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Spaving (Spending to Save) during sales

I am here to give a friendly message about SPAVING which is really just the act of “SPENDING TO SAVE”.

(You heard it here first.)

Spaving is when you tell yourself:

OMG it’s 50% off!

I don’t want or need it, but what if I do sometime!??

I’m saving 50% on this, it’s like I’m saving 50% of my money!




Whenever you spend money, you are not saving it.

Technically, you’re actually just spending 100% of your money and saving 0%.

So spaving? It’s an excuse to spend your money, even if it’s a good deal.


That said, we all spave.

For instance, I spaved a lot this month (actually, make that the whole year), which will you see coming up in my December 2012 What I spent post, but I’m very happy with my smart spaving.

This month was excellent because of all the Boxing Day sales and push to get people to spend more of their money and boost the bottom line before 2012 closes; so when you encounter 50% signs, or 15% off what you’ve been eying for a while, it’s hard to imagine that kind of sale will come around soon, let alone on what you want.

I’m starting to get into the mindset of waiting until I can find it secondhand, or if it’s on at least a 20% discount, or more.

(Even just thinking about buying things that are easily depreciated at full retail price is starting to irk me.)

Other pitfalls of spaving, are when you encounter programs like Ebates Canada, and they give you back cash for things you’d otherwise buy anyway.

It makes you think: Wow I’m saving another 4% on what I was going to buy! Let’s see what else there is….

Or even for us Canadians who head down south to the U.S. to do a little cross border shopping, and see how much lower the prices are now that the CAD is almost at par with the USD, and you save on not only the currency, but the lower taxes and the lower prices!


Don’t go around buying useless knickknacks if you aren’t planning on using it.

When I spave, it’s on kitchen equipment that BF needs to keep making great meals, or when I see things that I want and otherwise would not pay full retail price for.

Or perhaps, to stock up on things I use a lot of such as contact lens solution, or my favourite cleanser.

I log all of my purchases, expenses and my general financial life into my handy budgeting tool, and when I see something I THINK is a good deal, I sometimes go back and check to see what I paid for it before.

Oftentimes, I realize I had gotten a better price for it elsewhere even with a sale of 20% off, and I don’t buy it just because it says 20% off (but the price was already inflated by 25% for instance).

Enjoy your spaving!

Use this superpower of finding great deals in good financial health.

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  1. Vanessa

    I don’t spave. I stringently discourage spaving 😛 Actually, last time I went shopping with a friend I talked myself blue explaining that 25% off IS NOT A SAVING!

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      Well it isn’t really saving, it is spaving!!


      See? This is what I’m talking about, I need to clamp down on my spending.

  2. Budget & the Beach

    I have a hard time resisting “good deals,” so I try to avoid that by not looking at any weekly’s and avoiding most stores (like Target) that are triggers for me.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      I need to take a leaf from your book!

  3. Ms. S

    “Spaving”, never heard of it but certainly does happen all the time. I hate those discount racks near the checkout lines. Looking forward to your what I spent post.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      You’re going to flip when you see how much I bought.

      Discounts and sales on things you want make you really tempted…

  4. Tracy Gu

    Can’t wait until your ‘December 2012’ post. 🙂

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      You’re going to freak out with how much I bought.

  5. PK

    You should bring someone super sarcastic along with you who constantly claims they saved “$xx” by not buying something priced at “$yy / 2”.

    “I saved $500,000 on Amazon today! I bought nothing!”

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      I do, his name is BF. 😉


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