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Style Shopper: J. Crew White and Striped Bodysuits for a tucked in look


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I am normally a US 4 on bottoms (Designer US 4, Banana Republic 2, J. Crew 4 for the upper half like for jackets, or J. Crew 2 for the bottoms).

I’m an inverted triangle and normally wear an Small or 2 (smallest sizes in all mainstream brands except for designer brands where I usually take a US 4).

I am also 5’6″ and fairly slim overall. Small busted (A cup).

I will say for my shoulders I ALWAYS take a size larger than the bottom, like a US 6 in designer brands, or a US 4 in Banana Republic, or a J. Crew US 4 for instance, because my shoulders are large, my torso is wider after the pregnancy, but my body is slim overall.

I am super picky and hate itchy items of any kind because I have eczema (most wool-items and wool-blends are out, or anything unlined), too-tight things and anything that doesn’t look or feel expensive and wonderful.

$9 is $90 is $900. The price makes no difference to me.


I bought two J. Crew Stretch Perfect size 4 bodysuits in white and striped shirts and I was more than disappointed.

The shoulders fit PERFECTLY in the 4 for me, but the entire shirt is way too large. WAY too large.

You can see just how messy and rumpled this looks. I’d rather tuck in my shirts and re-tuck them 15 times a day than look like this all day long:

LOOK! Excess fabric in the sleeves. Why?

The back looks just as messy.

The front torso, with an A-cup is far too loose and oversized as well.

There is also a strange band here (the panty part) that does not open up. You need to unbutton the entire bodysuit and then step into the panty part, and pull it up.

The snaps on the panty part are also finicky and cheap.

I also hate the elastic band there, because it wouldn’t sit well on my body. It would ride up on my torso and when I tried to pull it down, it would slowly creep back up as I walked, and end up messy and high up on my body.

This body suit was meant for someone taller, at least with a taller torso, curvier with a bigger bust for sure…

It is not at all fitted and far too loose and oversized.

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