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Style Shopper: MM Lafleur Blogger Review from Canada – Taylor Dress in Viridian Green, Angelou Shawl in Shadow Grey and Cream


You can read all of my clothing reviews here under Style Shopper.

MM Lafleur is one of my favourite brands to buy clothes from but they are so dang pricey..

I did review one other item before from MM Lafleur called the Catherine 2.0 dress in Midnight Blue and the Lenox Skirt in a double-faced silk in Amaranth.


I am normally a US 4 on bottoms (designer US 4, Banana Republic 2).

I’m an inverted triangle and normally wear an Small or 2 (smallest sizes in all mainstream brands except for designer brands where I usually take a US 4.

I am also 5’6″ and fairly slim overall. Small busted (A cup).

I will say for my shoulders I ALWAYS take a US 6 in designer brands, or a US 4 in Banana Republic for instance, because my shoulders are large and my body is slim.

I am super picky and hate itchy items, too-tight things and anything that doesn’t look or feel expensive and wonderful.

$9 is $90 is $900.

The price makes no difference to me.


I have all of my other MM Lafleur reviews here – MM Lafleur Reviews.


MM Lafleur Taylor Dress

A study in sculptural draping, the Taylor is one of our most figure-flattering designs. With a slim panel of fabric that sweeps from the shoulder and gathers in an artful knot at the waist, this elegant dress is an instant confidence-booster. Oh, and don’t overlook the front pockets, roomy enough to stash your phone, presentation notes, or just-in-case candy.


This Taylor Dress is AMAZING!


I tried on the 4 and it fit better but DAMN the waist was small. I do not know who their fit models are, but they apparently have tiny waists and huge busts. Obviously not realistic, but they need to loosen up on the waist in these dresses and take in the bust a bit because it’s so drapey in the front.

I could stand to take it up an inch or two in the top but it would throw a bit of the sizing / proportion off at the waist.

Anyway, as a result, I had to wear the dress in a 6 to make the waist fit, but then the front is bit big and the shoulders COULD be taken up a little to fit better if I wanted. I may do it but for now it works and looks great.


This is like a deep emerald green, and not as Forest-y as the Rainforest colour (which by the way I unexpectedly LOVE with its blue tones in there)…

Is it crazy that I own this dress in Indigo blue, Plum AND this Viridian Green? This is so so worth it, a perfect dress for everything and anything with deep pockets.

The waist as you can see fits well without being tight, and the rest of the body is a little loose which is fine for me.

With the size 6, there is space in the waist and hips and the bust…



MM Lafleur Angelou Shawl

Made from thick, luxurious cashmere, this wrap-around piece is decidedly not your grandmother’s shawl. With a tapered shape for easy, elegant draping, it’ll keep you cozy without complicated knots or tucking. Toss it over your shoulders for a Parisian, I-just-threw-this-on look, or wear it loose like a chic cape—you really can’t go wrong.


This is a STUNNING shawl. I couldn’t decide between cream and shadow grey, so I got both. #YOLO

Honestly, though, the cream is good for dark outfits and the dark grey is perfect for light outfits…


MM Lafleur Angelou Shawl

I’m about 5’6″ so this length is perfect for me.

I belted it across the front and let it go free at the back ,and I love the look of this because it isn’t fussy at the back (open and flowy) but the front is stylishly cinched.


Here it is in cream:

With bat wings..

I love how it hits at the back by the waist, which is the correct height for such a poncho / shawl / sweater.

In the office, I actually hate wearing sweaters because of the sleeves – they don’t fit in some of my dresses (the length of the sleeves get caught in it), it looks bunchy, or it just doesn’t look right.

A shawl eliminates all of that nonsense of sleeves, is open, feels loose and drapey as well as being very stylish yet elegant… it does it all.

Had to get both. Just had to. They’re stunning


Again, I have all of my other MM Lafleur reviews here – MM Lafleur Reviews.

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  1. Alice

    I feel like the waist problem is common for the typical Asian body, which leans toward rectangles. I wouldn’t be able to fit that dress at all according to your review.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      The dress is perfect if you size up. I don’t know why they made it so tight in the waist but the bust so huge…

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