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What I bought and read: Autumn 2018 Edition



Finally, amirite??? The first pilot episode didn’t get me. It wasn’t until about episode 2 or 3 that I really started to like it.

Really HARDCORE Sci-Fi is usually not my thing, but this one had a good mix of it, and actual character development and great hero-led plots.

Plus, I <3 Nathan Fillion SO MUCH.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I was not loving the beginning because I was just getting so disgusted with the whole attitude of such an obedient wife it was making me retch.

Then… IT GOT INTERESTING. By the end of the first pilot, I was hooked.

Thank you 😉 It is AMAZING.

Also, Tony Shaloub is in there and he is fantastic from Mr. Monk. <3 LOVE TONY SHALOUB!


Banana Republic Parker Tunic-fit Striped Utility Shirt

This is a great, viscose striped shirt from Banana Republic called the Parker Tunic-fit Striped Utility Shirt, less flat and less cheap. The fabric is not flat, it looks like it is a woven stripe (but it isn’t, truly, only linen or cotton does that), and the stripes are great.

PERFECT for knotting in the front, and it feels soft and comfortable.

I took an XS even with my larger shoulders; the S feels a smidge better in terms of shoulder fit, but in the Small, I find that the body is looser and not as fitted. The XS is really the right torso / body fit for me (exception: shoulders), but as it is oversized anyway, the XS fits fine in the shoulders.

Banana Republic Dillon Classic Fit Oxford Pocket White Shirt

This.. is… such.. a soft, perfect, PERFECT 100% white shirt from Banana Republic in a Dillon Oxford Pocket Fit. They also have the Quinn Boy Fix shirt but that look is boxier, shorter, and not my thing.

I prefer the Dillon fit — less boxy, and slightly longer. PERFECT for knotting in front (my new thing).

I took the XS in this because the fit is slightly loose, it doesn’t feel too tight in the shoulders (which would normally force me up to an S), and I like the body fit of it better.


I have wanted a long LONG sweater coat hybrid for a long time. I don’t know why but I saw this girl walking with a long camel sweater once to her ankles as a sweater/coat and she looked incredible.

On a whim, without a discount (they already sold out a lot of the sizes and colours in-store), I picked up these two in an XS because the S was surprisingly a bit too loose around the shoulders (I KNOW RIGHT? My US 6 shoulders and XS fits!?)….

Dark cloud is not available as a colour to buy online, but it looks like this:

..and it is in the length of the other.



This coat was pretty much perfect. Exactly what I was looking for

Not that I didn’t want it, or the price was not something I could not afford ($300-ish), but because it was ITCHY.

The wool coat, although lined, was slightly, ever so itchy in the shoulders and sleeves THROUGH the lining.

I know what you’re going to say — “When will you wear a coat without a long-sleeved shirt on?


Everything I buy, has to feel good on bare skin because there may come a day I wear a 3/4 sleeve shirt, or whatever, and it will ITCH.

And I will be mad, I spent $300 on a coat that itches.

So, no go on this.




I am being pickier because I went through my closet. Pictures to come.

RETURNED: Banana Republic Sunset Red Ponte Midi Skirt

($57 back in my pocket + taxes)

I thought about it some more, and it is a one-note outfit to always wear this skirt with a pink belt as cute as it looks. In truth, I would pick any other skirt over this one to pair with any other one of my tops. I’d rather keep this colour in just my heels where it has some impact but isn’t such a focus in my outfit.

RETURNED: Banana Republic yellow tank top

($23.99 back in my pocket + taxes)

In the end, as much as I wanted a yellow top to wear with items.. .(A) I do have a yellow top that I can just easily get hemmed so it is more wearable (it is more like a tunic now), and (B) I think it is too loose and generic (see shot above).

I want more of a regular viscose, jersey tank top in a nice yellow which would be more versatile. Plus, I really don’t love those plastic buttons at the top.


Let it go (decluttering)

This is a great book by Peter Walsh to Get rid of it if you are struggling with what to do with all of that junk you are hiding in the basement in rando boxes.

It goes into the emotional side of decluttering, why it is so difficult and how to overcome all of that, either personally or if you are cleaning out someone else’s home (e.g. loved one).

I loved reading the stories in there as well because it helped put everything into perspective —- it is just STUFF at the end of the day but people put certain emotional tags on things and it can cause rifts in families.

Lessons from Madame Chic

I don’t 100% agree with everything in this Parisian Style How-To book called Lessons from Madame Chic.

Her points are great for instance, like making sure that you bring out the best in yourself and use the best in your everyday life… however it gets a bit romantic for me when she waxed on about how great it was that the Chic Family was so formal.


I kept reading it as “uptight” and bound by behaviours that they couldn’t break.

Maybe that’s just the personal, family connection I have. *dark glare*

I would read this book as a fun way to pass the time or to use it to become “more Parisian” in terms of taking care of yourself and making sure things are done well for your own sake or taking the time to be cultured rather than obsessed with celebrity gossip.

Fine, but take what she says with a grain of salt. It isn’t all great, to be honest. I can see a lot of downsides to their way of life, having them IN MY FAMILY.

Dating without Novocaine

You know how you start some books and by chapter one you already know what is going to happen, how it is going to end, but you read it anyway because it is so comforting to know that storyline ahead of time?

This book Dating without Novocaine was exactly that kind of fluffy, not-very-intricate-or-complicated kind of book. The characters are basic ones (not basic in a mean way, but basic in that they aren’t deep with many different layers), and the most disappointing part of the book was the ending.

I was hoping for something more. Like at least 5 more chapters, and it just .. ENDED. I mean I can obviously guess and make up what happened in my head, but THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF CHICKLIT.


How to be a Bawse

A reader recommended this book How to be a Bawse to me and said Lilly reminded her a lot of me and my messages. Curious, I downloaded it, and it was a good read.

It skews a little young in language, in the sense which you should have picked up on, seeing as she spelled “boss” as “bawse” and the whole tone is very upbeat, and SUPER casual, like an affirmation seminar where she’s on the stage, cheering you on.

Her self-portrait pictures are pretty cool though.

It’s not to say I didn’t like the book but I just didn’t learn anything new from it, so for me, it wasn’t new…. but if you feel stuck and feel like you need some encouragement to get started with something in your life that is blocked, you could give this a try.

It’s like a self-help book, but punchier, much younger and in-your-face.

Goodbye, Things

Want to read about hardcore, not-for-Sherry minimalism? You have come to the right book, entitled Goodbye, Things.

This book is…. like… live with one teacup on a mat, hardcore.

I read it in fascination because I would never and will NEVER reach that or want to do so, but it is a nice, blunt reminder that things are not that important in the grand scheme of things.

It may also even help you declutter a few things from your life.

Life, on the Line

If you are a foodie like I am (maybe I am more an ‘eatie’ because I don’t really cook I just like to eat and watch food shows and read food books), then you would (A) know who Grant Achatz is and (B) why he is so remarkable. This book of his, called Life on the Line, was really a GOOD read.

It was deep, it went emotional, I could hear his voice in the pages (and having seen him on shows I can picture his way of speaking as well), and his brain for food is just brilliant.

I also came out of the book with an even greater respect and urge to one day eat at French Laundry by Thomas Keller, possibly the greatest American chef of our times. I like it when bosses treat their employees well and this just reinforced everything I have heard and read about Keller.

Anyway, great foodie book.

Odd Girl Out

Girls and bullying in the book Odd Girl Out is  a really good read for parents.. A good non-fiction account of girls and how they bully each other in subtle, mean, aggressive ways.

To be frank with you, I was bullied terribly in school all the way until college. So a lot of the reading was painful, it brought back a lot of bad memories I buried deep.

I think all parents should read this, particularly ones of girls, as well as teachers, and the more that we can do to eliminate this hidden girl bullying, the better.


  • Editor in Chic – I thought it was a fashion book but it was just very religious. So religious I couldn’t get past the first chapters.
  • The Girls – Just … weird. The tone of the first chapter turned me off.
  • The Perfect Nanny – Strange book, didn’t grip me. I turned was turned off.
  • Odd Girl Out — Again, not interesting. Weird tone.


Here are all of my other What I read posts.

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