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Style Shopper Review: Rag and Bone Black Moto Boots


RETAIL: $600 USD / $790 CAD

Refined leather moto boot

  • Leather upper with topstitch trim
  • Notched belt across vamp and at opening
  • ​Back loop detail
  • Pull-on style
  • 1″ heel height
  • 8″ total height
  • 11 1/2″ circumference opening

Rag & Bone Moto Leather Boot, Black • Rag & Bone • $595
Rag & Bone Moto Leather Boot, Black • Rag & Bone • $595
Women’s Rag & Bone Moto Boot • Rag & Bone • $595


I have probably been eying these things for at least 2 years. I kept waiting, hemming and hawing because I couldn’t justify these boots at that price.

I love the look of the boot how it comes up just below mid-calf (just like on the model shown above), and the straps and enclosures are little push button straps rather than buckles or anything too obvious. They’re subtle but a little more refined/elegant than let’s say these Frye moto buckle boots where the buckle is just so prominent.

I also found the Fryes to be extremely heavy in the Engineer boot version, although I almost fell for this Frye pair that looked a bit more like the R&B moto boots above as they have a higher shaft.

I wanted a light pair of boots, black leather, in a moto style, with TWO buckles not just one because only one buckle looks too plain, yet I wanted it to be more subtle and less flashy.

I kept coming back to these R&B boots and when I stalked at least 5 listings on eBay for them secondhand, I was pleased to jump on them and buy them for realsies.


I am a true US 7 with a normal foot. Nothing too wide or narrow and I don’t think I have a high instep at all.

I took the US 8 size because I always like to wear either slightly thicker socks or put a Birkenstock half in-sole inside.

The US 8 is a perfect size to slip on (although I can’t compare as I have not tried the US 7 nor 7.5), but I can tell if I were to size down to a 7.5, I may not have been able to slip my foot in and pull it up over my socks without undoing the buckle at the bottom (very annoying).

THAT SAID… I find that if I were to be honest, walking around with these R&B moto boots, I would have liked to have tried a 7.5 because I feel like they fit truer to size than other Rag & Bone boots like the Harrow or the Margot.

I suspect that the heel (flat) on these moto boots have something to do with it — they fit true to size, but if you’re not sure, try half a size up. With the other R&B boots that are heeled, you DEFINITELY need to size up a full size by almost 100% consensus online and through reviews.

I have a toddler and I am freakin’ lazy, so if these boots require me to fiddle with straps every time I wear them, they may have ended up being resold.

And yet while they fit, they feel a little loose as a US 8 on a US 7 foot.

I placed my trusty Birkenstock half soles inside but I found that it then felt too tight across the top of my foot, although the toe area was fine.

I was still able to slip in my foot, but now my sock would get caught on the insole and pull tight (slightly uncomfortable).

I took out the Birkenstock half soles and they feel a bit loose, but not uncomfortably so. If I were to wear super thick wool hiking socks, they would fit better but feel loose.

The ankle is also slightly loose (meant to be slouchy), and the top is just perfectly slouchy without being too floppy.


These shoes have zero support. I mean, I feel like they are molded slightly on the sole around the heel, with a SLIGHT heel cup, but they are nothing like Fryes or Birkenstocks where you really feel like they are molded to your foot on the bottom.

I really feel like I need to wear thick socks for a bit more cushioning or I need to add Birkenstock half soles in them.



I find them slippery although maybe I should not be wearing them in the middle of winter (I couldn’t wait, I was TOO EXCITED), and I think if I put some Vibram rubber soles on them, they’ll be fine.

I should note that Frye boots are slippery as well and I had to Vibram sole them before I could walk comfortably and not feel like I am constantly sliding on ice.


They are light, like regular shoes. I don’t lift up my foot and feel like a lead weight has been strapped on (unlike the Fryes). The sole is slimmer, not as thick, and not as heavy or rubbery, and they’re exactly as I expected.


Yes. I daresay even secondhand, she may not have worn them quite as often because the leather in the front with the toe was still in good condition, only slightly scuffed and the leather is thin, yet supple but not too thin or soft that they kind of flop everywhere.

They literally look EXACTLY like on the model when I wear them, which is usually not the case when I buy boots. It always looks better online than on my foot sometimes.

I also really like that there’s a little leather tab at the back of the heel where I can use it to pull on the boots and they just slide on like butter.


They came out in about 2015 with a newer version they call the “Moto II”, and I think they might run a bit smaller, about half a size or a whole size. I do not know.

What I do know, is that the pair I have is Moto I because I bought them in 2016, so it is highly unlikely if she kept them for a year or two that they are Moto IIs.

I would strongly read the reviews especially if you are looking at the Moto IIs and check to see what reviewers say because I went with the reviews of the Moto I, and they were right — you would have at least needed to size up half a size to fit perfectly (e.g. I would have had to take a US 7.5 if I didn’t want to wear thick socks or put Birkenstock insoles in them).


Yes, but secondhand. I think $600 USD is insane to pay for boots that are not luxury designer boots like Hermès or Chanel. The real price is around $300 USD in my opinion but they are so popular, so perfectly designed and well made that I can see why they sell at that price, and STOCK OUT.

They can never seem to keep these boots in stock, I always see them sell out on ShopBop.

You can get them for less than half the retail price secondhand, the only thing is you might need to be SUPER PATIENT because your popular sizes like the size US 8 will sell out almost immediately for a higher price than let’s say the size US 6.

I never saw any US 7 for sale, but if your foot is small, you’re in luck because the US 6 was relisted at least 4 times because no one is a size US 6.



They are quite popular for good reason — the styling and design are just so on point.

There is a HUGE market for resale of these boots. They will at least resell for about $200 USD if they are in very good condition. Even if they are battered and beat up, it kind of adds to the rugged look, and I have seen those pairs go for even up to $125 USD on eBay.

They do keep a good chunk of their value. I would suggest resale closer to end of October, start of November to get the best price possible.

Otherwise, if you want to buy them for cheaper, be one of the first ones in outside of Autumn or Winter season, so that you get first dibs and avoid the rush for these boots as the weather cools. Timing is everything.

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  1. Tania

    I initially bought these new and liked them but returned them as I was intentionally shopping for travel in wet conditions. I kept a waterproof LaCanadienne instead that could be dressy as well as look cute with jeans and wore them constantly on my trip. I wanted to keep this one too but couldn’t justify the cost as an extra that I wasn’t planning on. But every once in awhile I’d check poshmark for a pair and either the sellers wanted too much or it was a brown pair. Finally found a black one for a decent price that’s been worn a little but not a lot (or so the listing says, crossing my fingers). Should receive by next week! I plan to get rubber bottoms as well on mine. I like them for all the reasons you mention as well.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      !!!! We must have had the same R&B fairy watching over us.

  2. Lynn brannen

    Like to own a pair.They look cute!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Find them secondhand. They are very light, which was my main concern.

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