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Totally revamped The Wealth Building Budgeting Tool – It’s now sexy AF

I have been working pretty much this entire month, day and night, in 2020 and while quarantined (LOL) to revamp The Budgeting Tool.

I rebuilt it from scratch completely. BRAND. NEW.

What The Budgeting Tool Includes:

  • Various Spending, Saving Goals and Tracking against it monthly
  • Household Budgeting to some sample Categories (pre-filled)
  • Daily or general Expense Tracking (as you wish!)
  • Income and Side Hustle Tracking
  • No need to fiddle with Excel formulas, the expense tracking automatically syncs up with your budget
  • No need to fiddle with Charts, they’re all cute and completely created in harmonious colours
  • Year End Summary
  • Net Worth Tracker for the year, and for Previous Years
  • Debt Repayment Charts & Tracking
  • Assets Management & Analysis
  • Debt Repayment Analysis
  • When can I retire Calculator including various scenarios
  • Net Worth Benchmark tracking
  • Growth of Assets Speculator
  • COMPLETE with sexy AF visual Charts & Graphs

All net proceeds go to charity

I don’t need the money. And if you have money to pay for this, you don’t either.

Know who needs it? People who have had their lives ripped apart, devastated by things like the tsunami that hit in Japan, or Hurricane Katrina. Or, to the animals and environmental causes I feel strongly about.

My return? It’s a tax break!

That’s where I send the net proceeds after fees, in my name, which is the one benefit I get if you buy the tool – I get to claim the donation against my taxes for the year, which lowers my taxes. <3

This year, it will be Red Cross as they’re helping where they can for COVID-19.

Time for a Rich Mindset!

I do not have anything like “No Spend Day” calendars or extraneous trackers/statistics that don’t really tell you much or help you build more wealth, because I personally never found things like No Spend Days motivating.

Every day I live, I spend money. I am paying my condo fees, my home insurance, utilities, internet….

So No Spend Days? What does it do for me? I spend all the time.

This tool is about building WEALTH and becoming RICH:

  • How much have I improved in terms of net worth?
  • How much have I saved & what’s my savings rate?
  • I have 9 side hustles, how do they break down? Monthly? Over the year?
  • Am I spending my money wisely?
  • What am I spending in various categories over the year?

And so I built the sheet exactly how I want to use it today, nearing a $1M net worth (sooner or later, just a matter of time) –


For example, every month, I want to know what I’ve estimated as my yearly budget versus actual spending and how well I am holding up against my goals:

I also want to see it for the year – I need to know how I am spending my money month to month with a quick visual that shows where my money went.

I want to know about my income — my main job broken out from my side hustles.

I am also a freak about statistics and have seriously tracked since 2009 or so, and I can finally see a visual representation of my spending over the years. It is amazing, I can look at each year and know exactly why one year had a major colour block for Travel (because I traveled around for a year):

So I can see a Total Income breakdown:

..and also my actual breakdown of my side income which isn’t as boss yet, and I am really interested in how much side income I am generation for the year to date:

I also track all of my balances and net worth, and I need a quick glance at the state of my money:

You can see my net worth for the month, how it changed from the previous month and for the YEAR TO DATE!!!

Also, I definitely want to know things like — hey, out of my money, quick, where does it go into savings, spending and leftover?

Obviously, I’m tracking my net worth as well over the years — LOVE THE GROWTH!

I am a freak about benchmarking myself as well, and I’ve been annoyed in the past that I couldn’t use my own spreadsheet numbers to run scenarios and see how things pan out.


I created all the benchmark scenarios for net worth, personal finance score, retirement scenarios with various spending amounts, and emergency fund scenarios.

Another scenario helper…

There is much more than this. I couldn’t show you everything, it is insane.

I have such sexy charts, I am so excited for this tool. I can finally showcase these charts directly in my blog posts rather than having to build each one individually every single month which will save me so much time.

You can check out the full range of everything I have created in this wealth-building tool under Key Features of The Budgeting Tool.



Any previous buyers of The Budgeting Tool, you get a special upgrade price of $10 USD. Just email me and I will check your name against a list of buyers going back to 2008.

Great for Excel newbies or advanced users alike!

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  1. Kolia

    I have used the original Budgeting Tool and now am trying the updated one. Loving the changes so far!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I’m so happy to hear this!


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