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Style Shopper: Review Reiss Lara Dress & Lorna Asymmetrical Knitted Top


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I am normally a US 4 on bottoms (Designer US 4, Banana Republic 2, J. Crew 4 even a 2 sometimes for the upper half like for jackets, or J. Crew 2 for the bottoms).

I’m an inverted triangle and normally wear an Small or 2 (smallest sizes in all mainstream brands except for designer brands where I usually take a US 4).

I am also 5’6″ and fairly slim overall. Small busted (A cup).

I will say for my shoulders I ALWAYS take a size larger than the bottom, like a US 6 in designer brands, or a US 4 in Banana Republic, or a J. Crew US 4 for instance, because my shoulders are large, my torso is wider after the pregnancy, but my body is slim overall.

I am super picky and hate itchy items of any kind because I have eczema (most wool-items and wool-blends are out, or anything unlined), too-tight things and anything that doesn’t look or feel expensive and wonderful.

$9 is $90 is $900. The price makes no difference to me.

Hands down, this is my favourite style as of late – this drapey sort of asymmetrical, batwing, oversized sweater top and to find it in a dress and in a sweater, is my kryptonite.


These are all unsponsored, unbiased reviews. No one compensated me with these tops in exchange for a review, and Reiss certainly did not send these along for free. I paid for all of these items out of pocket.


Reiss Lara Knitted Dress

I actually purchased 3 sizes of the dress unwittingly as they only had an XS and a Medium at one store, and then later, I saw the Small became available, so I returned the Medium I had kept, and purchased the Small.


It came in black (no thanks) and oatmeal (yes maybe, but not really my ‘shade’)… but once I saw this forest green I KNEW I had to have it, it’s really a flattering shade.

SIZING: True to size

My perfect size is the Small and what I would have purchased.

To give you an example, the Extra-Small fit fine, but MAN IT WAS TIGHT in the waist. That rubber band waist was extremely tight and constricting. It still fit, but I was not comfortable.

Here are some pictures – you can see just how incredibly tight it is at the waist, and around the hips:

This is the too-small Extra-Small

There is no give.

This is the okay Medium with a drapier top

The Medium fit much better in the dress, but the top part was extremely drapey as you can see.

Reiss Lara Knitted Dress

I also got a sweater in the same style called the Lorna from them in the Small (in the Red) and a Medium (in the White as they were sold out of the Small) so you can see what I mean in terms of sizing and drape, but it is definitely looser up top.

This is the perfect size: Small where the drapey-ness isn’t oversized up top

And the perfect size for me, a US 4 / US 6? The small:

You can see the hips fit fine (not too tight like in the sausage encasing), and the top half is drapey.

You can also pull up one side of the shoulder and play with it to make it a cowl neck.

Side view..

There is some give in the waist as well to not make it too tight

Reiss Lara Knitted Dress

You can also adjust the sleeves and how you want it to drape in front.

It’s hard to truly appreciate the batwing sleeves, so I took shots of either side:


Considering it’s a polyester, synthetic material, I have to say the ribbed knit is pretty darn luxurious for a synthetic. I would have preferred a higher end fabric content (e.g. NOT polyester) but honestly, the drape and so on is fantastic. Only one star off for being polyester

FIT: 5/5

Take your size. Otherwise you might find everything fits except the super tight waist that is still stretchy but overly fitted (Extra-Small for me), or super drapey up top (Medium for me).

I am a US 4 body, US 6 shoulders (not that it matters in this style), and the Small fit perfectly.


I of course love the drape so much I got it in the sweaters as well, in Red (Small) and White (Medium). You can buy it Reiss Lorna Knitted Sweater, but for a cheaper version that is similar, you can check out this Ckikiou sweater which looks like this, for $30 CAD:


The white is not a snow, bright white, but a lighter ivory white. I’d say the images on the site are true to colour.

Reiss Lorna Knitted Sweater


Reiss Lorna Knitted Sweater

SIZING: True to size

As mentioned above, take your size. The small fit me perfectly, and is what I’d buy anyway. I got the Medium in the white because they sold out of the small.

You can wear it two ways – either with the shoulder showing

Or as a cowl neck


Or as something more covered

I am lifting to show you that the elastic waist is NOWHERE as tight in the medium as in the extra-small, and not as fitted as in the small (see the looseness?), but also, in the sweater, it has less of an elastic grip than in the dress, which is noteworthy in a sweater so it’s comfy. I suspect they have the elastic grip to make the dress stay up.

I pulled it down so you can see in the Medium just how much extra fabric there is:

Here I am showing how loose the elastic waist part is in the Medium:

Reiss Lorna Knitted Sweater

Love the batwings!


Now for the red one, which I took in my size, the Small, and I’d say the red is not a deep blood red at all, and more of an orangey-toned red which can be very flattering as well as a bright, deep jewel colour.

Reiss Lorna Knitted Sweater

Reiss Lorna Knitted Sweater


As you can see, it is a little more fitted in the Small than the Medium, and the red is truly a bright, orange-red, so be prepared to have your retinas seared:

Reiss Lorna Knitted Sweater


The elastic around the waist (no rubber) fits a bit tighter (not as loose)…

I forgot to mention it also comes with these loops to hang the sweater up so you don’t ruin the neckline, and/or you’re able to hang it up nicely as it’s a very drapey neckline.

Here’s what it looks like pulled down as a tunic:

You can see it is much tighter/grippier around the bottom than in the Medium above in white:

Same great drape!

Reiss Lorna Knitted Sweater

All in all, very pleased. I love the Reiss Lara Knitted Dress, and the Reiss Lorna Knitted Sweaters. As I am a collector, I will buy more in various colours as they come out (can you imagine a WHITE dress?!!!!)

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  1. Anna

    Dress looks beautiful on you!
    Would you mind if I ask what is your waist measurement as not sure if I should go with xs or s

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Take your regular size. I take a 27 in jeans.

  2. Ava

    That green dress was made for you. It fits you just perfectly and it truly is your colour!

    Thank you for your blog.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you. The green is perfect!

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