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What does minimalism look like for a professional working woman? Part Three – 19 Actual Outfits (Theory Charcoal Grey Wool Treeca II Pants)

If you want to know, here are  some details on the capsule pieces I chose and my rationale for them.

All of these looks below are based around one piece in the original capsule list with 18 pieces!

….& 3 pairs of shoes

…featuring these Theory Treeca cropped dark charcoal grey wool trousers.

Note: I am 5’5″ and these pants hit me just above the ankle as you can see below rather than higher on the leg as shown on the (taller) model below:

But they also have the Theory Treeca wool trousers in full-length as well if you’re taller. The waist is higher as well:

Capsule Wardrobe in action

So some of the super obvious pairings are just with a button-up shirt and pants right, so I won’t be posting those. For the record, it would have created 4 extra outfits when worn just with the trousers:

All of these work great with the trousers all alone.

Instead, here are 15 EXTRA outfits of layering tops and different items with an emphasis on belts, for a total of 19.

Outfit 1 Outfit 2 Outfit 3


Outfit 4 Outfit 5 Outfit 6



Outfit 7 Outfit 8 Outfit 9


Outfit 10 Outfit 11 Outfit 12


Outfit 13 Outfit 14 Outfit 15

Belts make a big difference if chosen correctly

Skinny belts, work best with a top like this because it already looks like there is a big obi belt on the wrap top.

A skinny one, just adds another dimension to the look – dark brown as it is in the same tone as the pink (versus black), and metallic pink because it goes with the pink top with a bit of sparkle.

So here is another example of the belt working well; the top itself has a belted section I can tie up and wear as-is.

You can add a wide belt (middle picture) that is a blue print that blends in that looks like a skinny belt is over it with various layers.

The last photo is a metallic pink skinny belt but it looks interesting over the blue top:

Not all tops work with all belts

Like this example.

The gold one at the end looks less awkward, but frankly, it still doesn’t look great to me.

I think these leather belts look awkward in general with such a top because there is no base for the belt to sit on, like a different colour, or extra fabric to help transition it into the look:

Wear belts at different body levels

These are all obi belts. I had one lower than my natural waist in the first shot to make it look different.

The second one in the middle, is over a longer shirt, to hold it in place because I wrapped the shirt around the body rather than buttoning it up, and made it sit slightly lower than my natural waist.

The third one is at my natural waist and was just a top and then the obi belt over it, but it has a skinny leather part that goes over the blue printed fabric belt that makes it look like two belts in one – the blue printed obi layer and then the skinny brown leather one over it.

Not all outfits need a belt

In the first one, I pulled the top over the top of the pant waistband to “hide” the loops.

In the second, I tucked in the front and left the loops unbelted.

The third, a classic look with a belt.

Don’t be afraid of metallics in small doses

That pink metallic skinny belt? Works great over the blue and pink, and you can even try knotting it differently.

In the first shot, I knotted it to stick out at the bottom, and in the second, just a normal belted look way.

Try different stylings for the shirt:

Instead of tucking it in, cuffing it, or wrapping it around, a new look can be to knot it up in the front.

In addition, I could layer it over a turtleneck and leave the sleeves down so that the dark turtleneck recedes into the background, and in the second shot, the look is a little more casual with the sleeves cuffed up, and knotted.

Use the button-up shirt as a topper

I also took a button up shirt, and wrapped it a little around the back to make it blousy in the back, but best of all, to make it look like a topper rather than a button-up shirt.

You can also tie it in the back in a knot, but here, I just hastily tucked it in and let it blouse out a bit (it looks better in real life in motion than taken in the shot above).

Turtlenecks under tops

Not just button-up tops, but under blouses too, and I found it worked nicely with this one for the pants, but I also wore the turtleneck underneath long-sleeved blouse:

In short..

I tried different combinations I’d never try before, and I loved the look of some of them, like the button-up shirt wrapped around and belted tight with an obi belt.

Or, just keeping it simple with a turtleneck and some pants, looked great too.

Liked this? Let me know! I can do more if there is an interest.

P.S. All of my other capsule wardrobes (but none with real-life shots like this yet), are here.

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  1. Anne

    I love the outfit number 8, très chic!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      The top is definitely beautiful 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Shonny

    Wow, the belts made a huge difference to the outfits. My favourite outfits would definitely be the first 3, they really do stand out!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you! And yes, belts are my secret weapon. You will see that later when I do the dresses.. just a different belt makes a different outfit.


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