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Unsponsored, Unbiased Blogger review of Sarah Flint NYC Grear Cognac Wrap Sandals everyone is raving about (Meghan Markle)


Sarah Flint Grear Sandals in Vachetta (Please note, if you use my above referral link, you get $50 USD off!)

Here’s who started the whole Sarah Flint Grear sandal trend:


And to be fair, they look JUST like the photos. The quality is as I expected, and more.


Off Poshmark (use code SHERRYISH ) for $250 + $15 shipping, so $265 in total. I actually paid $0 out of pocket because I used my Poshmark credits, but it normally retails for $349.52 (CAD) plus taxes, plus import fees and duties which I am sure would come up to around $450 CAD.

So I feel like I got a bit of a deal on them ($200 off), and even on eBay, they’re going for ALMOST the same price as like new. WTF? I’d just buy new then.


These were like new, I can tell by the fact that the silver hasn’t really rubbed off much on the part of the toes, there is no staining of any kind, and the bottom is consistent with having worn it for maybe 2-3 times, and not more than that (not much blackening).

So they feel like they’re new for the purposes of this review.

They aren’t 100% immediately comfortable. I find the leather sole and bottom to be well made for sure, but not padded, or soft in any way, which I suppose is not the point of these sandals at all. It’s literally layers of rubber and leather. So don’t expect any cushioning.

I also find that leather piece in between my toes to be a bit stiff. I am likely going to have to wear a bit of moleskin in between for padding for the first few wears until the leather softens up.

I read online that a review said the same thing – she found them uncomfortable for the first few wears, but then the leather softened and it was fine. I have also found this to be consistent with my other leather goods, sometimes it feels very stiff and thick at first, but over time and usage, the leather is now buttery soft, so I am hoping this is the case with these as well.


Outstanding. The leather is so well stitched, I love the details everywhere.

The leather is perfectly bonded, and the only gripe I have is there is no rubber sole (Vibram sole) on the bottom. For that price, that’s what I’m expecting.

I also love the detail they put into the straps itself, and put a leather piece at the ends:


The sizing of them was I got the size 38 which for me would be the US 8 but I wear a US 7. The seller noted that they run smaller, so I took a gamble (you never know until you try them on), that the 38 would not be too big that they’re unwearable for a US 7.

When my heels are at the BACK of the sandal, right flush there, you can see there’s a lot of space in front of my toe.

Also, my big toe curve doesn’t come up to the sandal’s curve itself, and there’s about half an inch of space which I don’t hate.

If I actually walk in them and my feet move forward, then my toes are exactly as long as the front and it looks like this:


I’d say that these are a 38, but likely, a 37 would have been the perfect size, or even a 37.5. They do seem to fit true to size, based on the fact that there’s so much space in front when my heel is truly at the back of the sandal in these size 38s.

That said, I did get these like new, secondhand… worn only a few times.. so secondhand shoppers can’t be beggars especially if they paid $0 out of pocket like I did! They’re still wearable for me, and not too big that it would be uncomfortable, though I will say that if I tried to size up in HEELS, that’s another story. With heels it has to be the perfect size or else your foot constantly slips out.

Flats? And sandals like this? Not so much. I also hear Markle tends to size up in her shoes to avoid blisters, but it begs the question of how she pads / fits into the shoes then because they would constantly slip out… no?


Nailpolish, by the way is Elizabeth by Tenoverten which I’d call a dark purple with magenta pink undertones.


I came up with a few looks using the sandals on a Sunday, and this is what my mind immediately went to:

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  1. eve

    thank you, highly appreciated!

  2. Belle frugalford

    I love these with the white dress!
    They are fantastic. I get what you mean about the sole – I would expect a more hard wearing sole for that price. But you can’t deny they look STUNNING.
    I think what you’ve mentioned about the leather softening is such a good point – with all leather goods, which will likely last a lifetime, you definitely have to expect a longer breaking-in period 👍

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Which is why I’ll wrap my toes on tape first at the big toe point before really wearing them.

  3. Eve

    Beautiful shoes!
    Do you mind to post a pic with the binding style Megan did? She didn’t cross the straps immediately. Real life pics always help to understand the design.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Yes! Of course. I’ll take a few and upload and let you know.

    2. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Done! I took new photos and uploaded them. 🙂

      1. eve

        thank you! highly appreciated. Chapeaux, I prefer your style, much more elegant.

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