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The Fanciest “It” Bags that Wealthy Women Carry as Status Symbols

I read a lot, and in every book I read, either chick-lit, non-fiction or just on blogs, I keep running into the same “It” bag names over and over again.

In light of this month’s shopping extravaganza, these are purses and bags that wealthy women carry, and in numerous colours, shapes and sizes. It’s pretty much women who make it their business to collect all of them.

All the prices are approximate and in USD.



Apparently rare and a purse coveted by many. It looks like a boy’s bag, and is like a more modern, tougher version of their ladylike classic.

HERMÈS BIRKIN BAG – $20,000 to $100,000

Specifically, the black crocodile bag because it is the most rare and most expensive of all the leathers. I think it looks terrible in this leather but, what do I know? I’m not wealthy. 🙂



I think this bag is hideous. It looks like a monkey face and I know a mother who carries one and I think it looks so ugly.



They’re too small to carry anything but some pills, but apparently wealthy women pop drugs like candy in the books I read.


On my lust list, because I hear it is soft and so incredibly chic with its woven leather.



I don’t get the hype, I guess the red inside is what draws everyone to the bag? Very much like the Louboutin heels with their flashy red sole. Anyway, it is just a bag.

This one is a bucket bag, the other version is a tote ($600)



This would be on my lust list if I could get it under $200, but they retail for way more. It’s a nice, simple work bag, lots of compartments.



The iconic, most classic of all the bags. They come in various sizes, and look like a quilt. Not my bag. Pun intended 😉



Ahhh YES. THE PS1. It looks great, casual, not at all flashy, and did I mention that I found one thrifted?! I forgot to list it in one of my roundups.




Pretty. Ugly.

I really hate the LV print, and I think it looks ostentatious and kind of terrible. Every time I see an LV print, I think it’s fake, so there you go.

I’d rather carry a plain grocery cloth bag than one of these.


  • Tiffany

    I love the Neverfull and Speedy. The are great for travel and go with everything. I’m not sure why everyone thinks they are fake. I guess where I live no one would bother or needs to carry a fake one. They are a fashion icon thanks to Audrey Hepburn.

  • mia

    My sister got that Prada bag for Christmas. It’s beautiful.

    Speaking of Judith Lieber, I was at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s in Las Vegas and a girl that was about 8 was picking one out “for playing dress up.”

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Lucky. 🙂 What colour? I was eying the taupe but can’t buy it yet… haha

      WHAAAAAT? … *sigh*

      • mia

        She got the large Saffiano bag in taupe.

        Vegas is a weird place, I have to go more often than I’d like for work…the level of conspicuous consumption is off the charts, and it is actually sometimes uncomfortable to watch.

        • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          Oh.. so pretty……! That’s the one I think I would have wanted…

          I haven’t been to Vegas.. or at least that I can remember, I’d like to go and feel uncomfortable just to see. 🙂 Maybe when Baby Bun is older.

  • Tania

    Hello!! I feel like I haven’t stopped by in a long while and I”m sorry, I think I need to resubscribe. I hope that you are having a wonderful holidays. I love the classic shape of the Prada too and the saffiano leather is very light but durable but yes, I just don’t buy bags in the $1K to $3K range anymore (I used to when I worked there and it kind of felt normal, no longer). I’d probably look for a no brand logo similar shaped bag, I love bags that are very basic geometric shapes. I also used to covet a Chanel bag and still like quilting but now I am happier having a much cheaper quilted bag that is still well made.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Isn’t it strange how it feels normal, to spend $2K on a bag?

      • Tania

        Yes! I can’t even fathom it now. My current favorite bag is an etsy find that cost me ~$100 and was made in Brooklyn. I forgot to add that I am not impressed, ever, by anyone’s bag or certain other material goods (like cars). Because of my work experience (& old age life experience lol), I have seen first hand how the labels someone owns says absolutely nothing about how much money they actually make or have. It says nothing about one’s financial situation. I might say cute bag but I don’t ever jump to conclusions about their financial situation.

  • Kathy

    For the longest time I thought I wanted a LV bag. But they I realized, they are really ugly. I hate the obvious logo stamped all over it. And the brown check one is even worse. Give me a classic Coach or Ralph Lauren that doesn’t have their initials all over it any day.

    • Izabela

      Agreed. I liked LV bag, for a long time, but, when you see someone with it: you just know – it’s fake, and you don’t want to spend money on sth, which will be consider as a fake – all around the world (I am from Poland). Some time ago i met a friend – a wealthy attorney who carried LV bag – I asked about it (i was 100% sure it was real LV) – she admitted it was fake, becouse as she said: it is no sense to buy a original LV bag, becouse nobody would believe it is original.
      I guess it is very sad for the company.

      • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

        Oh 🙁 That is very sad indeed. I just think the logo thing has jumped the shark. It is not a sign of success any longer. Everyone has it printed on everything. I’d rather have an indie brand style that no one knows about in the general public.. more.. exclusive I guess?

  • Erika

    Same with the LV. I kind of feel sorry for all the women that carry the real/fake so proudly, especially since branding and lots of logos is supposed to be on the outs.

  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    Even if I ignored function entirely, I still couldn’t get behind most of these bags for pure aesthetic value. But maybe I need wealth-goggles 🙂

  • ArianaAuburn

    Money CAN buy bad taste! Who would have known?

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