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Style Shopper: Review of Muubaa Black Reval, All Saints Wyatt Suede Petrol Blue, and m0851 Cognac Perfecto leather moto jackets

I own and paid for all of these jackets out of my own money. I will try and link to the sites themselves so you can see the exact jacket but a lot of what I have bought has been a few years ago. Similar styles should not have changed much.


I reviewed this Muubaa Reval Black Leather Jacket already here.


It still feels like a bit of styrofoam coated over the jacket. I can’t figure it out. It is otherwise soft and buttery, but the slip of the jacket is not slippery and buttery, it is.. styro-foamy, still. Even after all this time of wearing it.

I don’t hate it, I just think if you are expecting a slippery, soft, buttery feel, this is soft and all that, but as if there’s a slight coating over it.


I took the size US 4. I think it fit just fine, and it even stretched to fit my US 6 shoulders. I can wear this with a thick sweater underneath and it fits just right, slightly tight.

If you want to wear a thick sweater, take your real size (mine would have been US 6).

If you want to wear it tighter, take a size down like US 4, and wear a thinner sweater underneath.

You can even go down to a US 2 I believe and it would stretch to feel tight.

The size is not cropped. It goes to just at my hipbones which is PERFECT. I hate cropped jackets, it makes me feel too 80s.

I normally wear it like this zipped up with a thin tank top or sweater (anything thicker and I can’t zip this up), or completely open.

Tassels on the pockets.

LOVE the buckle detail. It is a thin soft leather so the buckles don’t lay flat and stiff. They flop about.

The sleeves used to have a long tassel hanging off them, so I removed it. I hate things flipping off my wrist and arms, so I just took it off. I left the tassels on my pockets however, they’re fine there.

The inside is lined in cotton which picks up a lot of fur and dust from my sweaters. If this bothers you, look for a cotton flocked lining.


I’d buy this again. On sale.

I like how light it is, the sizing is good, the look is very biker but classic and not too ‘tough’ with too much hardware, and I will note the only thing I don’t love is that the zipper is a little scratchy. When I put my hand in, it scratches a little.

I should wax the zipper a little or file it and take the sharp edge off.



This colour is Petrol Blue but is actually more of a blue tinted grey. I LOVE IT. This grey is so unusual, a really stylish kind of grey and a light charcoal colour which is exactly what I wanted.

Not at all like an elephant grey which is what I was afraid of. It is truly like a grey, light blue oil puddle, hence “Petrol Blue”.


The suede jackets from All Saints are perfect. They’re thin, soft, VERY BUTTERY and amazing on. A great drape, and the hardware is the only heavy piece of it all, because the zips and the zippers are heavy and of a good strong weight.

I like their suede stuff a lot better than their leather, which feels cheap and kind of plasticky from what I have tried on.

The suede is top notch.


I took a US 8 in this. My shoulders are normally US 6, the US 4 I tried was WAY TOO TIGHT in the shoulders.

They say it’ll stretch but I don’t believe salespeople any more.

I couldn’t try on the US 6 as it wasn’t there, so I tried the 8 and loved it. It is light, loose, not too big, not too tight, and a thick thick fisherman’s sweater fits PERFECTLY underneath which is great for warmer winter days.

I was not sure about the braided belt at the bottom but it grew on me. I rather like it now. Not too girly or feminine, everything else on the jacket is really minimal and not too busy.

Hardware is an excellent weight. A little too excellent. The buckle, when left hanging loose, bangs around and hit my car a few times, as I swung in Baby Bun into his seat.

The zippers are HEAVY and thick.

I love the one-toned buckles everywhere which gives it a single-coloured finish.

The shoulders are with a braided (functional) buckle, that wasn’t too large and didn’t puff up higher, and lent a little feminine air to the style.

I LOVE that the back is not free and loose, the belt will never come off, it is sewn in and on. I’m so happy.


Buttery soft. Gorgeous petrol blue (charcoal grey with a blue tint), and absolutely perfect in suede. I would most definitely recommend this Wyatt style and buy it again.



They make great leather items. It feels stiff and a little plasticky to begin with, but as you wear it, it gets softer and softer. The leather with the oils from your body also takes on a darker patina which is kind of cool.


I took the cognac, it was a custom jacket made for me because they never seemed to have sold it in that colour, only black.

The colour is more like the lighter cognac, than it is in the one shot that looks dark.


I took the US 4 but really should have taken the 6 which is my shoulder size.

It still fits, but it is more of a jacket where I wear it like a sweater, and wear a tank underneath and not a thick sweater or anything (then it feels tiiiiight).

I love its plain look. No frills. Simple.

The zippers are a good quality, but not super heavy or thick like the All Saints stuff.

The elbows are ‘patched’ instead of being a single piece of leather all around.

I do find the length a little short. I’d love it to be at least 3″ longer to hit my hipbones but it hits just above and I always feel like I have to tug it down.


Even after all of these years, it still feels a bit stiff, and smooth. It is VERY good quality leather as is all of their items but it is not instantly buttery or soft which gives it another look.

I can’t zip it up by the way, US 4 is too tight for me now Post Baby Bun. I would have been better off taking my real size as a US 6 or a US 8 if I wanted to wear sweaters underneath.

Still, I wear it often with a light shirt underneath.

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