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Style Shopper: Over the knee OTK Boots Review Aquatalia Kiara Anthracite and Stuart Weitzman Lowland Londra and Black Suede

I have three pairs and I am ADDICTED, y’all.

It is very difficult buying from brands you don’t really buy from and can’t try on in stores because you live in Shopping Siberia which is… CANADA. The WHOLE of Canada.

I wish I could just buy from stores, try on sizes, colours, and then return them and wait for a sale or try to find them secondhand.

NO SUCH LUCK HERE. We have import duties, taxes, and all the fun stuff that makes you cry when you have to return it (you’re out of pocket at least by $30 from un-refundable fees paid), and it just SUCKS when stores don’t ship here.

And yes, Stuart Weitzman does have two stores here in Montreal, and shipping and returns are free, but they don’t have the COLOURS I want to try on their site, and the boots are online only exclusives. *eye roll*

But enough about me and how shopping in Canada is not that great…

Let’s talk about over the knee or OTK boots (or over-the-knee if you’d like to be more accurate).

I have three pairs, and only one was full price (the Aquatalia shearling ones) at about $600 USD (and that was on SALE).. the other two were snagged off eBay for a serious, SERIOUS discount for gently used pairs for about $200 – $300 USD a pair.

Sounds pricey? It isn’t, because these boots will run you into the $800 USD range at retail.


I will go into more detail but I took the Aquatalias and the Stuart Weitzmans in a size US 7.

I have a true US 7 foot. Not narrow, not wide, and I would have preferred to have taken the Aquatalia Kiaras in a US 7.5 and sized up half a size so that I don’t feel the edge of the sole of the boot when I walk.

For the Stuart Weitzman’s the US 7 was a PERFECT sock fit. Literally like a SOCK with a sole in the US 7.

I would have / could have gone up to a US 7.5 actually, it would have probably given me more room in the sole (not that I needed it, I didn’t feel the edges of the sole on the boot but I did know it was a PERFECT, lasercut fit), and if I had sized up to a US 7.5 I suspect the boot itself would have been baggier.

I would say if you are buying used, you can take your own size or half a size up and be fine. Beggars can’t be choosers.


A full shearling SOCK for your leg up to your KNEES? OMFG YES SIGN ME UP.

I paid a very pretty, expensive, penny for these boots on sale and at retail… Heavens.


Literally the best of all the worlds colliding…

I was trying to decide between the black suede version, the black smooth leather version and the anthracite, and went in the end with this taupe-y grey colour because the black suede was just too much in shearling

AS you can see, they come up just over the knees but not halfway up the thighs.

The shearling bit you see on the top, as a trim, is just  for show, because at the knee area until just under the knee, there is NO shearling. It isn’t soft and cosy to the edge.

I suspect it is because you can see the jeans indigo dye transfer to the top that is clearly there, and it would have made it too bulky / thick / uncomfortable to put on if they put the shearling to the top.

But at least the shearling starts again and my entire calf is enveloped in love.

I took the size 7 in this, and am a true US 7, but I wish for this boot I had gone up to 7.5 because I find that the sole feels narrow. I almost feel the edge of the sole, and the shearling is very thick when you first put it on.

Now that I have worn it for about two seasons, I can feel the shearling matting down a bit and giving me a bit more room, but 7.5 would have been far more comfortable foot/sole-wise, although I think the boot itself would have been a little baggier than how tight it is.

You can see the heel of it has an actual heel of about 1″, and is in full rubber.

Here is the cool look from the back, which helps me be able to bend my knees comfortably with that deep V in the back.

Here I am sitting down with them (that is why the angle looks messed up).

When I sit down with them, the shearling bit is a little stiffer than the other sock boots, so the shearling piece sticks up a little like a shield, rather than hugging to the curve of your knees….

Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. I sort of love the look of a shearling boot standing up a little because it is a different look, but if it bothers you and you think the boot should hug your knee, don’t buy these. Buy the sock-style OTK boots.

It has a little zip at the bottom to help you pull on your boots, which really helps because you can’t fold them down and pull them on like a sock like the Stuart Weitzman’s (SW).

STUART WEITZMAN Over the knee BOOTS in style LOWLAND in colours LONDRA – Size 7

I bought them used for about $300 USD all said and done.

I thought it was a deal, but then I get them and you can see that they look like TWO different coloured boots.

One more grey, and one more taupe-y.

Inside, the code for both boots says it matches — they are both “LONDRA” — and the box said Londra, the sticker on the boot said Londra… I don’t get it.

It must have been a factory mistake.

Here it is at the back, with the ties.

So, these ties are AWESOME. They lace up as tight as you want (too tight and you literally feel it when you walk or when you try to bend your knees and the ties dig into your thighs)…

They pull up just like a sock. A full leg-length SOCK.

From the side, you can see how great they look. Very little bunching, it feels like a sock.

I took a size 7 and I am usually a US 7 with a normal sized foot — not narrow and not wide.

The 7 fit PERFECTLY like it has been laser cut around my foot. It felt like I pulled on a sock with a sole bottom to it.

They are clearly NOT weatherproof or waterproof, they are REAL suede with an inside silky lining that makes it easy to pull it up over your thigh and legs, and I will note that I do have rather slim legs, but I feel a slight stretch to them which can accommodate slightly larger calves I think.

They fit perfectly. Like, shaped for my foot in a US 7. VERY true to size. I would have probably been okay going up to a 7.5 to have slightly more space for my foot.

Although I suspect the 7.5 would mean a baggier boot than a 7 and it would not have been so tight and as sock-like.

I cannot wear thick socks with these boots for sure.

This is how you are supposed to pull them on. Fold them down in half, slip your foot in, then pull it up.

So here is the colour comparison with the LEFT more grey-ish boot with the Aquatalias.

The Stuart Weitzman’s are higher for sure, and come REALLY over the knee rather than just covering it.

You can see how grey the Londra’s should be compared to the Aquatalia’s Anthracite, but with the other boot that is more taupe, it is FAR closer to the colour of the Anthracites.

There is no side zip on the Stuart Weitzman’s, and the sole is not as thick, nor as rubbery as the Aquatalia’s, but they are NOT slippery.

The Aquatalia’s are thicker for the foot and the sole, and when I was standing in both boots, I could feel that height difference.

The shearling is obviously thicker and bulkier looking while the other is like a boot sock:


Same as the Londra’s but in black and the SAME colour:

They are great in black. Really stylish and I love the soft, silky feel and how TIGHT they are on my leg rather than loose and baggy.


Ebay is the obvious choice, but a lot of the boots on there are at least $500 USD still (OUCH), so your best bet is actually The RealReal or Poshmark if you have it in the U.S.

  • The Real Real (use my referral code for a $25 credit)

You can expect to find them for about $150 USD to $395 USD secondhand on these sites depending on the size and the colour.

Obviously colours like “Loden” (this olive green) or the brown is not as popular as the black or grey versions as above.

Also, if your foot size is popular like mine, you can waffle between the 7 and 7.5, you are CERTAINLY going to fight with other bidders or have sellers unwilling to lower their price because they know.


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Posted on February 16, 2016

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  1. Leah

    Hey I bought a pair of the lowlands on eBay and not sure if they are fake or real. Do you know if the Stuart Weitzman logo is present in the inside insole of the boot? Mine doesn’t have the logo down inside the very bottom of the boot…. input would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Hmm… Do you have a photo? You can email me the pictures if you want.

      The Stuart Weitzman should be stamped on the bottom of the boot in full STUART WEITZMAN letters across the entire front part of the foot, fully rubber, and there is a little stamp in white on the inside with the shoe size and the colour run like A 835067

      Another version on this, would be the name STUART WEITZMAN but straight across the mid-heel, and like a grid on the foot instead..

      Then, INSIDE the boot, I had the name Staurt Weitzman in white…..

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