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..but I need 25 likes on these Facebook Pages to get a custom (vanity) URL. Please help? I’m so close. It’s like catching Pokémon, and it’s driving me mad.

You can unlike both of them once I get that URL, I’d be ever so grateful…!!


Than a guy with his pants buckled around thighs (you know, that half-down, sort of falling off your butt look that has been popular for quite a while now), running for the bus.


I saw him trying to pull his fashionable pants up and hold them up as he was half waddling/running for the bus. Best giggle ever.


…a man who is texting while driving in a car, with a bumper sticker that says: TEXTING


I don’t text because I don’t have a texting plan nor use a cellphone (much), but I certainly would not be texting while driving in the car, least of all, sporting a bumper sticker being against it!!


Got this email, and Hermès bags really seem to keep their value. Incredible.


Caught it on the site the other day. Has anyone noticed that BR is starting to avoid putting coupons or deals, saying: “Discount already applied site wide”?

I think they’re falsely inflating the price, then “discounting” it in red to be the real retail price they hope to sell it at.

I know they are trying hard to combat the discount culture and to just stop giving 40%+ discounts altogether, but once you start it’s hard to stop. JC Penney I think, was a nice cautionary tale in trying to stop discounting, but they ended up paying dearly for it.

People LOVE discount codes. Even if they aren’t real.


With the winter upon us, I have stocked up (on sale), these BootRescue wipes.

I’m trying to wear my boots and keep them in good condition, but can’t be bothered to pull out the shoe shining kit every time I go out & come home; it’s a lot of hassle but the slush & salt is really ruining my nice leather boots.

I think they were on sale because they were slightly dried out, seeing as it takes two to properly clean a boot. :\

Maybe the fresh packs are filled with more liquid…

They work decently well. I’d say if there was more liquid in them, they really do scrub the salt and stains off my boots fairly well.

Have you tried these? I wonder if Baby Wipes work as well.. but I’m scared to try.


Capes without T-Rex arm problems. Like this one which is just STUNNING. Or even something like this, less structured.

For me, it harkens back to the idea of the past, a very retro, sort of vintage nurse look where everyone wore a hat and gloves because you were otherwise uncovered.

I also think it looks a little super heroine-ish.. which I don’t hate. It just looks so chic when you have a cape on, and then you’re holding a small clutch, and in the other hand, your phone. *sighs with the fantasy of it all because that doesn’t happen with a toddler*

Capes are something I love in theory and on everyone else but me because of y massive (yes I think they’re huge) shoulders in comparison to the rest of my insect thin body. I know, #FirstWorldProblems

I guess the closest I shall ever get to this, is wear a jacket slung over my shoulders, sleeveless which is not happening right now with an active toddler itching to break free, or a really great poncho like this one.

What’s something you love on others but can’t wear?

(Last one, this cape/trench hybrid is so pretty. OMG. Makes me want to just break this rule..)


Choker necklaces look bad on everyone.

I can’t imagine or remember the last time I saw a choker on someone and thought: OH THAT LOOKS NICE, a little bit of choking action there, cutting off your air supply… Into S&M bondage are we?


I’ve never understood it when parents or grandparents ask and insist that their children or grandchildren call them by their first names. Someone please explain this…

Maybe it makes them feel old otherwise but all I know is it just seems disrespectful to do so. When I said this to my partner he said: oh yeah it’s really common in France for grandparents to ask their grandchildren to use their first name.

Then I started seeing it a lot more especially here in Montreal (French Canada), particularly with parents who are French-Canadian.

My stance is I’m Mommy to Baby Bun and that’s it. By no stretch of the imagination is he allowed to address me as Sherry because it is a term of endearment and a very deep emotional connection that Baby Bun is the only one can call me Mommy in the whole world and it makes me feel very happy and warm inside each time I hear his little toddler voice proclaim: Mommy!

Maybe not all the time , of course but most of the time or when we are both in good moods and relaxing, there is nothing better.


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  1. NZ Muse

    I used to think I’d get future kids to call me by my first name – could NOT imagine being called ‘mum’. Now my friends refer to me as ‘mum’ when they’re visiting, and talking to the dogs (like, ‘where’s mum? go find mum!’) and it feels super weird but kinda nice?

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I’ve always wanted to be a “mommy” or “mama”… makes my heart really warm and fuzzy unless he is screaming it…

  2. Cassie

    Have you tried using a cloth with vinegar and water to wipe down your boots and prevent salt stains? I read that you can use it to get rid of existing white salt stains, so I don’t see why a weaker solution couldn’t be used as a preventative. I’ve never tried baby wipes on the exterior, but I know they do a good job of cleaning out the interior of my shoes (alcohol free wipes only).

    1. Alexis

      +1 to warm water and vinegar. Works great.

    2. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I have tried vinegar and water, and it has worked very well! The thing is it is less portable and less lazy… but definitely more economical. 🙂

  3. Kathy

    I won’t let our future grandchildren use our first names, but there area couple of grandparent names I won’t let them use. It will be grandma and grandpa for us.

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Oh yes, I hear “baba”, “bubba” and commonly in French it would be “mamie”…

  4. Lindsay

    My mom’s family had a family business that she worked for. In her teenage years, she started calling her parents by their first name as it was more professional than Mom and Dad. It stuck and even in personal settings, she continued the habit. I switched back and forth between First Name and Grandma or Grandpa First Name when I talk about them but when I was with them it was always Grandma or Grandpa. They both died in my late teens so I really have no idea if it bothered them or not.

    Before our son was born my husband’s mom decided she didn’t want to be called grandma. Totally fine, but I did insist she pick something. For a while, it was something no one was sure how it was supposed to be pronounced, even she kept switching it up, I told her I’d start calling her by her first name to the Wolf Cub or let him make something up for her which was her gamble to make. Funny how she’s now Gram or Grandma

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      *LAUGH*!!!! Wolf Cub. Oh that’s funny.

      I do agree that in a professional setting it makes sense but it sounds so odd.


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