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Sherry’s #OOTD Outfit of the Day Style & Fashion Look: “The Vintage Retro Look, Modernized”

I post my outfits on the blog every day at noon (12 p.m. EST) under this Style category #OOTD Daily Style and then I do a summary of all the looks in my Month of Style roundup at the end of the month.

The Vintage Retro Look, Modernized

This entire look screams ‘retro vintage pinup’ to me for some reason. I think it’s the bright red blazer, mixed with the black lace top (that is made out of raffia or straw), and then the vintage gold necklace. It’s not at all retro or pinup in its elements, but has the hallmarks of it in the detail of the pieces I have chosen, if that makes sense. I get that VIBE even if it isn’t a super tight wiggle dress or something.

This red blazer is silk, vintage and made in France. I don’t even know the brand, it’s a red dot. All I know is that it had shoulder pads, and I removed them because they do my shoulders no favours, and it fits like a dream. Now. When I first got it, I was about 10 pounds heavier, and my arms were chunkier which made it harder to wear the blazer (think: sausage rolls).

For some reason during the pandemic, since I have stopped eating cake daily, drinking sugary chai lattes and snacking on my secret chocolate Kit Kat stash, I have magically dropped the pounds and now the blazer slides on perfectly (I am being sarcastic if you haven’t noticed, because I basically cut back on calories and lost a tiny bit of weight).

The top is a black lace-style that was crocheted out of raffia which is a type of straw, so it feels really.. different. It doesn’t feel soft or comfortable, BUT it looks great.

The look of the lace is great, and I tucked in the raffia ends into my jeans because I didn’t want it to hang out and look strange. I tucked it all in to give it a sleeker look. The jeans are distressed to add more of an edge to it, and heels to put a finishing touch on the whole retro pinup vampy vibe look.

Because the crocheted raffia top is lace, and extremely see through, I wore a black bralette underneath that lets me show a super tiny bit of skin on the stomach but not too much. I also added a gold necklace (vintage from Trifari) because it seemed.. appropriate in its colour, length, and style.

WHO KNEW I’d be wearing straw and loving it? It looks so cool.

The workmanship on the top is amazing, crocheted raffia done by hand. I guess it cost a pretty penny at Anthropologie but it’s so odd that I got it for a low price secondhand, like new.

It all just.. goes together. Please note how I also cuffed the jeans at the bottom to add an extra styling touch on top of it. I’d definitely wear this out for a lunch or dinner.

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