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Sherry’s #OOTD Outfit of the Day Style & Fashion Look: “The Primary Colour Office Look”

I post my outfits on the blog every day at noon (12 p.m. EST) under this Style category #OOTD Daily Style and then I do a summary of all the looks in my Month of Style roundup at the end of the month.

The Primary Colour Office Look

I REALLY wanted to match up some primary colours together for a bright colour splash today. Red and Blue is one of my favourite combinations, and the brown just tones it all down so I don’t look like a French or an American flag (notice the lack of white…). I just like the saturated red against the saturated, dark navy blue. It matches in tone and brightness, which is why it works.

If I had chosen another saturated tone like emerald green, it would have looked nice with the blue as well. Another thing I could do, was use a lighter tone in the red top to make it more of a salmon pink or a pale pink, because I think the combination of soft pink + navy blue is sophisticated as well.

This look is just like an amped up version of colours that are primary ones (red and blue) and match well with each other. Also, I am in love with the knot on the side of this shirt. It’s actually got a nice texture all over the top as well, and Little Bun enjoys running his grubby little fingers over the “pom poms” as he calls it. The knot on the side gives it some interest visually, without annoying me (it isn’t too short when I tie it up), or adding bulk to my front (again, not preferable for most women), and lets me eat comfortably as it doesn’t tie too tightly either.

It isn’t a flat textured top – I am starting to look at items that are more interesting, less boring or basic, and not something that’s just a simple top in my wardrobe. I noticed as I went through my items that the pieces I tend to wear the least, are the ones without something interesting in or on them. Like basic white tees, or basic tank tops. They’re nice as layering pieces and still needed, but I really reach for the brightly coloured items more often.

I decided on the leather jacket to match somewhat with my heels (I KNOW! I NEVER do this matchy-matchy thing!), and it kind of tones down the look for me, and adds a nice Parisian twist by making it less formal and saturated.

You can check out my short Closet Walkthrough here:

Here’s a walking shot to show you how the culottes move (beautifully!), and imagine me just stomping to my next meeting (lol)… because I move at a fast clip as I hate to be late and am always perpetually lost in office buildings.

I added a simple hammered metal piece with black diamonds. I will admit this is not the most comfortable ring because the diamonds go ALL THE WAY AROUND, but it’s still a cute piece I enjoy wearing. I may try it on my thumb next time, so it doesn’t irritate my other fingers.

For the necklace, I picked up some colours in the red top and had it in the necklace so it would go/match, but added some teal from the necklace to offset this French / American flag vibe I am getting from the outfit. I like the way the necklace looks like it melts into each other like an ice cream cone with multiple scoops.

Lastly, the ubiquitous generic, classic heels:

Oh, and an outtake. I don’t know what I was doing here. Trying to adjust my pants?

I love the entire look for the office. It’s fun, bright, comfortable, has lots of pockets, and the leather jacket makes it less formal and more casual and cool.

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