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The best times of the week and year to buy clothing

As a general rule of thumb, go just as the season is ending, as retailers need to clear seasonal stock!

The following information comes via Time Magazine.

Best day ever: December 26th

  • People return great things (gifts) they don’t want
  • The stock is not yet picked over

Best days in general: Thursday evening until Sunday evening

  • Retailers like to give discounts on weekends because people don’t really shop on weekdays

Best time in general: 6 weeks after the new season of clothes comes out

  • When stock doesn’t move, slight discounts start to appear…
  • …but there’s still enough stock left to purchase in various sizes and colours, unlike end of season sales

Score 35% – 50% discounts depending on the weekday:

  • Mondays: Dress Pants and Sunglasses
  • Tuesdays: Men’s apparel
  • Wednesdays: Shoes and children’s clothes
  • Thursdays: Handbags
  • Fridays: Jewellery, belts and scarves
  • Saturdays: Lingerie and jackets/outerwear
  • Sundays: Swimsuits



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