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Style Shopper: Banana Republic Devon Leather Stretch Fit Leggings versus The Row Stretch Leather Leggings

Okay, how fair is it really to compare something that costs $598 USD versus $1950 USD, and is 4 times pricier?

Not very.


If you’re going to still pay almost $600 for something, wouldn’t you like to know if it is actually close to the (coveted) item or not?

Yes, yes you would.


Buy the Devon Leather Stretch Fit Leggings here

  • A sleek legging with the polish and structure of your favorite pants.
  • Luxuriously soft lambskin leather has been specially treated for excellent stretch and recovery.
  • Invisible zip opening at forward side seam.
  • Darts at back for a figure-flattering fit.


You’ll have to excuse the terrible lighting!

Looks a bit tight, flat, no give for the bum in terms of seaming.


*Price keeps going up every year. It was $1050 USD last year.

Buy The Row Moto Stretch Leather Legging here (LOL)

The Row’s ‘Moto’ leggings are crafted from soft and flexible black leather for exceptional comfort. This figure-flattering pair has a stretch-cotton backing to create a smooth fit and an elasticated waistband that won’t pinch or slip.


I know it’s hard to see, as the light was fading but the bum looks a LOT better in these leggings.


I took a US 4 in the Banana Republic Devon Stretch Legging and bought the Small in The Row.

It’s about the same fit.

I’m also a true US 4 / Small on the bottom.

I love the higher rise on the Devon, The Row is mid-rise but not too low of a mid-rise on me.


Both leathers feel like bonded, fabric-leather. They are also both lambskin leather.

At first touch, the Devon is very soft and pliable, however when I was feeling that in one hand, and touching The Row leggings, I noticed a SLIGHT difference in the leather.

The Devon leather is slightly more plasticky, squeaky, and although the same thickness as The Row, not as pliable. The Row leather, was soft, like fabric, and backed in cotton so it felt softer on the inside as well, whereas the Devon’s leather had a backing that was a bit rougher.


I don’t know who designed the Devon Leather Legging but they put the seam ABOVE the knee. WTF?

I pulled them on and immediately felt the itchiness/scratchiness start above my knee, especially since the

I knew immediately, I could never keep them even if I didn’t own The Row leggings, because it would bother the heck out of me to keep walking around, feeling this itchy scratching above my knees on both sides.

The Devon Leather Legging comes with a side zip and a button, which is a nice touch, but The Row has an elastic back that you just pull on.


I found that the height of the legging hit just above my ankle which is perfect for me (5’6″) but someone who is taller is going to find them a bit too cropped.


I much prefer the Devon Stretch Legging because the high-rise is perfect. Comes right up to my navel.

The Row, is mid-rise. I don’t LOVE IT but I don’t hate it because it isn’t as low as a low-rise and comes up fairly high all things considered.


The Row wins hands down for its styling however because they have special seams at the back that curve around your bum, but are barely noticeable. The Devon Legging had none of that, and you can kind of see it in the legging. Not a huge deal, but it does make a difference that The Row’s seams curve around your bum, it feels more comfortable, less flat / squished down and you can move with a little more ease.


Overall, The Row feels more comfortable, hands down.

Seam above the knee aside, the Devon Leather is soft to the touch on the OUTSIDE and you can get past the leather not being as soft and slightly squeakier than The Row’s version, but once you put it on, the backing on the Devon leather leggings are slightly rough and scratchy, and it doesn’t feel like a second skin, and isn’t very nice at all, compared to The Row’s version.

Also… the bum is far more comfortable and supported (less pressure / tension due to the curved seams) than with just a flat piece.


I know, it’s a trendy item that somehow turned into a staple (at least for me).

In which case, I can only suggest that you find them secondhand on eBay (I sniped my pair for $250 USD), and keep scouring consignment shops and for major sales.

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