks very strange as it’s cold outside.

I also picked up these DKNY micro fishnet nude tights that looks like my bare skin but better.. they are definitely darker than my actual skintone so it looks a bit odd to me, but not terrible:

I had zero intentions on buying a t-shirt of all things, but when you find the perfect charcoal grey tee, you BUY IT.

It’s this exact t-shirt, but in charcoal grey… I could only find the black Double Zero tee and Double Zero olive green versions online:

And this.. THIS!

I went hunting all over the city for great black booties (I only have light cream booties and dark brown ones that I wear to death), and I found that for some of my outfits I had to change the bottoms or the look because I really needed a pair of BLACK booties.

I tried on the Margot booties the other day, and realized that as a US 7 I needed a 7.5 in Rag & Bone boots. They all run half a size smaller.

I picked these up secondhand online for $161 CAD total, when they retail for $800 if I were to buy them at retail, so I scored BIG. They look to be in very good condition and worn only a few times.

I love the Margot style and the little dip in front is nice. They do have a cap toe style in the front which I don’t hate, but it doesn’t have a minimalist, sleek look like my Club Monaco booties.

AAAAND I got these olive suede booties as well… for a lighter look:


As for flats, I picked up these old M. Gemi black flats — I know they’re old because I remember coveting that exact style when they first debuted the company and I could never find them again because they never made this exact style again, so this is KISMET.

They look like plain black pointed flats, but have a sleek black patent curve that goes around the toe, and the style is “Doppio”. I picked these up for $35:

As for tops, I picked up this pretty cobalt blue accordion pleated J. Crew top for $15:

And this other J. Crew tuxedo-style top (the body is this super soft light grey cotton), for $25

And this final striped J. Crew top for $6 — YES SIX DOLLARS:

And two J.Crew skirts I have been eying since last year:

OBVIOUSLY Michelle Obama’s skirt.. although not her actual one 😛 from J. Crew called “Dazzling Dots” that is mint green but has gold dots that give it a gold sheen that cost me $32:

And this lovely tuxedo silk skirt.. DYING to wear it. And style it with a similarly casual shirt that cost me $20:


Now these two DESIGNER dresses that, I scored for $100 each.

This one from Charles Chang Lima cost $1300 at retail. $1300!!

Stunning, white thick silk, pleated skirt and top.. WITH POCKETS.


Just look at the workmanship:

And the bottom with POCKETS:

And the way the sleeves curve around the side!?

And this Marissa Webb dress with a tuxedo side and silk skirt cost about $700 at retail:

It has a nice blazer tuxedo bit off to the right and a silk skirt. Both masculine + feminine perfection.

I also picked up a white Theory Wrap dress for $25 because I am a sucker for three things:

(A) White (B) Wrap (C) Dress

An All Saints Jumper with a metallic gold and copper sheen for $53 because it is stunning with copper down the front and shoulders, and gold panel on the body & sleeves:

That was it. About $500 for all of the above. 😉

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  1. HS

    Where did you get the stuff under $30?

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I am on Poshmark via my friend’s account. Only open for U.S. users.

  2. Cassie

    YOU CLEANED UP this month! I was drooling over the olive booties and M.Gemi flats until I hit the dresses. I’ve never heard of Charles Chang Lima before, but his work is beautiful. You don’t see dresses cut like that very often anymore. I’m excited to see how you style it.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Definitely with a belt… otherwise they are going to all think that it is a wedding dress!


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