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Spring Giveaway: 2 prizes of $600 or $100 in Cash or Amazon Gift Cards


Β Want to in either $600 or $100 in cash / Amazon gift cards?

Enter below!

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Winner of the $100 USD giveaway!

Posted on November 17, 2013

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Posted on May 6, 2014

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  1. Kim D.

    The followers and warmer weather.

  2. Danielle

    Warm weather and longer days

  3. Chelsey

    Spring jackets and lighter scarves!

  4. sarah

    the warmth!

  5. cosmogirl2100

    All the gorgeous flowers πŸ™‚

  6. thischickwins

    the warmer, but not hot, weather

  7. Amanda C

    Getting back to running outside! (I just can’t understand those winter runners…)

  8. teresa


  9. Ashley

    Warmer weather!!!!

  10. Julie

    The best part about spring… sleeping with the windows open πŸ™‚

  11. Elle

    My favorite thing about Spring is wearing one layer of clothes.

  12. Rachel

    I love the warmer weather and being able to leave the windows open into the evening. Starting my veggie garden is a close second.

  13. Paula Weintraut

    Starting the Season Vegetable garden and starting the Flowers in new pretty colored Pots. Also going thru the Clset to find my Spring colors, This year Purple!!and Bright colors

  14. Gord

    What I like about spring:
    warmer weather
    greening of trees and plants
    return of song birds
    not dressing with multiple layers of clothes
    summer is just around the corner

  15. Alice

    We haven’t had much of a winter over here in Europe, it’s been a very springy last few months already.

  16. Alessandra

    fresh seasonal veggies and fruit!

  17. Sarah S

    Not too much of a difference from winter here in So Cal, but I love being able to wear sandles!

  18. Tania

    Mmmm, spring isn’t a big deal in Hawaii because it’s not that different from winter. Some years there is less rain but I like the rain and the oh so slightly chillier weather of winter.

  19. Desire

    The return of color in fashion and in nature!

  20. Lila

    My favorite thing about Spring is not having to deal with snow anymore.

  21. cadence

    running outside instead of on a treadmill!!

  22. Sarah Li Cain

    My skin is not crazy dry anymore!

  23. Karen

    My favourite thing about spring is the flowers! And no snow.

  24. Ariana Auburn

    The snow has melted enough to drive safely and I can garden again!

  25. Maria

    My favourite thing is that the flowers start blooming (this takes a while in Nova Scotia) and it’s my birthday!

  26. Grace

    no more winter coat!

  27. Jessica

    longer days, and plants growing again πŸ™‚

  28. Rachel

    My favorite thing about spring are all of the pretty flowers.

  29. Chris

    the end of winter!

  30. Heather H

    warm weather!

  31. Sarah R.

    Love the change in seasons, everything feels new and fresh!

  32. Midori

    The weather!

  33. Michelle

    the warmer weather!

  34. Gurjot

    spring cleaning πŸ™‚

  35. GPS

    I love longer days, the feeling of sun on my back or parts of my body that don’t get a lot of sun exposure. I love cycling and making plans with friends in the park.

  36. Stacy


  37. Christine

    My favourite thing about spring has got to be NO MORE SNOW! I cannot wait.

  38. teresa

    The flowers!

  39. Shelley C

    I think my favorite thing about spring is finally getting to wear a skirt without tights or leggings underneath.

  40. Grace

    No more snow! Getting to see the grass again.

  41. Michelle

    My favorite thing about spring is the smell in the air, all of the flowers, longer days, and the fact that my year long No Shopping Challenge will be done!!!

  42. Erin

    2 words: no snow! πŸ™‚

  43. Gen Y

    No more freezing weather! And flowers and getting out of the winter jacket

  44. SP

    Flowers. And, summer is on the way!

  45. BooBooNinja

    The colours! Flowers, grass, and the blue blue sky.

  46. Tabitha

    I love the flowers that Spring bring the most.
    I am sick to death of Winter already!

  47. Stoic Kitty

    My favourite thing about Spring is that it is not hot yet.

  48. M.Clark

    My favorite things about Spring are the change in weather and the flowers.

  49. BlackAsphodel

    My favorite thing is the warmer weather.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  50. Sarah

    My favourite things about spring is the flowers, wearing pastel dresses, and cooking with fiddleheads and asparagus.

  51. Janine

    My favourite thing about spring is the tulips – silly I know but I love tulips!

  52. eemusings

    SO in.

    We’re in the midst of summer here and it’s really humid and muggy right now.

  53. irma5353

    My favorite thing about spring is the flowers blooming, birds singing and nice beautiful days. Love spring time!

  54. Casey

    My favourite thing about spring is…no more clunky winter boots and heavy coats! There’s something about the non-icy breeze and sunshine. Although I DID fall in love with my winter coat this season…

  55. Bridget

    um, hook this girl up please!

    My favorite thing about spring is getting to wear my leather jacket again. So over my snowboarding winter coat!

  56. Karen N

    I love that the farmer’s market is back open in our area!

  57. Heather

    Favorite thing about spring is no more snow! (hopefully) πŸ™‚

  58. Annie

    Favorite thing about spring is the warmer weather and being able to enjoy the outdoors more. πŸ™‚

  59. raluca

    The flowers and the fresh, clean smell

  60. iou

    My favorite thing about spring is started to run outdoors again!

  61. Alexandra

    My favorite thing about spring is the warm weather and watching everything start to bloom! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  62. KimDC

    I live up North; in the winter I drive to and from work in the dark. My fav thing about spring is I actually get to see daylight again! lol

  63. Michelle Hart

    What I love about Spring is being able to get outside and walk my dog. He has been cooped up because it has been so cold-can’t wait to burn off some of his pent up energy!

  64. Judy Thomas

    I love it when the weather starts to get a bit warmer in spring after a cold winter.

  65. lee

    My favorite thing about Spring is the warm temperature, finally feeling the sun on my bare skin and feeling happier with daylight.

  66. Dividendasaur

    My favorite thing about spring is the rain! Bring on the rain.

  67. Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    Wow, thanks for this giveaway! Definitely, I will enter this one.

  68. Karen

    Wow, you’re like the giveaway goddess! I like spring because the weather is always refreshing after a long cold winter. After the crazy weather we have been getting in Ontario, I am really looking forward to spring.

    And you don’t have to wear all the winter gear: boots, coat, mitts, scarf and hat. It takes forever to get dressed to go outside!! And then when you come in, you have to take it all off.

  69. Ashley

    this is awesome. seriously. you make peoples lives better with these kind of giveaways πŸ™‚

    AND i love spring because it means beautiful flowers and warm(er) weather. I fall in love with the world again in the spring ever single time!

  70. Cassie

    My favourite part about spring is when the chill in the air turns into a warmth, and everything smells fresh and new.

  71. femmefrugality

    My favorite thing about Spring is all the snow melting. For good.

  72. susah

    my favorite thing about spring is being able to not wear a coat!! feel so much lighter

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