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The smallest changes make the biggest differences

When you make a positive change in your life, no matter how small, it always snowballs into something greater.

This is not a new concept by any means.

There are plenty of stories out there of people who started by losing weight.

They woke up one day, decided it wasn’t worth it to live their last 10-15 years of their life in sickness, and made a change and a great effort to stop eating junk and to work out.

From there, that small change they made in their eating habits followed over to them deciding that perhaps their career also needed a boost.

So they started paying more attention to doing a better job at work, asked for raises, negotiated fairly, worked hard, and were promoted.


After their health and career were on the rise and better than it ever was before, they tackled their finances and cleaned up their money act by reducing debt, budgeting and tracking their expenses and learning how to finally, be financially independent and smart about it.

It all starts from a small change, and no matter in what part of your life you want to make the change — Relationships, Family, Career, Health, Finances — starting somewhere with baby steps and slowly gaining the confidence that you can absolutely change each part of your life, makes a big difference.

All it takes is a decision to make a positive change somewhere.

With discipline and determination, small changes can turn into big ones.


1. Choose one part of your life you want to improve

Don’t choose every part of your life. Just choose ONE area that would impact you the most.

Let’s take for example you want to have a healthier lifestyle, and to have more energy and lightness.

2. Start small, and create a SMALL goal

Instead of telling yourself that you are going to do all of these great and wonderful things all at once like give up junk food forever cold turkey, eat only fruits and vegetables, work out 3X a week and run a marathon at the end of the year, start SMALL.

Start by saying: I will stop going out to eat at fast food restaurants everyday for lunch at work, and start packing my lunch. I will only go out to eat on occasion with colleagues.

That’s it.


3. Build on that small goal and make it into a bigger overall goal

Once you get comfortable with making your own lunch and it becomes a habit after 6 months, you may eventually stop eating fast food altogether having lost the taste for it.

Then in another part of your new change, you can start deciding that maybe you should also take a little walk around the neighborhood after dinner every night.

Just a small little walk, nothing big.

Then maybe that walk escalates to putting on running shoes and jogging a bit once a week instead of walking.

..and so on and so on!

That’s really all it takes.

One small change somewhere, to snowball into a bigger change overall for your life.



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