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Style Shopper: Review Ted Baker London Lorili Wrap Coat in Pale Purple


I bought this Ted Baker London “Lorili” Wrap Coat in “Pale Purple”. That name is a terrible one for the actual colour of the coat because it is a vibrant, deep, beautiful fuchsia purple.

I lusted after it for months when I first saw it, and even went into Simons to try on the sizes in that weird blush taupe beige colour to see what would fit my shoulders.


For the record, Size 1 fits perfectly on my body but I took a Size 2 because my shoulders are too large (inverted triangle shape). It fits well and is comfortable.


The colour is called “Pale Purple”. It looks terrible on the website.


Isn’t it gross? Look. Terrible.

Anyway, the colours are TRUE in the photo. A gorgeous fuchsia instead of that sickly pastel purple.


Very high. This is a soft coat with a touch of cashmere, it is obviously well made and comfortable.

The metal accents on the coat are in a ROSE GOLD.


I’d say it is a coat for in between autumn and winter. It is more like a long cashmere blazer (thickness) than it is an actual coat for winter or even for a cold autumn day.

The metal accents are heavy and well made. A little too well made.

A con of this coat is that the metal accents cap off the end of the belt. It looks great and is very pretty but when you have the coat open (or even tied), and you lean over to grab things or do things, the metal is so heavy it swings the belt down and makes it clang against anything that is nearby.

I was getting ready to get out of the door one day and as I leaned over to grab something, my belt ends kept banging the door loudly because they were so heavy compared to how light and fine the coat and belt was.


Perfect fit. The shoulders are a perfect fit for me, and because my body is smaller than my shoulders, when I belt it TOO tightly, it looks a bit constrained at the back which is a typical complaint of an inverted triangle.

Otherwise, the fit is perfect. Length is great, hits me just above my knee and it is comfortable without being too fitted or too loose.



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  1. Paige

    Lovely! I tried on this coat at a Ted Baker in Las Vegas and it is stunning in person, particularly the color.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      It really is. The blue is nice too.

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