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Style & Wardrobe Help: Jenna Lyons – Stylish Style Tips

Jenna Lyons – Stylish

I loved this show from Jenna Lyons – Stylish, because it’s not pretentious and perfectly scripted. I watch a LOT of fashion and style shows, and there’s always some fake drama, and so on added to make people excited about it. This one has drama yes, but it seems understated and not at all slapstick – it’s reality.

I also adore Lyons, and love her style, her ideas, and just the way she looks at things, which is why I took the liberty to do screenshots with the ideas, to collect them for others to revel in her amazing-ness.

There are 5 episodes with style (and more in the series itself with home decor), and these are the tips:

Warning: This post is extremely image heavy


Standard blazer, top and jeans:

Add some colour like a vibrant blazer


But too much, and you look tragic

Think about balancing proportions – cropped jackets with oversized pants:

Oversize + Oversize doesn’t look great!

Try to add a twist to the classic top (check out the way the shirt is twisted as well, rather than just tucked in):

The entire look is soft and interesting:

Add the blazer on top, keep the purse the same colour as the blazer, and it looks fantastic:



You can watch the entire video of the tips here on her blog:

When someone is smaller, make sure the CUFFS are the right length. If the cuffs are too long (like on the left side), it overwhelms them, when you should cuff it a little or pull it up a little.

This jacket was too long for her body / proportions. It had to be more fitted, and more cropped/higher to look like it hits at the hip rather than below the hip.


She also did a home decor post, but with formalwear mixed in – video: Making Formal Wear Fun


Take a basic outfit like this:

Add a “high” piece of a sequin blazer:

And wear your special pieces daily!

Mix the denim + sequins for perfection:

Casual with a twist:

Try it with more layers:

Various fabrics and textures for a new look:

Add a small pop of colour in a mustard bag that is in the same family as the coats:

Jenna’s favourite look:

A men’s striped shirt, knotted in the front and oversized:

This look had too many patterns – from the coat to the shirt AND the sequins. 3X = Too Much

This is another look she liked, with denim on denim with a scarf for the neck:


The three rules:

Some gorgeous examples:


I loved these last two the best because they’d be what I’d enjoy wearing the most.

I love the extra jacket layered on top:

This is also another favourite – blue banker’s shirt with striped pants:


I loved how they created mini stores for each of the women they were making over, with things JUST for them. WHAT A DREAM.

I actually bought a rope belt… which is funny because I see this and could have just used a rope but I like my own belt too:

This is my belt:

She looked great:

Purses make a big difference as well:

I love these cuffed stovepipe baggy pants with a super high heel:

Here, she’s saying where your knee bends, is the most flattering length for your coats. If they are too long, it looks odd, so she’s taking up the coat to her knee so it looks better:

This show was PHENOMENAL AND MY FAVOURITE by far….. I want to recreate it.


This was not denim but it was part of the starter images though I liked it.. so..

Denim + denim

Mixing textures and proportions of a short denim jacket over a longer dress, or a destroyed denim jacket with something very pretty.

This look I loved, a denim jacket buttoned up like a shirt, with a feathery wonderful black skirt:


I like the idea of a tie for the neck too:

You can read more about it here and watch the Style Tips video:

3 X SEXY = Too Sexy and no balance. The shoes were high heeled, the pants were tight, the shirt was tight… it’s too much.

The short shorts are too sexy to be with stilettos. Should have added sneakers, and maybe a sweater underneath or another chambray shirt or denim jacket over it or under it to make it layered and interesting:

I love the crisp white tuxedo blazer on top of this look – I am hunting for one now.

He also used earrings as brooches which is such a fun idea:

The white tones it down and freshens it up:

Fun and flirty denim…

Instead of buttoning in the middle or the bottom, button the top:

I LOVE the contrasts of masculine + feminine, so this speaks to me:

FYI, I love this sequin blazer. WHERE CAN I BUY IT?

These pockets were terrible — too long and too low, which makes her bum look flat and pulls it down

A better fitting pant with the pockets hitting right:

LOVED this look. I hated the look at first but it has grown on me, with the Dries van Noten feather shrug in front:


The purse was wrong though:


The bag should be smaller, with small hardware and more in tone with the look:

But here it was good – a small hit of it:

Ankles are a great! The thinnest part of your leg, and elegant:

I love this, which is why I cuff my pants too

Like so:

And how to cuff your shirts:


I have a video on this as well: How to cuff my blazers

I hope you watch the show in its entirety, the home decor part was equally as inspirational and fabulous.

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