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Style Help: Finding the perfect work and laptop bag that is stylish and chic

I have a lot of bags and love having various options.

I keep trying to look for THE PERFECT work and laptop bag, and I will now give you all of the options I have considered, am still considering and/or own!

Trust me, if  I had $5000 and I could spend it on bags, I would. But with expensive and not working, this will be shelved until I feel secure again.


I own this.


Matt & Nat Kintla in Cardamom


  • Vegan leather that doesn’t look or feel cheap
  • Also comes in black
  • Smooth “leather” that looks expensive rather than their other options
  • Spacious
  • Gorgeous rose gold hardware and beautiful neutral shade of Cardamom
  • Holds a lot too



  • You can only really hold it by its short handles
  • If you stuff it full with a file folder, you can’t even get your fingers into the handle straps to hold them and carry it. ARRGH!
  • The crossbody strap is too thin and annoying when it is full of stuff


I do not own this yet.


Rudsak Middleton in Grey

I have a good friend who bought this and loves it for work.

She loves how it goes over her shoulder, has two zippered compartments with a middle section for the laptop, and is very stylish in a grey. It is organized and very pretty.

It looks much better in grey, and is a nice neutral without being black. It looks a lot like the Prada tote which runs into the $2500 range.

The cons are:

  • When stuffed full, it is hard to swing over your shoulder, she would need an inch more in the handles for it to be truly comfortable
  • It is on the heavier side, being saffiano leather, but that’s to be expected

It also comes in black but I looked at it in person in-store, and the silver super shiny hardware made the rather expensive looking black bag look very cheap instead.

The super shiny silver hardware looks best on the grey in terms of tone.

And the white? Don’t even consider it. Hideous. Plus too hard to clean.


I do not own this yet.

Dagne Dover 15″ tote in Cobalt Blue

I really like this Dagne Dover tote and I am still eying it in cobalt blue, but I wouldn’t be mad at this gorgeous cork for something a little different, or this totally black oxyx tote with black hardware.

Just look at how organized it is!

It is also waterproof, easy to clean, and ZIPPERED, plus it can go over your shoulder.

It also comes in 13″ but 15″ is my jam because I’m 5’6″ and I can carry it without it overpowering my frame.

You can use my referral link here if you want to buy one, and I’ll get $25 towards my own! 😀


I own this.


Lo & Sons O.G. Bag in Navy


  • Organized inside like the Dagne Dover tote & lots of pockets
  • Holds a lot and fits a lot, particularly with a bottom pocket for shoes
  • Is weighted so it balances on your shoulder
  • AMAZING for traveling because you just slide it over your carryon handles



  • Doesn’t look as nice as the Dagne Dover because it’s all nylon
  • The 15″ is awkwardly large as an everyday tote and a strange rounded shape
  • Handles are a little light & flimsy on your shoulder (doesn’t stick to your shoulder) and keeps sliding off


I do not own this yet.

Tilley Carry-All Tote

I saw this in person in the Tilley store and fell in love.

The brown is a little lighter, more cognac in colour.

It shows nothing online about the organization inside, but it has an inside pocket, it has a zippered top, and the handles look sturdy and go over your shoulders.

The front pocket is perfect for a metropass and really, I think it would be good to hold a laptop and go around the city.

For it to be super sturdy and compact, I’d lean more towards the Dagne Dover.


I own this.
Longchamp Neo Pliage in Khaki

  • Extremely light
  • Khaki green is prettier in person, less browny yellow in tone and more blue-ish.
  • Folds up
  • Goes over the shoulder
  • Neo is sturdier than their normal Pliage line
  • Washable & impervious to rain
  • Great to grab and throw file folders, laptop, whatever inside as it is one big pocket


  • Only one stupid little key pocket near the handle inside
  • It is one big pocket inside and is not organized unless you have your stuff in little pouches too (which I do)


I do not own this yet.


Epiphanie Valencia Bag

I saw The Bloggess tweet about the brand and I put them on my list.

It’s really a camera bag, but that’s just one function because they could also be laptop bags.

I love all the hardware, and it turns into a backpack, satchel, handbag OR shoulder bag.

Lots of pockets, looks organized inside with removable velcro padded dividers (meant for cameras), and is very stylish.


I do not own this yet.

Mark & Graham Weekender Bag

Yet another organized, stylish bag from Mark & Graham. A lot like the Epiphanie bag above, but it has a lot more organization for travel than just for cameras.

It looks fantastic for a laptop bag and I am eying it as my next bag if I can justify it.

Look at the inside pocket.. it’s zippered and it has ORGANIZATION INSIDE the zippered pocket!!

Be still my heart. <3

It is big enough to travel with, or use as a laptop bag.


I do not own this yet.

M0851 Vesper tote in Clay

It doesn’t have a zippered top but it would be a great work bag in the summer with just one large pocket and a few small pockets inside.

Be still my heart! This is a leather tote LINED IN LEATHER. It is stunning, it is gorgeous and I want it, but I cannot justify its pricetag.

Simple, easy, elegant. It also closes nicely with a clasp in front rather than it being completely open like a tote, or with a zipper.

The clay colour is also ridiculously chic, and the leather is super soft and supple. Like Baby Bun’s bottom.


I do not own this yet.


M0851 Laptop bag

This is their laptop bag, which looks nice and not at all like a soft messenger bag (which I am not a fan of).

It is double zippered, has two compartments with a middle section and looks rather nice.

It also has a unique shape where it looks very tailored and sleek, but can also open up to fit in a heck of a lot of stuff in the middle but without adding any bulk.

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