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Sherry’s #OOTD Outfit of the Day Style & Fashion Look: “The Modern Geiko Inspiration Look”

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The Modern Geiko Inspiration Look

A short word on the word “geiko” which most people don’t know means “geisha”. If you think ‘geisha’ means sex worker, it means you absolutely need to read this book Memoirs of a Geisha, to completely dispel you of that notion. Geisha, properly means artist or performer. They are not sex workers, it is a common misconception because people don’t take the time to read / research into it, and just go on what ‘everyone else is saying’ which is dangerous and frankly, rude.


Back to the outfit – I am wearing my stalked-from-Wendys-Lookbook Carven map printed silk tank, and I decided to mix it up with layering my two skirts again, this time with the MM Lafleur pink Lenox Skirt peeking out underneath. In case you’re wondering, the skirt looks like this, normally:

Don’t be scared off by the price of this skirt, I bought it at full retail, and it is a one-off skirt that they will never make again because they took so long to sell it (double-faced silk for $500 is a HARD SELL as a workwear item), and now they make the same draped skirt, but in a cheaper, jersey version. It’s phenomenal. They even have it in another draped style called the MM Lafleur Minetta skirt, which I also own.

(And in case you’re wondering, that lovely top is also MM Lafleur and the Beverly Top, which I want in all the colours now as it’s the perfect work top)

Everyone keeps asking me if it is comfortable to wear two skirts, and it feels THE SAME. It just feels a smidge heavier, but honestly, this skirt underneath in pink is double-faced thick silk, and it feels heavy regardless, adding a very light jersey MM Lafleur Soho skirt on top, doesn’t change much of anything. It feels the same. It feels luxurious to be walking with silk wrapped around your legs, and a great Early Spring/Autumn/Winter look (definitely too heavy for summer).

The watch is an Olivia Burton bee watch (I am obsessed with bees), and looks like this:

I am also very strongly considering buying this Olivia Burton bee necklace, because I LOVE BEES!!!!!

I took an obi belt in my closet that was already there and flipped it around to use the Bronze leather side (it’s reversible), and the entire effect for me, is perfection. I would absolutely wear this to work. If you want a similar (in my opinion, better) obi belt, choose one that is all leather rather than fabric, and I’d suggest ADA obi leather belts in this gorgeous bronze for a very similar, and more comfortable look.

I decided on matching but not matching the colours, in the sense that I chose the magenta silk skirt to peek out from underneath because it’s such a bright colour, I knew it would look nice as an accent, but I could have just worn the skirt by itself with the map top, as there is a magenta pink in the top itself.

I chose a dark green to go over the pink because I like the colour combination – it’s fresh, unexpected and cool, rather than black + dark green, I am choosing a bright magenta pink + dark green, which aren’t opposites on the colour wheel like let’s say red + green are (I’d never do this in fear of feeling like Santa Claus), but magenta is in the family of red, which makes it work without looking Christmassy.

The bronze belt was just a guiding point of a neutral metallic to make it all blend in together AND is in the same tone as my shoes which aren’t metallic bronze because I (A) do not own any bronze shoes but (B) do not want to be too matchy-matchy.

If you ever look at flowers in nature, you’ll get a lot of colour inspiration, and I am sure I saw this dark pine green + magenta somewhere in an orchid.

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  1. Anne

    Ahhh, my favourite – you’re a styling genius 😊

    1. Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Haha! Your favourite. This one I will admit is definitely a LOOK to wear because the belt over 2 skirts can be a bit unwieldy, which is why I would probably switch it out for a leather instead of a fabric obi belt in the future.


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