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What I bought, and read: August 2018 Travel Edition


Cosabella Never Say Never Nude Cropped Cami

Sometimes, it looks cuter as a lace cropped cami underneath a slightly sheer top, than a t-shirt bra…

I already own a bunch of these incredible, supportive, very comfortable Cosabella Camis in black, pink and turquoise, but I did not have nude, which is what I really need under sheer white / neutral shirts.

Banana Republic Striped Rib-Knit Tee Dresses

I bought both of these really comfortable looking rib-knit striped tee dresses, 50% off in size small. I am not necessarily a fan of “rib-knit”, but we will see what kind of “rib-knit” it is, if it is obvious or subtle (preferred).

J. Crew Stretch Perfect Mandarin Collar Bodysuits – Striped & White

There are some bottoms where I want to tuck in a sleek white or striped shirt but HATE re-adjusting and pulling down (or tucking into my underwear!!), the shirt all day.

Enter: The Bodysuit by J. Crew. I got it in white and striped.

There are other $300+ options but I am going with J. Crew for now and seeing if I can find the other fancier ones secondhand or on sale. For now, these should do the job for high-waisted, paper-bag waisted skirts and pants that keep looking super funny when the shirttails ride up and out.

Anthropologie 52 Conversations Marble Top – SOLD OUT

FULL PRICE. Can you believe I bought this at full retail price? It is a gorgeous Colloquial Marble Print Button Up Top.

I couldn’t help myself, the print was too pretty. Abstract, little circles that represent marbles? This is the kind of colourful whimsy I can’t NOT buy because I love colour, print, and abstract things..

The only size left was the 2 Petite. “I would roll up the sleeves anyway” (she reasoned to herself), and it is a little oversized, so I think the Size 2 would be fine, even though a Size 4 would have been safer, with my large shoulders taken into account.

It sold out completely in all the sizes (I wanted it for my mother too) at FULL price. That is unheard of, retail-wise….

Anthropologie Cartonnier Landen Paperbag Waist Pinstriped Pants

I am a sucker for pinstriped, tied, paperbag waisted pants like this one from Cartonnier.

Pockets? Stripes? Yes please.


And because I saw these prints and couldn’t help myself, I picked up the same 52 Conversations piece from Anthropologie but in the blue Pop Potpourri Print instead .. which is EXACTLY the kind of loud, clashing colour thing she loves to wear:

…and this very pretty silk abstract sleeveless buttondown in splashes of colour. I bought the only size left on sale – XL – and I figure she can wear it over long-sleeved tops (as usual), or get it tailored in if she wants…

If you like this sort of printed affair, 52 Conversations has some cute prints in a sleeveless top.


.. I thought it would be interesting to recount what I almost got and why I decided not to. Thoughts? Let me know in the comments.


Look at how GORGEOUS THEY ARE. These Pyramidis Cork Sandals are the PERFECT red sandal I have always wanted, except:

  • Reviews say the red rubs off and dyes your toe — wtf?
  • It is 4″. My true heel max is 3.5″, 3″ if I am honest, and in a sandal, 2″ is my max so that I wear it constantly and am comfortable.

So, I said no. But I am still on the lookout for some very pretty red strappy cork wedged sandals with a lower wedge.

On sale, preferably.

(Although if these were $20, I would take a chance on them. Just not at $80 USD.)


First of all – JUMPSUIT? I loathe jumpsuits and rompers because I don’t get the point of stripping down your entire outfit just to go to the bathroom.

That said, I saw this and fell in looooooove.

This is a gorgeous white one-shoulder jumpsuit in what looked like a white, matte thick drape-y material that looks luxe and classy. I love how the top isn’t tight, the sleeve is 3/4 length, it looks drape-y, asymmetrical and very effortless:

…. but then I realize that in other stock shots of different colours that material is actually a thinner shiny-ish, matte satin that would then look VERY cheap and inexpensive. UNLIKE the shot above.

I decide NOT to spend over $100 CAD on a trendy piece that isn’t quite perfect even though I still love the cut, drape and style of it, the thin, slightly shiny (faux matte) cheap-looking fabric ruined it for me.


My effortlessly chic sister in law had these sandals on and I was like: OMG.. WHERE DID YOU GET THEM? (but in my head).

Not to look like some stupid style-starved rube, I surreptitiously scrutinized her sandals until I saw a little tag with the name – Les Tropeziennes.

I did not have a chance to sneakily slip them on before she left (darn!), to see if they were comfortable, but I found them online here:

At first glance, they look awesome.

I mean the style, the sleek braided part in front, they look GOOD… but then I studied the sandal itself and saw immediately I would not love the threading around the sole / edge because it would irritate / rub the sole of my foot and annoy the EFF out of me. I know this, because I used to have sandals like this and hated them for this reason.

Lastly, with the thin, hard leather like that, with stitching around the strap as well, for sure, it would rub on my foot and irritate me.

I am very particular, which is why I ONLY buy sandals that are a whole piece of soft un-stitched leather so that the threaded/stitched part, can’t rub on my foot and cause blisters. I want my foot to be WRAPPED in unstitched leather, hence why the other pair I bought from Valia Gabriel were so comfortable.

Note the lack of stitching on the sole, and on the leather.

IT is one WHOLE piece of soft, cut leather that doesn’t need to be stitched because the quality is high and the leather would not fray, unlike the smaller thinner pieces of cheap / hard leather that also needs t o (see above):

Tant pis.

(Too bad.)



I do not suffer from Celiac’s disease, nor do I want to be on the gluten-free bandwagon, but I read this book to understand more about how others around me suffer from wheat allergies.

I found it very interesting just how many times wheat shows up in the most innocuous things like a little girl’s RETAINER. She kept getting sick because it had a wheat byproduct in it, and no one knew.

It was both painful and enlightening (but also funny in some parts) to read about how this guy was a bread-a-holic, and suddenly discovered he was allergic to gluten – it was literally killing and ruining his insides – and NO ONE HAD A CLUE until he was in the hospital, about to die from this allergy.

This is scary #$(# and I hope if you read the book or at least read through the symptoms of Celiac’s disease that you can recognize in yourself or others, the health issue you might have could be as elusive and subtle as a gluten-allergy.

Here are the most common symptoms of Celiac’s disease
  • abdominal bloating and pain.
  • chronic diarrhea.
  • vomiting.
  • constipation.
  • pale, foul-smelling, or fatty stool.
  • weight loss.
  • fatigue.
  • irritability and behavioral issues.

It is something that goes undiagnosed, perhaps even for your whole life, and the accounts he puts in there of early encounters with this disease are scary. There were children dying from it, just because no one could have imagined that gluten would be the culprit, the poison killing them, as flour is in practically everything.

Plus, trying to find gluten-free items? OMFG. I am sympathizing over here.


What a great book – Year of No Sugar. Fascinating, scary, and funny all at the same time.

Just like with gluten/wheat, sugar is in EVERY.THING. I mean, even in hummus! HUMMUS! I never make homemade hummus with sugar, and yet it is in storebought HUMMUS.

This is incredible, and eye-opening about where sugar creeps into our lives, especially in processed or store-bought items.

It really made me start thinking about how much sugar we add into our bodies and how it slowly creeps up — a sugar cube here, some sugar there… before you know it, 50 pounds in your body every year.

This is scary stuff. The things that sugar does to your body in the long-term (you feel it as you age), and how it basically slowly poisons your body is something to not take lightly.

I have started consciously halving my sugar intake, or trying to not have it at all – like in my yoghurts for instance. I already cut out a good chunk of sugar from 3 years ago when I started being careful about not heading into the direction of diabetes like the rest of my family, but now I have to refine my sugar intake down to the bare minimum.

No more treats, because sugar does mean “love” to many, but in excess, it is killing us.

I have noticed that when I took a bit of pop the other day (there was nothing else to drink, not even water), I found it excessively sweet. My entire body and brain screamed: STOP.. and I stopped drinking it. It was far too sweet, and grossI can take a sip or two but I cannot finish a bottle any longer. This is a good sign — it means I am not addicted to sugar, and I can recognize when it is far too much for me.


Same authoress as the no sugar book above, which is how I found this other book. I love Schaub’s writing. She’s honest, and humanly imperfect which I love. Her writing is not too dry and clinical, and full of emotion.

(Have you ever noticed that you have a bias to use an author’s first name – like Eve – but if it is a man, you use their last name like Schaub?.. Weird and condescending. I am working hard on consciously using JUST their last names for both men or women authors.)

Schaub goes into detail about how she tried to conquer her Hoarder tendencies (even visiting a Hoarder home and getting very grossed out — finding more than a few dead cats? OMG… I gagged at that part), and learning how to let go of her fears. I am not really a hoarder. I think I am, compared to my partner, but I am most certainly not.

I am getting better at letting things go, and the only things I “hoard” or “collect” would be clothes and jewellery. If that is all I do, I think I am fine.

I do a closet clean out on occasion and let items go that I thought would work for me but in the end don’t really go with my style or wardrobe (hey, live and learn), and I am learning very early on how to resist items that look tempting but in the end are not quite 100% perfect.

Stuff like that. 🙂


I love this comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. He is hilarious, and hardworking. Honest, funny, what more could you want?

MUCH respect to his hustling nature, his constant, never-changing work ethic and never accepting that he deserves all of this without working, because he keeps working harder and harder to reach higher and higher levels.

I read his memoir and his journey to becoming a comedian (he now has a net worth of about $6 million if that helps give you a perspective), and I very much enjoyed his stories growing up.


This was an equally sad and inspiring book. I hate hearing about childhood sexual abuse, and Cora is one of my favourite chefs to watch. I think she is incredible, and what she had to go through (she is pretty honest about being a lesbian, down to descriptions of what it’s like to eat a girl out), she is an honest writer who has to wrangle 5 (!!!) boys with her wife.

As a parent, about 10% of the book really hit me deep and hurt my heart. I want to take those lessons of what happened to her, and make sure I am conscious of feelings with Little Bun so I don’t scar him for life.

A good biography. If you don’t know who she is, don’t bother reading it though.

What I couldn’t finish:


Terrible effing book. Full of swearing, the protaganist, based after the author herself, is really distasteful and I HATED THE BOOK. It was just so self-aggrandizing, egotistical… I couldn’t get past the first chapter. I wanted to but I couldn’t.

I can’t believe it got such high reviews on Amazon. It is a TERRIBLE book. I feel cheated.


Here are all of my other What I read posts.

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  1. Cassie

    I thought I recognized that striped dress on your Instagram! I actually picked it up in store earlier this month as well. The rib is noticeable, but I don’t find it detracts from the dress at all. I’m looking forward to seeing how you style it if you decide to keep it!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I will try on the rib first and see if I like it. I really tend not to like rib anything for some reason…

  2. Sense

    Same same–Jen Lancaster’s protagonists are very unlikable–it makes me think that if Jen and I had gone to high school together she most certainly would have picked on me and I would have most certainly hated her. Yet I love some of her humor (though her jokes/writing style does sometimes get repetitive and tiresome after a while), and that she is obsessed with the 80’s (I LOVE anything 80’s!), and that she seems to be pretty supportive to other authors that I really like. I’ve read all of her books–I’ll read almost anything–but find myself rolling my eyes at her/her characters a LOT.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      If that book was any indication of what her characters are like, it is not my cup of tea. For sure I would have been the one picked on.


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