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Moving out of the zoo

I have been on the fence lately about cutting back on the ads but with the book I didn’t spend any time thinking about it until kind reader Jenny wrote in to tell me my site was too annoying.

Duly noted!

I have cut back considerably on the ads, and I think I’ve made it better. Help? Let me know becauseĀ I won’t know unless you say something and I want you to say something!!!


Blogging with ads is like living in a zoo, at first it stinks but after a while you don’t even notice the stench.

Non-zoo dwellers need to step up and tell me it reeks. Please. šŸ™‚

To help with this, I’ve added anĀ Ask Sherry Anything! widget on the side of all of my posts.

All answers are Anonymous (it’s through Google Forms).

Nothing is tracked, no emails, names or IP addresses required or noted.

Please use it.. kindly.. šŸ™‚


Preparing for a lunch, as a Frenchman..

I wrote another guest post over at Distant Francophile about how my partner prepped for a lunch. I swear it is more interesting than the title suggests.

(At least IĀ hope so.)

My first guest post is about the differences between France and Canada for school and daycare lunches.


I keep giggling like crazy at a playgroup I go to, because there’s this one mother that keeps exclaiming how her daughter is a genius, and theĀ best/smartest/most amazing child (obviously we are all delusionallyĀ thinking the same thingĀ about our own offspring who will probably turn out to be average workers at a fast food joint).

What makes me laugh is she keeps citing how she has been doing games, puzzlesĀ and things WAYYYYY before the age stated on the box.



That age stated on the box is for SAFETY reasons not ranked by mental ability, such as not giving small puzzle pieces to kids under the age of 3 because MOST kids under 3 MAY swallow these pieces and end up in the hospital.

It has nothing to do with how smart your kid is if they complete the game before the age stated on the box.

What makes me laugh even harder is her daughter also likes to play with her feces (like many curious children), like scooping it out of her diaper and wiping it all over the house or on her face.

Yeah. She’s a genius all right. šŸ™‚ She’s just being a kid!

( Of course, if your child is reading Plato at a year old, they’re probably smarter than the average crumb cruncher… šŸ˜‰ )

Parents. We’re just idiots, aren’t we? šŸ™‚

I’m trying my best not to think that Baby Bun is amazing (but he IS my child), so when people exclaim at how smart he is or whatever, I just say: Thanks. Let’s hope it lasts and he continues to workĀ hard at it.

*singing* …. Lowered expectations…


I am starting to potty train Baby Bun, so his cloth diapers are going to be going the way of the dinosaur with any luck. (We use Bummis organic cotton prefolds with covers..)

Anyway, I’ve started using the really ripped up, worn out ones (we wear them hard) as cleaning cloths, because they’re amazing.

How did I not know this?

I had no idea how good they would be until I used one in a pinch and realized how absorbent and good they were. O_o

Why am I buying crappy, thin “pretty” cloths to clean with, when cloth diapers are cheaper, organic cotton and way more absorbent?


It is so hard to calm down my shopping tendencies, but the best thing is to:

  • avoid reading magazines
  • avoid style blogs (so hard)
  • try to emulate interesting looks with EXISTING items in my wardrobe
  • avoid just going to the mall to be tempted
  • consider how I can spendĀ the time making money instead of spending it

Also, reading a lot to keep myself busy. And making food.

I am working my way through Waiter Rant right now, I loved his blog back in the day:

He is such an excellent writer, and it’s not just because he has an editor. He always wrote so eloquently and beautifully in his blog posts.

What should my second book be?

I’m a sadist. I just finished my first book, andĀ I’m already thinking about writing another one.

Please let me know in theĀ survey below, I’d really appreciate it.

Majority wins.

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  • restful

    will u post your monthly blog income and book Sale revenue numbers? the juicy stuff!

  • Sarah Li Cain

    Ok, this sounds gross, but I’ve heard people sell their used cloth diapers. I mean I know yu have the ripped ones, but I wonder about the covers. I’m potty training (in air quotes at the moment) and someone suggested to me to sell mine. I just feel weird about it…

    • save. spend. splurge.

      HAHA! “Potty training” in air quotes.. sounds like my life right now.

      You know, people BUY THEM. I know people who have bought them! They don’t have money to buy them new, so they buy them used…

      • Sarah Li Cain

        Gosh, It’s like my son is fine one day and the next day I’m running around with carpet cleaner and wipes. Bless us parents…

        • save. spend. splurge.

          Mine is slowly starting to get it but only if I put him on the potty every half hour. I am working on it. Right now he is napping in a diaper. I know it breaks all the potty training rules but you gotta do you.

  • raluca

    Since we can ask anything: when will the epub book be ready and how will it be delivered? I’m really looking forward to reading it. Also, the adds on this site don’t really bother me, I actually barely notice them.

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