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Style Shopper Review: Banana Republic Flower Tank and Balloon Sleeve Sweatshirts


I am normally a US 4 on bottoms (designer US 4, Banana Republic 2).

I’m an inverted triangle and normally wear an Small or 2 (smallest sizes in all mainstream brands except for designer brands where I usually take a US 4.

I am also 5’6″ and fairly slim overall. Small busted (A cup).

I will say for my shoulders I ALWAYS take a US 6 in designer brands, or a US 4 in Banana Republic for instance, because my shoulders are large and my body is slim.

I am super picky and hate itchy items, too-tight things and anything that doesn’t look or feel expensive and wonderful.

$9 is $90 is $900.

The price makes no difference to me.


Here we go!


Fit & Size Taken: XS

Even in XS it is still quite large on me. The shoulders have to be taken up because it is quite low cut as well and I am not a fan of leaning over and having everyone be able to stare down my shirt.

If I took up the sleeves, it would actually fix the super awkward long hem that everyone has been talking about in the reviews online.

THIS is what it should look like. A little higher hem, tucked in a little to a higher waist:

But when it is left out, the hem is long and ugh.. really not attractive. It needs to be shorter.

The print is just SO PRETTY I would feel terrible wanting to cut it up to lose that design.

There is a high low hem.. and the armpit itself is a bit low, but if I brought up the shoulders, the armpit section would be slightly tighter and higher, a bit more fitted:

The back is a bit low but again, if I bring up the shoulders, it would fit a lot better:

Half tucked in the front, you can see just how much length would need to be chopped:

But it really does look very pretty…


For polyester, I am surprised. It feels light, airy, like a silk crêpe and way more expensive than it looks.

My ONLY qualm is that it is sheer. It needs to have a tank top underneath to cover up because it is … quite see through but not hideous with a nude bra. The only thing I would say is that in bright light or outside, you would definitely see my nude bra and then my bellybutton.

Luckily, I have nude tank tops like this Floreat one that I wear under ANY white button-up, t-shirt or anything too sheer. It’s reversible so I can wear a V-neck or a U-neck.


Fit & Size Taken: XS in the Grey but S in the Striped

The XS in the grey fit well in the body, much better than the S which was definitely roomy, but then the sleeves are a little short as you will see.

I half tucked it in because that’s my thing these days.. LOVE the sleeves. Not too puffy but puffy enough.

However… in the XS, the sleeve is a tiny bit short which I don’t necessarily hate because it shows off my watch, bracelet, etc.. but it does feel a bit awkward.

Now for the striped shirt which I love:

In the Small, the sleeves are LONG when your arms are down, but when you raise them, it “fits” fine. Hard to say.. I feel like the sleeves here in the Small are an inch too long but in the XS, it was an inch too short. Something in between would have been better.

Love the stripe though. I love it even more just looking at it half tucked in, but I have so many striped shirts and sweatshirts, this would not see a lot of action being a bit too baggy (they sold out of the XS in the stripe):

See? Sleeves are great, but obviously a bit loose.


I love it. The French terry is light, and a proper light cotton sweater – not too thick or fuzzy, and I like the balloon sleeves, and so on.

The quality and fabric is nice and the XS is fitted in the body but the sleeves again, are a bit odd.

I would not have kept the grey — too boring as a colour, and I already have a grey jacket with balloon sleeves:

I would have kept it in the stripe if they had it in XS… but honestly, I don’t need another loose, drapey Olsen-style sweater.

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