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Yes. I have worked like a demon and now I have a U.S. version of the book for sale too.

Anyway, I’ve been getting some questions about the products, and they are two separate things.

One is the book (strategy), the other is the tool (for maintenance) itself.

The Investing Like a Boss Book (now available in U.S. & Canadian versions) is the actual strategy, gives you the exact stock ticker symbols and allocations for your portfolio, and explains all the terms and vocabulary in simple terms, along with screenshots (step by step!), shortcuts and tricks/tips on how to actually trade (buy/sell) each investment in all the different levels based on your income, age and goals.

I just recently updated the Preview to include the Table of Contents.

Here’s the U.S. version Preview & the Canadian version Preview.

The Investing Tool is an excel spreadsheet (also available in U.S. and Canadian versions) to track and rebalance your investments, it simplifies everything and gives it all to you in pretty charts along with telling you how much you’ll save on average.

Together, they sell for $25 and $50 respectively, but purchased as a bundle it’s $70.


I have been giving a lot of thought towards help.

I am one of those types that likes to help when I can and even if I can’t, I’ll try anyway (like give free business coaching to small local businesses for free), but I have noticed that there are times when you can’t or have to stop.

Helping is fine but prolonged help with no progress or any sign of eventual independence, helping turns lethal and only makes them weaker instead of helping them.

It even applies to money because I would be more than happy to give money to others if it would help them achieve their dreams but if it means they’ll just keep coming back and asking for more, that’s when the bank closes.

I am thinking about this now because I’m trying to figure out how best to approach teaching Baby Bun about money. He is probably getting the idea even now, at his tender young age that money gets you things (although he just taps my credit card to pay so he must think it’s some magical card that gets you stuff).

I am wondering how much to reveal and be transparent without being so transparent that he thinks:

WELL. I’m the only child of these two, so I’ve got it made and everything will come to me eventually..

Time to put my feet up!!

We have worked with and are acquainted with those who have a lot of money.

Not just my Mommy friend, but also people who are rich in a whole new level. Like own their own island and fly a private plane for weekend jaunts to Europe, kind of rich. (We need to become better friends with those folks so we can tag along. :P)

Their kids are working now, but they don’t seem happy to do so. In fact, we sort of get the feeling they’re doing it so that the grandparents don’t cut them off, Paris Hilton-style.

They aren’t doing it because they want to, and that’s what I want to avoid with Baby Bun (not that we’ll ever reach the level of private island rich). I want Baby Bun to learn and work for himself, not because he thinks we want him to (which we do). I’d rather it come from within.

How do you even cultivate that in a child!? Ugh.

By example obviously, but is that enough?


As of late, I have been using Instagram as a micro-blogging platform, posting a lot more in the message than before, particularly on quotes.

If you want even MORE blogging goodness, I tend to post about 3X a day on Instagram which feeds into Facebook… along with videos as of late 😉

By the way, I forgot I had a ShopStyle Feed. You can see all my looks from Instagram here, and shop each style element (I post the Exact pieces as often as I can).

It even lets you put the look on Sale Alert, and tells you when the pieces from my outfit go on sale. Very cool.

If that’s not your thing, I also have a LikeToKnow.It feed:


I have a friend who had a doctor recommend she drop eating meat & dairy to help her disease (diabetes)…

She said: I’d love to, I eat mostly vegetables now and very little meat, but I can’t give it up to go vegan, I love dairy and meat too much.

I think if I were put in that spot, I’d have to seriously consider it, even if it meant saving my life.

Already, we are flexitarian which means we eat very little meat and dairy out of all of our meals, but even WE are not fully vegan / vegetarian like some people in our lives. They have thus far, been very helpful and supportive in helping us achieve our goals, but man.. it just is hard to give it up completely.

Isn’t that so messed up? That you would want to eat meat and dairy more than being alive? I guess it boils down to what my mother said to her doctor once:

Food is my everything. I’d rather die than eat a restricted diet forever.

And she meant it, she said. :\

I think it’s such a curious thing. We’d go through random, crazy, expensive drug trials, surgery and all this medical hoopla to save our lives, but something like giving up meat and dairy makes us go:

OH wait. OH WAIT. Now you’re asking too much.

I see it in the diabetes of my family members — if they would just stop eating out in restaurants, stop the sugar… but it’s all easier said than done. I am not in that position, but if I were put there.. would I be strong enough to do it?

Which brings me to my next point…


So my new mini resolution for February & March is to really give vegetarianism a good go. We still eat meat and seafood on occasion but I need to see if I can make recipes that aren’t too simple, one-note or gross, and actually LIKE THEM enough to live on it forever.

I basically love everything on The Copper Branch’s vegan menu, so my best place to start is there….. like with their yummy shiitake burger. (OMG SO GOOD).

I could eat this burger and their food FOREVER and not miss meat, truly. I’d miss seafood maybe… you can’t replicate seafood. 🙁

I know it looks bad here in my crummy shot, but trust me, this burger does not make me miss meat at all.

I’ve started trying to make vegan burgers but man, my attempt at it FAILED. I am eating my mistake with a lot of spices and salt, and trying to figure out where I went wrong.

Until I get a decent recipe, I won’t post it. I promise. It’ll be 50 tries of crap vegan burgers but I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN where it tastes so good you don’t even miss the meat.

I’d be the best judge of that too, because I really love eating meat and seafood, I just need to cut way back on it and eliminate it if I can except for special occasions.

I find people who are vegan or vegetarian for a long time, tend to forget how meat tastes, so when they make a vegan burger and wax poetic about how it tastes like a REAL CHICKEN BURGER, I am totally disappointed when I eat their vegan version, because it tastes nothing like a REAL CHICKEN BURGER as advertised.

Maybe it tastes like a chicken burger to vegans/vegetarians, but not to flexitarians such as myself. :\

This was my first attempt which wasn’t disgusting (I still ate it), but it wasn’t GOOD and crave-able….. but I may have something there with the seaweed giving it a nice touch:

Here goes nothing.

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  1. Kandice

    On the raising kids to be independent (literally and financially), that is something my husband and I grapple with regularly. We were both fortunate in that our parents paid for our undergraduate educations, but after that we were on our own. I remember the exact day I came off the parental payroll — it was graduation day and I’d turned 21 two months earlier. I still had to buy my own books and earn my own spending money, so I worked three minimum wage jobs each summer, and during the school year I worked as a research assistant 15 hours a week, babysat on weekends, and still carried a full course load. Work ethic is best earned through personal experience. It’s good to have to hustle out of sheer necessity.

    Have you read Anderson Cooper’s story? His mom is Gloria Vanderbilt and she told him to expect exactly zero financial support after university and he knew that from a young age. Clearly he’s doing alright for himself. 😀

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I have his book on my e-reader, ready to go. It may also help that Anderson had a famous mother 😉 … wouldn’t have hurt his chances, and his good looks.

  2. Jules

    Actually, they can replicate seafood! Chu Chai in Montreal has fake shrimp and fish in their menu and I was so surprised at how it replicated the taste and texture, everyone I have recommended the restaurant to says the same. You should go give them a try! They are on St-Denis. Not too expensive (FYI do not work for them, just another gal trying to be vegetarian/vegan but find it hard too).

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you so much for the recommendation. They’re on my list, but I feel so weird going in there alone (no friends in the city who like that kind of food)… maybe I’ll bring Baby Bun 🙂

      I’m surprised if they can replicate it.. then I need to learn how to do that.


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