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Tipping less, and thoughts on it all

People are tipping a lot less than before. I will have to say, I find this to have been inevitable, as with the inflationary pressures (rising cost of gas, groceries, life..) people go out to eat, but now are tipping less than before.

What surprises me however, is reports that come back saying that people are tipping 6% on a big party at a restaurant, and then being confused why that tip is considered low. I guess they are looking at the dollar amount of the tip rather than the % of the bill.

$50 on $500 is only 10%, whereas a solid tip is 20%, which would be $100, and in absolute numbers, is a heck of a lot more than $50.

I just can’t imagine that someone would tip 6% and find it a lot, unless they just haven’t ever done it before?


I do 15% for takeout in places I would frequent often. If I sat there (has not happened in eons), I would tip 20% at a minimum.

But my minimum is 15%.


Another point to bring up that no one seems to be aware of, is that Canada does not have the same minimum wage slavery *cough* as in the U.S.

In Canada, everyone is paid a minimum wage. Even servers. There is no special wage for them, with the expectation that the customers will make up their wages in tips.

So imagine, you work at a retail store, minimum wage, no tip.

Flip over to a restaurant, minimum wage, but you get 15% tips or higher on top of what you already earn?

It’s a pretty sweet deal.


I ask this now, each time I find a place I like – do you get the tips?

I heard that a lot of the tips were actually retained by the restaurant owners, so while you are eating, you think you are tipping someone for doing a great job, when in fact, the owner is getting that money. O_o


I would like to do away with the whole tipping culture and just pay people a living wage so that we aren’t trying to rely on customers trying to make up the difference in what we SHOULD be paying people to live on when you work.

I would rather that things just cost what they cost, I pay it, and I am not wondering if I should tip more than usual, with all things considered. And yet, I still tip at restaurants, as it is more ingrained to do so, than at a retail store.

Also, if I were to start tipping EVERYONE at every retail store, I would soon never buy a single thing again. Somehow, I feel like in a restaurant, tipping for their prompt service, the food quality (as it does go to the back of the house too in many restaurants), just seems fair.. ?

In the same vein, I would also like prices in stores to be INCLUSIVE of the taxes. Each time I buy something, I have to think – OK this is the price, plus 15% on top because of taxes. How annoying is that? Just give me the final price.


  • Steveark

    My wife and I are light eaters. We almost always share an entree that was designed for one person. However serving us is just as much trouble as if we had both ordered so I do not think it is fair to tip based on the meal price. I’ll usually tip a minimum of 30%, sometimes higher, so that our light appetites do not cause the servers to suffer an income hit.

  • Paula

    Actually, people who work in the food service industry DO get a different minimum wage than the other professions, hence why the need to tip in North America in general.
    To solve this kind of issue the laws would need to change and really make a unique minimum wage to everyone.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Actually they do not get paid differently in Canada.

      Do servers in Canada get paid minimum wage?
      As of October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023, the minimum wage in Ontario is $15.50 per hour for most jobs.

      Some jobs have a different minimum wage. In Ontario, these are:

      $15.50 per hour – General minimum wage; including liquor servers, bartenders and waiters
      $14.60 per hour – Students (someone who is under 18 and works 28 hours/week or less*)
      $17.05 per hour – Homeworkers (someone who works at home for an employer)
      $77.60 – Hunting and fishing guide (who works less than 5 hours in a row in a day)
      $155.25 – Hunting and fishing guide (who works 5 or more hours in a day)

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