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Style Shopper: Review Banana Republic Plush Wool Blend Duster, Reversible Car Coat, Italian Leather Carryall Bag


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I am normally a US 4 on bottoms (Designer US 4, Banana Republic 2, J. Crew 4 for the upper half like for jackets, or J. Crew 2 for the bottoms).

I’m an inverted triangle and normally wear an Small or 2 (smallest sizes in all mainstream brands except for designer brands where I usually take a US 4).

I am also 5’6″ and fairly slim overall. Small busted (A cup).

I will say for my shoulders I ALWAYS take a size larger than the bottom, like a US 6 in designer brands, or a US 4 in Banana Republic, or a J. Crew US 4 for instance, because my shoulders are large, my torso is wider after the pregnancy, but my body is slim overall.

I am super picky and hate itchy items of any kind because I have eczema (most wool-items and wool-blends are out, or anything unlined), too-tight things and anything that doesn’t look or feel expensive and wonderful.

$9 is $90 is $900. The price makes no difference to me.


When I tried this Banana Republic moto jacket on in-store, it looked bulky on my frame because I already have wide shoulders. The structure of the shoulders just accentuated them.

The hem hit at about my hip bone, and it felt like a moto car coat. Very thick wool felt, very sturdy, not flimsy or pliable (if you like that kind of thing).

For my shoulders, I had to size up to a Small or else it felt too tight across the top when I went to hug myself (this is the test to see if a jacket is too tight or not).

This is my normal jacket size for Banana Republic because I take a designer US 6 in the shoulders or a Banana Republic/J. Crew 4 in the shoulders.

Would I buy it? Yes, if I didn’t already own a bajillion moto jackets, if it was on sale, and if I wanted something like this in my wardrobe as a versatile, transitional topper.

I really did like it a lot, but it is too similar to what I already own in my closet. I would have bought it though, if I was missing it..


You have NO IDEA how much I wanted to love this Banana Republic Reversible car coat.

The length is perfect, the shape, the cut, the weight, the swing, it is so reminiscent of a great Escada car coat I have been lusting over for ages.

Unfortunately, it is DANG ITCHY. The wool is just too itchy for my skin. The minute I slid it on, I groaned. I couldn’t ever buy or wear this without wearing long sleeves, and I am the type of person that wants everything to feel good on my skin, whether or not I’d actually wear it without sleeves or not.

That’s my standard in coats. If you are okay with slightly itchy wool and would only wear it with long sleeves, go for it. It is so amazing on, I just wish it wasn’t wool.

I would have preferred cashmere (good quality cashmere) or something over this. I mean, this is so unfortunate.


I really like these lengths of sweaters and so on because it hits right at the knee, isn’t too long, looks cosy.. so when I tried on the Banana Republic wool-blend duster sweater, I fell in love.

I LOVE this sweater, but then… I felt a slight itch. VERY SLIGHT. I mean, barely noticeable unless you’re an itch-freak like I am and you are constantly looking for the slightest bit of prickle on your bare skin to not give you eczema flare ups.

It is almost unnoticeable but I personally couldn’t wear this sweater.

Other people however, do not seem to feel the itch (based on reviews), and indeed when I tried on the dark grey one, it didn’t give me an itch factor.

It was so odd.

This light camel colour however is very odd as a shade of camel for my skin. It isn’t yellow enough, and has a bit of a pinkish tinge to it which I think would look great on something with very light skin or very dark skin. Not on me however, I have olive tones in my skin and this just looked a bit off.

I would however, wait for the charcoal grey one, it is really nice. Or the black one.


I love this Banana Republic Italian leather carryall, but only in black. The brown which I wanted, looks a little cheap for some reason, not quite as soft and buttery, and the black one looks far better because it hides the flaws of the leather.

Would I buy it? Yes, if I wanted a black bag.

The ONLY minor flaw, is that I am not a fan of that seam running down the front which is why I would pick the black over the brown (less noticeable).

Otherwise, it looks roomy, well-made… yeah I’d go for it.

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  1. Jessica

    The last couple of winters Kit and Ace has put out a reversible camel/grey car coat in a Cashmere blend. No guarantees that they’ll release a version this year, but it might be worth keeping an eye out for. Google Kit and Ace The Turnaround to see pics.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      OH MY!! It looks fantastic. Was it itchy??

      1. Jessica

        I haven’t actually tried it, I’ve just had my eye on it for the last couple years. They also released a version in black/deep green that was also gorgeous.

        1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          Ugh 🙂 I may stalk it on eBay

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