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The Platonic Closet: What my favourite pieces are

Inspired by Adina again, she wrote about her Platonic Closet that is to say, which piece is PERFECT in each category that can be used for multiple purposes.

I myself think that for dresses, I may have found the perfect dress for most situations, but I cannot say that I would be happy with just one and not having multiple choices both casual, formal and with various prints, styles and colours.

I want variety!

I would not be happy with just one dress every day for every situation even if it was the perfect dress for it, because I love having options too much.

That said, TOO many options can be really stifling because then I can’t decide, but that’s another discussion for another day.


Here are my favourite pieces in each category; I obviously have way more favourites but if forced to pick, it’d be these ones:


I LOVE this Longchamp Neo Pliage in Khaki (limited colour). It’s a nice neutral green and it is really quite light, comfortable and easy to carry as a bag for any purpose.

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This is one of my simplest, but most favourite dresses.

It can be dressed up or down, is super comfortable, and can be belted, and changed into so many different outfits.

It’s an independent label François Beauregard in Montreal who makes the most minimalist pieces.

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I love me a good pair of Audrey Hepburn-like slim ankle pants, these are from Banana Republic.

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My favourite jeans are these ones, high-rise, soft and so comfortable you think you’re in pyjamas, and these ones are AG Jean Farrah High-Rise jeans.


A soft, shawl lapel blazer is my most used style in my wardrobe because I don’t feel constrained at the shoulders.

Close runner up is a nipped in slim fit jacket but I’d choose this blazer over the others, and this one comes from Aritzia as the Chevalier blazer who has it as a classic staple in their inventory in various colours each year.


I love me a great high-waisted, paperbag waist skirt because it really highlights a waist for me, and this one in particular has POCKETS, and this one is from Simons made by Girls on Film.

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A tuxedo top lends a nice sophisticated air to everything I wear, even ripped jeans, down to a pencil skirt, and it’s from Banana Republic but is discontinued, a similar one is here.

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Hands down my favourite sweater, and it was super cheap too. I love the stripes and cobalt blue, and it’s from Banana Republic as a classic striped sweater.


This is a really nice spring coat because it is soft, can be belted, has pockets and looks great over everything. It comes from Club Monaco as a soft trench coat, and it has various options every season as a staple.

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I was undecided but I really like this particular coat because it’s a gorgeous neutral colour, perfectly tailored and with the most stylish set of lapels, and it is sold out from Smythe as the Reefer coat, but this one is so similar to it.

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A great neutral pointy-toed flat is the best! It goes with everything and looks dressy while being flat, and these ones are from M. Gemi and they’re called the Tutas.


Double-wrapped boots that can be dressy or casual, are my favourite things to wear, and this Hermès pair was consigned and well worth the price at $500 but these ones are less than half the price and quite nice.


This scarf in particular is one of my favourite prints because it has lots of colour and the pattern is a very nice Eastern motif in 100% silk, and I found it in Winners. A similar style of scarf is here that is a little more geometric.

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  • sophie

    Great pieces!
    My favorites: Furla bag (Linda model), silk strappy top from Botrois (Russian brand), black Ann Demeulemeester trousers (thrifted), Birkenstocks (Arizona model), Santony heeled sandals, white light trench (thrifted) and Tres dress (Israeli brand).

  • Lynne

    My Pliage in soft buttery leather, Theory black blazer, work pants = Banana Republic Maddie’s, DVF black wrap dress I’ve had forever, Audrey Hepburn style black capris from Top Shop, Repetto ballet flats and J Crew plain black leather pumps. Oh, and best silk blouse ever is from Everlane, and GREAT deal on an Hermes scarf from Vestaire Collective 😏

  • Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    Best pant for me is Express’s editor pant. That + single color silk button up shirt + peacoat + silk tile scarf + Chelsea boot = all my work outfit defaults.

    Unrelated, but do you have any good recommendations for tights?


      I have gone through the gamut of tights, and have ruined pretty much all of them except these Wolford ones, even though they’re super expensive.

      As with all tights, don’t wear them with knee-high boots for long periods of time because they WILL pill over time, but otherwise I haven’t had a SINGLE run, rip, tear, or pilling on my other boots-less tights since I started wearing them 3 years ago. They’re incredible. Cost-per-wear is stunning.

  • Xin

    The Le Pliage Neo is totally one of my “platonic ideal” pieces too. It’s just so easy to carry and versatile! My current one is a little too beat up (after nearly six years of extremely frequent use with little care or maintenance) for formal occasions at this point, but it’s an item I’d happily replace at full price when the time comes.

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