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Style Shopper: Banana Republic Summer 2017 Dressing Room Reviews

Went shopping. Bought lots of stuff. Returned half of it. Here are my notes.


These were on a major discount and the colours were perfect for me.

How GOOD is fuchsia against blue? Amazing.

Take half a size smaller in the leather ones and a full size smaller in the suede.

For instance, the fuchsia suede I took a full size 6 down because that’s all they had left, but it worked out well, they are VERY comfy.

This is what I did, and they do stretch out eventually after a few wears.

The silver leather ones are half a size smaller at 6.5, but after the first wear, my heel blistered at the back, so I had to put Bandaid Blister Block to stop the friction and chafing, and at home I put a shoe heel pad at the back (love these Dr. Scholl’s ones or these Foot Petal ones).

The suede ones? Zero pain or break-in time for me.

Quality is decent, suede is the most comfortable.


Quality is decent, a little thin but it is doubled up on the top but not the skirt.

The bust is HUGE. I mean a size 4 on me fits the body but the bust was loose and kind of drape-y as you can see. I needed to wear a strapless bra underneath with one shoulder but felt so uncomfortable because I am used to comfortable, underwire-free things, that this would be too fussy of a dress for my tastes.

I do like it though. If I found it on sale, I may consider it, but for now, it’s a pass.

I like it, but .. not for the price. I feel like it’s a $50 dress at retail, not $145, but other shoppers beg to disagree because it is sold out completely online (they keep restocking it but can’t keep up).

UPDATE: If you are short enough, try the PETITE version if the bust is an issue

I returned it but then re-ordered it on sale in the 4 PETITE and the bust fits PERFECTLY. I am keeping it. YAY!

The waistline is a tiny bit higher than my actual waistline, but not so uncomfortable that it will cause an issue. The bust fits MUCH BETTER in this Petite version, no bunching.


LOVE this dress. Light pretty hand-dyed, sun-dyed silk done by artisans in a gorgeous kind of graffiti stripe? OMG. Check off all my boxes.

I just need to add straps to it but I love the way it looks.

It is pricey, it’s a collaboration with Piece & Co, and it has never gone on sale. I bought it anyway. It is too pretty, and exactly what I want in a nice dress. With straps, it will be more casual-ish.

I took my actual size 4 and it was fine.


On paper, I should love this dress. On me, in-person it missed 2 major things (A) the colour is really off on my skintone (not honey enough), and (B) the belt is terribly short. Can’t tie it the way I want.

The left is how it is supposed to look, the middle is MUCH nicer with my Burberry trench belt, but the way I’d like to tie it is the far right and it doesn’t look good.

The fit is off. The bust is huge for the Size 4, the asymmetrical thing is not MY thing, but I do love me a good pocket and lapel neckline.

I took my actual size 4, but did not have the bust to fill it out and the tone wasn’t my colour. Too drab.

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  1. SarahN

    The white one looked good on the model, but the length would be the clincher for me. And I think with all three dresses, I would feel frumpy with their lengths wearing them though I just read your post about not wanting things to ride up too high at work, and I hear you on that.

    The purple is too far from my normal, but I’ve loved having silver shoes!

    You definitely seemed to trend to strapless this month!

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Yeah the strapless all turned to STRAPPED as I took them in to get the hems taken up and the excess used as straps 😉

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