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What does minimalism look like for a professional working woman? Part Nine – Summary & Favourite Looks

If you want to know, here are  some details on the capsule pieces I chose and my rationale for them.

All of these looks below are based around one piece in the original capsule list with 18 pieces!

….& 3 pairs of shoes

All of the capsule looks by bottom

Narrowing down my 24 favourite looks

“Narrowing” LOL … Even in looks, I cannot cut it down to just a few. I found 24 that I really liked and would likely wear over and over again if this was my only capsule from each of the various bottoms:

  • Outfit 1: Love the dark navy + magenta combination
  • Outfit 2: The necklace helps tie in the magenta skirt & the dark charcoal turtleneck highlights it
  • Outfit 3: The top looks draped and ‘messy’ which I love with such a sleek skirt

  • Outfit 4: I love this dress as-is, but that red belt really makes it pop for me
  • Outfit 5: I layered the dresses and love how it looked so great together
  • Outfit 6: I wore a dark navy sweater underneath to make it look more sporty (funny right?) and just a peek of that Carven map top underneath, with the belt to tie in all the colours

  • Outfit 7: I loved the mix of the stripes in the button-up, the dress and the belt
  • Outfit 8: I liked the structured wool top over this dress to turn it into a cool skirt.
  • Outfit 9: I liked mixing a bright printed top over stripes (kind of like stripes + florals) and grounding it with a bright belt

  • Outfit 10: The trousers with the button-up not tucked in, but over a turtleneck and belted looks great
  • Outfit 11: The obi belt down lower the waist rather than at my natural waist, gave this another look
  • Outfit 12: Tucked in my buttoned-up cardigan so it would look like a top

  • Outfit 13: I liked using that striped top as its own belt around the topper
  • Outfit 14: The dress used as a topper under a turtleneck (gives it sleeves!) and some navy skinny pants
  • Outfit 15: Same cardigan, but this one with a cute obi belt and a brooch to add some interest

  • Outfit 16: I knotted the front of the button-up against the skirt and a bold statement necklace
  • Outfit 17: I love mixing prints and this Carven top only works with the skirt because of the belt to tie it in
  • Outfit 18: Another mix of stripes & florals! I especially like the printed belt in purple that goes with the skirt underneath, and the floral skirt.

  • Outfit 19: My favourite look is a simple draped dress of the separates
  • Outfit 20: Dress as a top AND a topper with a skirt peeking out underneath as a surprise
  • Outfit 21: I wasn’t sure this would work but the layered skirts are perfection and feel amazing when I walk especially since the skirt underneath splits open a little when I do.

  • Outfit 22: The striped dress worked great as a topper when open with pants and has a slightly boho vibe
  • Outfit 23: The skirt rolled up to give a different look in terms of colour-block (as the top skirt is tight but stretchy), is a very cool look for me
  • Outfit 24: The striped dress as a topper only works over a skirt when it is belted (for me, anyway) to highlight the waist

Styling Tricks I loved

Layering skirts

Very very surprising. It was incredible and I’m way more willing to play around with this.

Layering belts

Different belts for interest and texture

Bright statement belts

I love the bright belt look as it really pops on an outfit

Cuffing the underneath top

This added a new colour interest at the cuff, rather than just rolling up the sleeve or leaving it long

Dress becomes a topper

I had no idea these dresses would be so versatile as a top and I’m a huge fan of the look now to use them as a duster.

Dress as an open top / duster

The layered dresses is one of my favourite looks of all time, but I also like the skirt peeking out underneath for some interest when you walk or sit down.

Mixing prints and stripes

I really love the first look mixing the belt to pick up colours in the skirt that is peeking out underneath, and the second one is a mix of stripes which I found very cool.

I’m a huge fan of colours, prints and mixing items, so it is a styling tip I love.

Versatile top wrapping

Use the top as a belt, tie it as a sash in front (original idea), but also just wrapping it around the back as well.

Turtlenecks as a base layer

Until this capsule experiment, I never did turtlenecks under anything and I really like how it makes the shirt pop, by giving it a base layer to highlight the top or a necklace.

Items that weren’t as versatile

OUT: Pink Linen Shirt

Instead of this pink linen shirt which I thought would be more casual, cooler and less like thick draped silk (linen doesn’t ‘drape’ the way my other button-ups do):

I should have chosen another tank top to wear underneath, something solid coloured or in a stripe.

This top didn’t work well with trousers or skirts because it wasn’t drape-y enough.

These were the looks I came up with for this shirt but they looked too casual (linen!), and not sharp enough.

OUT: This very specific pink wool top

It’s great as a piece in your wardrobe as a supplemental, but it isn’t very versatile. It is basically the top, with maybe a belt, over some pants.

I don’t hate the look, I just don’t see this top as very versatile in a capsule wardrobe.

It is too specific.

Items I wish I had instead

IN: Tank top – striped or solid

I kept wishing I had a plain solid-coloured tank top, or a striped but neutral coloured tank top like this Joie silk tank to help transition some items.

IN: Turtleneck in a light colour

The dark charcoal grey was SO versatile. It went with everything, and under everything.

I could have done with a lighter colour as well, because some of the looks I mixed with the turtlenecks, I wished I had a lighter colour instead like this H&M light grey turtleneck in a slim fitted sweater.

IN: Shawl topper in a neutral colour

The cobalt blue was great, and went well in this wardrobe, but an ivory or a white would have been a good addition to help soften some of the looks to not make them so colourful all the time, like this white shawl open front blazer (comes in so many colours too)

Liked this? Let me know! I can do more if there is an interest.

P.S. All of my other capsule wardrobes (but none with real-life shots like this yet), are here.

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