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Style Shopper: Review of Thinx Period / Menstrual Underwear

This might be TMI for a lot of you, but this is something brand new for me and thought I might share, no matter how embarrassing.

I’m anonymous anyway 😉

Skip, and come back tomorrow if you aren’t interested. Or forward it on to a loved one who cares.

As I am a huge fan of making sure that I try to live as waste-free and as eco-friendly as possible (especially for something that happens monthly), I am always looking out for ways to minimize how much I toss in the garbage without compromising on life.

Also, why does NO ONE TALK ABOUT PERIODS? Major thing, minor coverage. WTF.

What I used before:

Diva Cup (menstrual cup) which I love (had it in Model 1 Pre-Baby Bun and Model 2 Post-Baby Bun sizes), but I hear that a more natural option is this Keeper Cup (made out of natural rubber not silicone), or the Lunette seems to be a more leak-free, better option.  I already invested in 3 Diva Cups (they are NOT CHEAP), so I am hesitant to switch but I may buy one just to try.

You can read my reviews of the Diva Cup here and here I wrote a follow-up on the Diva Cup years later.

After I gave birth to Baby Bun, I noticed that even the Model 2 in the Diva Cup was leaking here and there, so I ended up first trying eco-friendly organic cotton pad options (WHICH I HATED, as the sweat *coughs* builds up and feels wet all the time), and then ended up buying the Pantyliners from Naty which actually stick and don’t bunch up (unlike all the other more “eco-friendly” brands I tried).

What I did not love was that all those pantyliners (2 – 3 daily) kept going in the garbage.

I hate the feeling of having to toss it away, I’d rather re-use it as much as possible, and while it seemed to be the only option, I had to do something to change it.

Enter: Thinx Period Panties


I am NOT paid for this post whatsoever (I did try to ask them to send me a pair to review for free, to be honest but they were not interested as I am not a celebrity who already endorses them like Mila Kunis. Who can compete with THAT!? :-P)

I paid for every single pair of underwear out of my own pocket (while not working way back when, mind you), and bought 7 pairs without trying any on beforehand because I wanted the 20% discount.

They don’t even have an affiliate program (it’s rather pathetic, $10 off and you can’t stack the coupons with every referral but you get the same deal if you just sign up for their newsletter. I’d like to also mention that they DO on occasion give up to 30% off around May 28th – Period Day)

I do not necessarily endorse them as I have not tried OTHER period panties, but I did hear one of the co-founders (Miki Agarwal) talk on a podcast Tell me Something I Don’t Know (a podcast I do love and listen to daily) which made me totally curious about the whole situation.


Model: Cheeky

How many: 7 pairs for the 20% discount

Colour: Beige (there is only one beige)

What Thinx DOES deliver on

Being leak free and keeping my clothes stain free

I saw some blood seep to the back of the underwear and stain the beige portion, but it NEVER leaked onto my white clothes, nor left a single spot.

I don’t know what magic they use but it really does keep your clothing stain-free, regardless of how your underwear looks at the end with blood all over the place.

Being easy to wash and all the blood comes out

Absolutely. I don’t really use detergent either, I just do a warm wash, and some Oxiclean once in a while to soak stained clothing or white things, but I just threw them in there on delicate, warm wash and hung them to dry.

No problems.

I have never seen a single stain thus far, and I have used them successfully twice.

Replacing pantyliners

I didn’t use one at all in the past 2 months and it has been fine. I’m quite pleased.

I still have a small stock of those pantyliners to use up, so I’ll use them with my other underwear, but I am so happy to find a good viable option for not having to buy them again.

What Thinx promises & does not deliver on

Definitely does not deliver on NO Visible Panty Lines

To be a panty-line free option for a period panty, which it does NOT deliver on.

There is a light lace trim on the underwear which is cute, but if you wear thinner or tighter clothing, it DOES show up a panty line. Visibly.

I tried to then buy the Boyshort version (just recently), but they only sell them in black, not beige, so I am not keen on the whole situation if I have to wear it underneath a white dress.

(Yeah I’m that crazy, I like to wear a lot of white on my period. It is as if my most humiliating moment in Grade 5 never happened where I got my period in the middle of French class and stained my WHITE JEAN SHORTS bright red like it was Shark Week.)

Maybe: Quality issues that could have been my fault

Only ONE of my panties encountered this, and I am hesitant to say it against Thinx as a brand because I wore and washed them while I was in Europe, and their washing machines like to chew up my clothing like candy.

I have no idea why, but everything I have ever washed in a washing machine in Europe, comes out with holes in it, or is just RUINED. I once put my hand inside their washing machines and felt sharp little edges on the holes on the tumbler, and I figured that’s why my expensive jeans (never again) were completely shredded at the thighs.

Anyway.. I digress.

My point is that the underwear lace trim on one of my Thinx pairs started to come off and sort of leave a long string-y trail. I cannot pinpoint down if it was a Thinx quality issue (the rest are fine) or if it was just a stupid European washing machine that ate my underwear, but I thought I ought to mention it


I’d 100% recommend them. They look stained but aren’t, they keep my clothes stain free from any leaks, and the only thing I do not love is the visible panty line.

That said, just for a week I guess I can suck it up and NOT wear white skirts / dresses or anything that clings to my bum to show off a visible panty line.

Thinx does have a thong option which I used to wear when I was younger and felt sexier, but it really isn’t comfortable having a string of cloth up your butt.

What’s the point? Go commando.

That is the ONLY gripe I have with Thinx. They need a boyshort version in BEIGE and I’d be all over that like white on rice.

In the meantime, I am waiting for the 30% off sale and I’ll buy some Boyshorts in Black.

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  1. Livingalmostlarge

    I am thinking of trying it now

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I would use them with something else like a menstrual cup, they just replaced pantyliners for me which was my last frontier as I used to use reusable/washable liners which I hated…

  2. Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    I use Thinx and like them pretty well. One thing I’d note is though they say they can be used as a tampon/full alternative, I did not find that to be true on my heaviest days. You definitely can bleed through these onto your clothes if they are all you use and have a heavy period.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thanks for the heads up. I use a cup, so this was just to replace my pantyliners, honestly.

  3. CorianneM

    I have seen ads for them and I was curious but still a bit on the edge on buying. Thanks for reviewing – Keen to try them myself now!

    (Also what weird European washing machines have you used?? I’ve never had that issue… or maybe I’m missing out? 😉 )

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I don’t know what his family bought but they CHEW UP MY CLOTHES. I put my hand into one, once, and felt SHARP METALLIC edges on the little washer holes. Grr.


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