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Yes. See how I do it here.


I just realized.. after re-watching Top Chef Canada (and listening to CBC radio).. that Canadians have an accent, but it is less evident in the ones not living in multi-cultural cities like Vancouver or Toronto, or near the American border.

I am talking all the OTHER little towns dotted in between or way up north. The accent is strong.

But the accent is not in saying words such as “A-boot” for “About” for instance, but it is pretty noticeable with intonation, emphasis on certain words, and the bounciness in the way they pronounce them.

French-Canadians, even the Anglophone ones, have a slight accent as well, but the Francophone ones speaking in English (no matter how flawless) have a slight French-Canadian intonation and cadence to the words which is pretty distinctive.

Also a lot of “Eh” thrown in (which I personally use all the time)…

Has anyone else noticed this? Canadians I mean?


I like listening and dancing to this upbeat, electronic swing Cuban remix of Rum & Coca-Cola.

It is obviously about prostitution a critique of American colonization. It is a little deep for such a jaunty tune, but done in the reality of the time when the song was written (certainly caused a ruckus when it was played).

I was trying so hard to figure out what the girl was saying in the lyrics but it turns out from the comments it is Brazilian/Portuguese and she is saying:

Homenzinho que prazer você me dá… ah-ah deitadinho no sofá… ah-ah homenzinho você gostou? Oh então vamos continuar…

“Little man what pleasure you give me… ah-ah lay there on the couch… ah-ah ..little man did you like it? Oh let’s go on…”


The original song was composed by Lord Invader and is an excellent listen with a lot more background & context:

And the Andrews sisters also performed the song:


… I am starting to work on my calloused and really dry feet. I used to scrub with energy when I was younger and use a pumice stone with all my heart, but unless you ALWAYS use a pumice stone in the shower to buff off dead skin the way my partner does, there is no way a lazy person like myself can possibly keep up and have super soft feet.

Enter: The Amopé Pedi

I have the cheapest version that is NOT rechargeable and uses batteries, but that would be the #1 thing I would change. I may end up (after I get a job), buying the rechargeable one (I hate buying batteries, what a waste), and making sure it is extra coarse, and is this wet/dry one.

It is pricey, but on sale right now for $40 on Amazon instead of $70. VERY TEMPTING.


While chatting to Cassie of The Minute Glass on Twitter (Yes! Message me!)

For my French partner, cooking means proper chopping, slicing, dicing, roasting, pan frying and doing anything but just turning on an oven and reheating something, no matter how great and fancy it looks at the end.


Sooo.. my scarves are for sale now. 🙂

Silk habotai, 36″ x 36″, turnaround time is about 10 business days per scarf before shipping (approximately).

Click on the image below to see the listing of all the scarves.


When people (my friend yesterday for lunch) tells me co-sleeping with my toddler isn’t going to end well…..

Me: Do they die????!! OMG. 😛

No seriously.

I half joke, but really.. they’re not going to die from co-sleeping unless I roll over and squish him, but he is big enough now to squeal and tell me so.

He will, eventually, even if it takes until the age of 10, want to sleep by himself. He is not going to be some teenager in our bed, telling his friends he still co-sleeps. 😛

Come to think of it, I hate sleeping by myself too even now as an adult.

I remember when my partner or I used to travel a lot, being alone in the hotel bed was very hard. It is so cold and lonely.. I had hard times falling asleep without the TV on or something in the hotel to comfort me.

Who am I to throw stones at my child? (Figuratively speaking.)


Speaking of parenting, this happened and I was amazed while chatting to Cassie of The Minute Glass, my fellow Mommy blogger in crime again that this happened…

<3 these impromptu conversations!


Studding some blazers:

This obi belt that turned out to be a reversible one:

And this skirt I thrifted. I love how it turned out.

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  1. Kandice

    Have you tried Babyfoot for your feet? I’m loving it, despite being disgusting yet oddly satisfying. You let your feet soak in the booties (with a mixture of supposedly natural oils/ingredients), then rinse. A few days later your feet start molting. After all of the dead skin falls off, your feet are baby soft.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      It’s the same stuff that’s in ORG Mineral Skincare… and it is not “natural” stuff 🙂 At least not what we think of as natural. I tried it once, but did not love it. I hate wearing the booties and sloshing around especially chasing a toddler.

  2. Sarah

    Canadians​ definitely have an accent! There are definitely variations between different regions. I’ve only lived in Ontario and I’ve noticed differences in accents between people who live in Southwest Ontario, East Ontario and Ottawa. I’m from Toronto but now live in US. Most people think I’m American because I don’t sound Canadian. I wonder if it is because I watched a lot of American TV growing up. Also, I remember reading that ‘eh’ is supposed to be an Ontario thing. People in Western Canada don’t use it. Especially in BC.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Oh. Well I am definitely from Ontario then. 🙂 I don’t sound like I have an accent but when I did my podcast with Farnoosh I was told by readers afterwards it was distinct.

  3. Cassie

    We absolutely have accents! When I was an exchange student I was told I spoke Danish with a Canadian accent. After living with one family they recognized my accent in their dentist as well. Turns out he had emigrated 20 years prior, but still held on to the Canadian accent. It’s very regional as well, the east coast in particular has very distinguishable accents. Newfoundland has a super strong accent, as does Cape Breton. From what I understand the Newfie accent is different depending on whether you live in the city or in the country.

    I enjoyed our twitter chat 🙂

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Interesting. I have yet to really hear the Newfie accent, because the ones I have met, have pretty much eliminated theirs living in Ontario..

      Oh yes 🙂 I loved it too!


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