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Travel: What it’s like to visit China – High-Technology and Other Cool Things

This is part of my Travel Series.

First, there’s the Shanghai Bund skyline that impresses lots of people, especially tourists who have left their villages for the first time:


Not only did Shanghai have the amazing Maglev train (NO WHEELS! It floats on super strong magnetic tracks:



Here’s my video of the Maglev train coming in. It’s smooth, practically noiseless and looks extremely cool.

And this is the actual train:


This is about the fastest it went: 431 km/h. A very smooth, comfortable and familiar/secure ride.

One of the best trains I’ve ever been in, period.


In some areas in Beijing and China, they also had these cool ads that look static behind the doors as the trains are going from one station to another, and it was kind of neat.

I tried to capture that in this image below:


Ignore that creepy guy to the left. He couldn’t stop staring at us.

He kind of freaked me out, and made me VERY uncomfortable. I almost wanted to say: BOO! just to see him jump and teach him (meanly) a lesson in staring.

The Beijing Train Station was also pretty big and impressive. Reminded me of the London, England one train station a bit, with its high windows.






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