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I’ve been doing a lot of DIY lately, but not from-scratch. We’re talking Sandra Lee-style DIY where something is already pretty and cool, but I just jazz it up a little with some paint, or rip it apart and put it back together in a new way.

I was partly inspired by this book I recently read, called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert because she’s totally right. I absolutely need a creative outlet that is also physical (not just writing), and it’s a way for me to engage my brain while I am in Mommy toddler mode.

This is what I’ve done lately to my bags, added a few rose gold details on my bags with a stencil and some rose gold acrylic paint.

I’m thinking of adding a second layer, but in copper as an overlay to this bag:

But this one, is pretty just as-is with that navy blue and rose gold mix:

Then I ripped apart some necklaces that I did not love any more and made new ones, or just went lazy and put a pendant I bought on a chain:

Here’s one I repurposed. I kept everything the same, but added the gold spacer beads in between to add something new:

This one is just a bunch of stones I picked up at an arts & crafts store, and arranged them from smallest to largest, then smallest.

The bead pack had more than I expected, so I created another necklace out of it, and added some chain at the end to make it long instead:

I wore one of them recently:

A photo posted by Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge. (@saverspender) on

My favourite one has been this one.

It is actually 3 necklace strands where I mixed up the gold spacer beads with old necklaces I repurposed to create something that could be worn alone or altogether on top of each other:


I just realized I’m an idiot and no one would buy anything without a preview, least of all me!

So I’ve added a short Preview of my 300+ page book “Start a Blog Like a Boss – How to Make Money“.


I also am on track to make $2000 USD THIS MONTH off the blog.

I doubled my income in this month alone. O_o


How have I never used or discovered chia seeds before? I bought a bag as an experiment at Winners ($6 for a big organic bag normally costing $10), and now I am OBSESSED with them.

I put a teaspoonful in my matcha green tea lattes each morning, and let it sit there and ‘sprout’ into little tiny, semi-tapioca beads which I then greedily drink and chew while having my latte.

It adds nutrition to my morning, tastes interesting (miniature tapioca beads), and adds omega-3s to my diet.

It has fibre, protein, omega-3 ALAs, antioxidants, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

I was told that you can add it to smoothies, cakes and so on, but right now, just in my green tea is good. I also add it to my yoghurt and then mix in a few seeds to sprout so it becomes a jam of sorts.


I bought some the other day to eat, and as I ate it, I tasted detergent. Like lemon-scented detergent. It made me wonder if they were placing the fish on ‘washed’ surfaces where they haven’t rinsed it properly and/or they are washing the fish itself. O_o

It turned me off completely. I don’t want to ever buy it again unless it is the whole fish.


I am trying out Biosil supplements for my hair, skin and nails. I don’t really have problems with any of that per se, but I do feel like my hair is not as thick as it could be (hereditary), and I am curious to see if I notice a difference at the end of the bottle (3 months worth, 90 capsules, 2 eaten a day).

I’ll keep you all updated on if it works or not.


Ever since I took antibiotics for my bronchitis, I have been studying up on probiotics and why anyone should take any of it. I bought some probiotic yoghurt to see if it would make a difference, and curiously enough, I do find that *ahem* my gut is working better if I eat probiotic yoghurt than if I don’t.

Granted, I bought the Bio-K, super expensive, $20 for 6 bottles of tiny yoghurts, but maybe if I ate DanActive or probiotic yoghurts daily, I wouldn’t need to supercharge my system with Bio-K.

Another thing I found curious was that Baby Bun got sick (I saw his runny nose and his whiny behaviour), and I didn’t get sick at all.

Was it because of the probiotics? The fermented cod liver pills I pop daily? The chia seeds I now add to my green tea lattes?

I have no idea, but whatever it is, I don’t want to rock the boat if it is keeping me healthy.



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