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Style Shopper: MM Lafleur Carrie Top in Primrose & Blue, Cobble Hill Skirt in Micro Jacquard, Conway Pant and Sloane Top

So I picked up a few more pieces on the sale from MM Lafleur, and I have to say this time around, I am not quite as happy as I have been in the past.

Goes to show, you REALLY have to (A) know your body and (b) try things on in-person.

As I missed my NYC trip for 2020, I think I learned my lesson now to not bother buying from them unless I have tried the styles on in-person to know how they fit, and the size.


I took a small for both of these, and they fit fine… but I don’t love the style as much as I thought.

First of all, it looks terrible when it is untucked. Okay, maybe the skirt doesn’t help but it looks quite shapeless.

It looks better tucked in, but even the sleeve as you can see, is not as tight as I had expected, to make it more of a balloon style. I may have to nip in a little stitch to tighten it up (not too much so I can fit my hands through still), to give it more of a blousier style.

Here it is tucked into draped pants, and it looks fine, but aside from the colour, it’s pretty plain.

You can see the sleeves better here – how loose and dull they are to me

…not as draped or as tight to make it a REAL ballon top as it was shown in photos:

I feel let down by the photos versus what I got. The fabric itself also feels cheap. I know it’s polyester but usually MM Lafleur does a good job. This is not a good job. It’s not horrible, but it isn’t great. It feels too plastic-esque and cheap.

This is not what I expected at all. I still like the colour but WTF..

Onto better items!


Okay WOW. Yes. This is what I am expecting from MM Lafleur after that Carrie top letdown.

The Sloane Top is thick, soft, luxurious and a beautiful drape in front with a great colour. I bought the two pieces together to recreate this look:

And it did NOT disappoint.

I took a Small in the Sloane Top and it fit perfectly. Not too tight or loose, the cowl is not too low cut either for when you lean over a desk to look at a screen (I do this often at work or when I don’t want to sit down but I want to type something quickly before running for a break).

The pants absolutely need to be YOUR SIZE. The site says to SIZE DOWN (wtf?) and I should not have listened. I should have taken my actual size 4 because I took the size 2, and it fits only because I’ve lost at least 10 pounds during the pandemic, but it is TIGHT. I would need to add at least an inch (even now) to feel comfortable.

The drape is truly stunning, and I love the Conway pant. Just wished I took a Size 4 (my real size) or even a Size 6.


I have wanted this skirt for years. I tried it on in-person in 2019, the fabric and quality was stunning but I was being cheap because I wanted to save money as I was already spending $2000 there.

In here, I am wearing a Size 4, with the Rowling top (in black, which I also own)…

So I waited and waited until it went on sale and then I got it. I got it in the size 4, and look. Because of the weight I have lost, I should have gone to a size 2 BUT… what if I put the weight back ON after the pandemic?


Anyway, you can see how much I have lost since 2019 in terms of weight, and the skirt needs to be taken in at least 2″ to fit like in the photo above, which is not MM Lafleur’s fault, but annoys me.

The skirt itself is very well made, the jacquard is fantastic because it is a microdot, so it’s not some plain white corporate skirt, and it feels fantastic.

You can see the pieces in my Shopping Haul video here, if you want more of a visual check.

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