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Update: Parts of my Minimalist Home and Apartment – The Hallway

I originally posted photos of my minimalist home and apartment here, and thought an update was in order to see what has changed since I have last posted.

The hallway hasn’t really changed except for this little improvement.

We took these expensive Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs that Little Bun used as a baby, and I had asked for one too, to sit at the counter because I was sick of sitting on a too-low chair and hurting my back.

Since we already have custom bar and dining room chairs handmade for us (they were not cheap, about $300 plus taxes per chair).

It is much better because now Little Bun can sit on the chair, put on his own socks and shoes, and I can sit too, and put on sandals or zip up boots (I stand and put my foot on the second taller chair to reach the bottom zip).

We have a black crate underneath that just holds items we need to bring down to the car like returnable glass milk bottles, etc.

Our hallway has hooks for coats and hats:

This is the front hallway with a huge rack for the two of us. We have a rack for my partner and my rack to hold keys and sunglasses.

My bags, my shoes, my sandals and boots are underneath.

My boots are hidden underneath the rack at the back. I switch out my sandals and my shoes when the season changes. Right now, it’s shoes and sandals for the season.

These are also NOT all of my bags and purses. I have more in my closet — the structured ones or fancier ones that will crease if they are stuffed into this area.

My closet post needs its own post, so that’ll be later.



  • Xin

    Everything looks so nice and organized! Our luggage and shoes are tucked away into a closet, for the most part, but the closet itself is a giant mess that’s hard to get things in and out of. If we could get a rack that fits in the space, it would help a lot, but, heh, we’re unlikely to go to the effort of finding one.

  • Kandice

    I love getting a peek into the ways people in different countries approach shoes, or any custom really. It’s such a Canadian thing to have shoes by the entrance door. And it makes total sense. When we lived in GTA, I learned it was custom to take off shoes at the door, and walk into the home with socks or bare feet. Because snow/slush/mud, duh. Same in Saudi, because sand. But in the States, shoes remain on your feet. And if you are a guest in someone else’s home, you ask if it’s ok to take your shoes off, otherwise it’s rude. I find it so interesting.

  • Abigail @ipickuppennies

    Man, I wish my house were half as organized as yours! Looks great!

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