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Treat Yo’Self – Parks and Recreation

I recently got addicted to watching Parks and Recreation (LOVE Amy Poehler) while traveling back and forth.

These are my favourite scenes in one of the episodes of P&R: Treat Yo’self!

Hilarious. I think I’ll save up and buy all the seasons!!!

I should mention that I do think some of us go overboard in treating ourselves (*cough* *raises hand* *cough*), but there are plenty of us out there who feel anxious about doing so.

To all of you who KNOW you deserve to relax and treat yourself, it doesn’t have to cost anything.

It could just be relaxing, taking time to read that book that’s been sitting by your beside table, or saying ‘No’ to a favour so you can have the night to yourself.

You do not need to feel guilty or anxious about living your life the way you want.

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  • Mochi & Macarons

    I get you! 🙂

    When people say things to me like: Wow, what a life!, I always make sure to mention:

    a) I don’t own a car or take cabs — quite rarely in fact, I feel really sick paying for a cab when a subway ride is only $2. That’s just the cost to get INTO a cab.
    b) I cook, make my own lunch and generally avoid eating out because it gets expensive and isn’t good for you
    c) I already feel guilty enough spending when I know it is on a want, not a need 😛 — no need to rub it in!

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