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What I bought and read: The End of Vacation Edition


I am stress shopping. My name is Sherry.

How are you doing today?

Look at …WHAT I BOUGHT!!!


You can find the exact flat here, I also love the citron suede version and am VERY TEMPTED to buy it.

A cool, pointed flat in a woven leather style!? SIGN ME UP. Perfect work shoe.

In the end I settled after much debate with myself, for the metallic silver. I already have a lot of brown / nude / tan shoes, so silver will be something nice, and won’t make me look like I am shoe-less….

(Although I really want the other pair now in citron yellow).

And then I spy them in A HIGH HEELED 3.5″ version?

Be still my heart.

Control yourself.

Flats are far more versatile for me especially at this price point but.. omg..

*clamps down on her credit card*

Am I crazy? LOL.. I’ll wait for a sale. Yeah. That’ll be it. Then I can pick the flats up in citron.. and not feel bad.

UPDATE: Waiting for a deep sale.

I almost very VERY nearly bought them but then thought: Where / when would I really pick citron flats over silver ones?

I mentally went through my favourite outfits in my head, and each time, I picked silver flats, or would have rather had magenta suede flats, instead of yellow… so.


Not buying them unless they’re on a deep sale. Even though I see that the sizes are going fast… 😛

UPDATE #2: They OVERSOLD the silver metallic flat

DAMN. They oversold it so I ended up buying the caramel metallic instead. It wasn’t my first choice only because I have a lot of brown shoes, and I wanted something like a silvery neutral, but really, I couldn’t decide when I initially looked at both colours.

They also gave me another extra 5% off as a coupon code (20% total discount), so I got a full refund and saved an additional $16.80 USD

It is strange, I rarely wear brown except in a leather jacket, or only in shoes or accessories. The actual COLOUR of brown on my body though? *shudder*


I know from Cassie’s stunning photo that this rouched red soft dress s clearly a bright orangey-red, not a true red.

My size is also completely sold out by the way… I had to take a TALL in my size, and try a petite in a Medium to see if it works..

This is fine, I think I can pull off the colour on my skintone, it is one of my shades that makes my skin look bronzed without being tan. LOL

Ironically, I actually wanted to buy this at 50% off but tried to hold off telling myself I didn’t need another plain dress… then I saw it on her and .. ugh. Forget it. #Enabled

Look how good she looks …. how could I not?

UPDATE: Got returned.

I love the colour on Cassie but on me, with my olive toned skin, it just makes me look so sallow and washed out. You can read all of my clothing reviews here under Style Shopper.


I am DESPERATELY trying to mimic this look, but do not have a super, super long, tight black or navy blue skirt to pull it off, so I bought these very comfortable looking ponte skirts but in the Tall size..

All my skirts come to the knee or just below it.

Naturally, I have been so obsessed with finding one, and ordered it in red, navy and black in regular and tall sizes (for length!) to see what would look the closest.

Maybe once I try it on, I will look stupid (it does look a bit silly without heels to be honest so this might be a one-trick pony look), and I will return everything. *shrug*

Now all I need are black heels. I only own brown due to my aversion to black, but now’s the time to thrift a size 7 …

UPDATE: Got returned except for the orange skirt

I still sort of want to keep the black midi skirt to replicate the look above but not for that price for a one-look pony. You can read all of my clothing reviews here under Style Shopper.


I am a SUCKER for moto anything. Jackets, pants.. I even bought a vegangrey moto legging once but it is so badly made, it is not comfortable and I have no regrets trying to get rid of it ASAP.

So when I saw these Devon (high rise) fit moto pants, I had to try them. They would even be WORK appropriate… with an edge, I suspect.

UPDATE: Got returned

It is ugly and cheap AF. You can read all of my clothing reviews here under Style Shopper.


So I really wanted a tulle navy skirt to emulate this look:

And I WAS SO CLOSE to buying one, until I realized that tulle is probably scratchy, really impractical, and only worth it for one look. Or two. That’s about it.

Then I saw this pleated navy skirt on sale that had a tulle-ish feel to it due to the pleats, and decided it would do the trick and work far better with other items in my wardrobe:

It was the LAST size 2 in stock, and is completely sold out now. Let’s hope it works out or it is getting returned.


LOVE! You can read all of my clothing reviews here under Style Shopper.


I have been eying and eying this very pretty dress, and I finally bought it because it is everything I love. Tipped, navy, midi, collared… ugh. I’m a sucker.

It looks SO retro and classic…


LOVE!! You can read all of my clothing reviews here under Style Shopper.


I MEAN! How cute is this!? I like vintage pieces because their quality tends to be better than what is put out in stores today.

I like the sweetheart neckline because it is very flattering on me, and then when I saw the back, I was sold:

I am not sure I will be able to wear a regular bra (maybe one if I can switch the straps) but how CUTE is that? A little bit of skin (not too much) and in an area that is unexpected.


I am a sucker for white skirts. I really am. Vintage, linen.. pockets?… Sign me up.

I even love how on the mannequin that is a bit lacy, it looks like a lace top or a bustier which would look so perfect with this skirt.


They look brand new, almost not even worn at all, which can mean one of two things:

A) The shoes were VERY uncomfortabke 🙁

B) The shoes were comfy but the former owner had too many and never got around to these because maybe the heel was a bit too high for everyday wear 🙂

I am obviously hoping for the latter.

I actually bought these so that I can DIY and rip off these very pretty yellow flowers off these kitten heels that I NEVER wear, and sew them onto these ones instead, as the colours would match perfectly. Here’s hoping.

I was thinking of changing the heels to make them a wedge and easier to walk in, but the cost of that was $150 USD!!!! Forget it. I have been on the hunt ever since, for a pair of shoes like this, so I can try out my DIY experiment.


The print is so pretty and unusual that it reminded me so strongly of a perfect Anthropologie piece today (for a sixth or tenth of the price), that I couldn’t let it go:

The pansies are so pretty and well made, and apparently have silver thread going throughout the piece as the  vines!!!

It looks like a high-end designer print.




I saw this jumpsuit on Instagram, and only loved the top… I can get these white pants anywhere. I immediately wanted it, and sent it off to someone on Etsy to custom make it for me.

i love the 3/4 length of the top, the loose feel of it… I did not love that it was a cheap looking jumpsuit aside from this ONE good photo.


He keeps sleeping in the dang car. His head flopping everywhere. I finally found handmade, luxury travel pillows for him and myself.


Yes. Two more ponchos. I’m gearing up for winter like some cashmere-swaddled hedgehog.

I bought it in ecru and in black, it looks so chic…. I could belt it, leave it open… possibilities are endless.


I actually have been hunting down a pair of strappy black sandals to wear. I own ZERO black shoes, save for some pointed flats.

Strappy sandals, especially cage ones like this, are perfect for me. I feel super secure and comfortable when I walk, and they look great.


I love this top so much, I have it in Jungle Green, but was stalking Boysenberry for months… It is BEAUTIFUL.

Now to find the matching skirt 😉


I am a sucker on Instagram aren’t I? I even roped a friend into going halvsies on this with me. It was cheaper for the both of us.

WHAT I DID NOT BUY … (which is not much)

Why am I so stupid to not remember to put a damn Labour Day Sale reminder so that I DO NOT shop ANYWHERE until this date arrives?

Idiot. You would think with years of shopping experience, I’d be organized by now, but NOPE.

Anyway, I very nearly picked up this stunning tipped Italian stadium wool jacket because it looks so chic and I am a sucker for tipped anything..

…but decided against it because I already have a navy wrap jacket I prefer from Cuyana, and I acknowledged that I only really wanted it because it was 30% off and originally on Meghan Markle 😛


I didn’t JUST shop this month, I decided to stop shopping online and divert my attention to something else.

So I read. I finished in about four days, these books:

Reset – Ellen Pao

Reset by Ellen Pao  is one of the BEST BOOKS I have read all year. So honest, raw, and I saw so many instances of the same things happening to me as a young woman in STEM that it is incredible.

I cannot do enough justice with words about how EVERYONE should read this book. It is shocking, the details she gives of what happens (I assumed but never knew it was that bad). I must say that my experience pales in comparison to hers in the VC (Venture Capital) world, but I still see similarities to what I experience.


Vanity Fair Diaries – Tina Brown

Vanity Fair Diaries – Tina Brown, the Iconic editor, amazing woman, who put Demi Moore pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair (HOW ICONIC)

I would link to the book but apparently Amazon does not carry it… I was reading it through a library, so *shrug* maybe it’s out of print.

It is basically a diary of her rise from head of Tattler (she turned it around) to taking over Vanity Fair in America and turning it around. I particularly enjoyed the book because it was a woman who (at the time) was spearheading as an editor of a magazine in a man’s world. She was too polite at the start to demand the job and it wasn’t until she asserted herself and said: It is me or NOBODY, then they took her and Vanity Fair became what it is today.


I love that she stood up (even if she was quaking a little) to these paternalistic ideals of the time that women were just not good enough for anything, and killed it.

Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud – Anne Helen Petersen

I really liked this book Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud by Anne Helen Petersen because it goes into a mini biography of each woman that represents each ‘unruly’ trait.

I PARTICULARLY liked the one on Kim Kardashian when she was pregnant (I think she looked fine. She was a normal, pregnant woman, and to hell with “pretty” pregnancies. Nothing is pretty about growing a new human inside your body and being expected to be a certain way), and the one on Serena Williams.

I am a huge, huge huge fan of Williams. She embodies everything it means to be a boss, a hard working hustler, and a winner. She. Wins. Period.

I follow her games when I can (I don’t have a TV, so this is on and off when I do get a glimpse of one when they play), and I always want her to win and dominate the court the way she should.


I love the book iWoz that Steve Wozniak finally wrote. He is so .. interesting, for lack of a better descriptive. He sounds like he is actually talking to you in his book, and I do not think in a slightest he is bragging. He is just stating facts of how he got to where he got to (plus, he is a certified genius.. omg.. the things he did at his age..)

If you like Apple, and want to see a different side of it versus the money making one, this is a great book to read. Very enjoyable.


Here are all of my other What I read posts.

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    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

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