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Style Shopper: Review of the Acne Studios Shearling Oversized Long Aviator More Jacket (Velocite Like) versus All Saints Hawley Shearling Style

Long story short: I didn’t buy any of the jackets below.

Here’s my review of trying on the Acne Studios Shearling Oversized Long Aviator More Jackets in two colours, and comparing it to the All Saints Shearling Jacket.

PLEASE NOTE. This is not the review of the Acne Studios Velocite style which is this; I have yet to find one of these to try on in-person:

First up…


COST: $2500 USD ($3400 CAD) before taxes


100% Shearling, made in Turkey.


The colours were true to what you see online.

The pink is definitely a powder pink, almost beige in its shade, and the navy is very dark, almost like a black.

I will say that the dye had something to do with the softness. The powder pink one felt rougher than the navy one. The navy one felt slightly softer, less itchy and more fluffy.


Sizing was so all over the place.

It is an OVERSIZED pieces, so when I tried on the 36 (what I would consider my normal size as I am normally a US 6 in the shoulders), it is considered a S (small) or a US 6 …and it was huge on me. Like swimming, which I guess is the point, because then you’d wear a thick sweater underneath and have it open. This is what it looked like in a 36 in the Powder Pink, and it looks huge on me, or at least it felt it, but I can see in the photos it looks like it should.

Then I tried on the 32 which on the Acne Studios site’s size guide is considered an XXS or a US 2 in the navy blue, and it fit way better (almost perfectly I’d say, and still a little oversized). I guess it depends on the kind of look you want.

I personally prefer this smaller size to be honest. It doesn’t look too bad.

If you want that really trendy, oversized look, then take your actual size. If you want a slightly oversized but not mannishly large like you stole your grandpa’s jacket, then try sizing down TWICE.


It looks and feels well made. The hardware is heavy, it felt really quite solid overall, and was not thin at all. It would feel like a warm coat with a sweater underneath even for snowy weather.


I have to say I was disappointed. I thought shearling would be soft, comfortable and so incredibly cuddly, but it felt only slightly better than the All Saints version which felt like a rug.

This jacket wasn’t TOO scratchy but it was not fuzzy, warm and soft like I thought it would be. The quality was like faux shearling, but at a high price.

I think it all depends on the type of shearling. Curly-haired shearling seems rougher and not as soft as the long smooth STRAIGHT combed hairs of this kind of shearling, which you can see looks way softer and smoother like this one:

Curly-haired shearling seems rougher in general, and not as soft or cuddly.

I also tried on this Velocite dark brown lamb shearling jacket and it was not like wearing a rug but it wasn’t great. It was a bit rough, not at all soft or cuddly.


COST: $1495 USD

This is like the dupe to the Acne Studios Shearling jacket.


100% British Merino Shearling (curly-haired kind, not straight)


Khaki Green which is true to colour as in the photos. I kind of hate the patch-work look of the three colours but after a while it grew on me.


I tried on the XS and it fit perfectly. It wasn’t at all too big or oversized, it felt a lot like the size of the 32 in the Acne Studios More Shearling jacket above. I normally take a US 6 in the shoulders, and in their leather jackets I NEED a US 6 or higher (even a US 8, and I wear a baggy sweater underneath and it still fits great).


It is well made, though not as well made as Acne Studios jacket. This one is decently made, well-sewn, and doesn’t feel cheap in terms of hardware or thickness.


WORST OF THE LOT. I hated this jacket. It felt like a rough carpeted rug cut and repurposed into a jacket.

Terrible. 100% terrible.

I also tried on the $1100 USD McGuire Shearling Sheepskin collar black leather jacket below even though I hated the style (looks too Grease for me and too 90s), just because it felt so soft and cuddly:

It felt SO COMFORTABLE. The sheepskin shearling was super soft, comfortable, and cuddly. This is what I want in a jacket, and vintage, preferably.

Overall Impressions

I am turned off by curly-haired shearling, merino wool shearling, lamb shearling and all kinds of shearling that looks and feels rough.

The ONLY shearling that looks and feels soft, is sheepskin shearling. If you don’t see the word: “sheepskin”, assume that is is shearling (fur) but not from sheep and therefore of a lower quality and feeling.

The end.


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